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The Higgs Boson Particle – A Hidden Reality

The discovery of the Higgs Boson particle by the ATLAS and CMS experiments at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, cracked a new perspective into how we fundamentally understand the physical world.

What exactly is the Higgs Boson particle?

To understand it, we’ll first ask ourselves “What is mass?” Mass, basically (I’m no physicist, so please forgive the crude explanations), is when you push on an object and you feel resistance from that object as you push it. It’s what makes up something, the amount of matter that constitutes any given object. This, then logically begs the question: “Where does this mass come from?” To which the answer is, obviously, a bunch of different things. Electrons, protons, and a whole slue of sub-atomic particles. The next question is, “Where does the mass of protons and electrons and so forth come from?” And in that question, we get to what exactly the Higgs Boson particle is.

In order to visualize what exactly the Higgs Boson is, imagine that the world is surrounded by an invisible molasses. When electrons, quarks and other sub atomic particles move through space, they pass through this invisible molasses, experiencing resistance. The measure of this resistance would give us the mass of these subatomic particles. This molasses is, essentially, what is known as the Higgs Field. The Higgs Field is made up of Higgs Boson particles. Now, that analogy isn’t perfect, so I’ll have to mention that unlike molasses, the Higgs Field doesn’t not slow sub atomic particles due to friction.

I’m sorry, what? An invisible field

Exactly. For a long time, this theory was thought to be another wild theory on something that humans can’t see with their own eyes. Most of the scientific community laughed off the notion that there was a type of field that was imperceptible to humans. For a long time, no one knew how to even test such a crazy idea, until October 8th, 2013. A group of scientists decided to speed up sub atomic particles to the speed of light, and smash them together.

The idea behind it is that when you smash something together at the speed of light, space—for lack of a better phrase—jiggles a little. When space jiggles, you should be able to see the Higgs Field jiggles as a result. With the right amount of jiggling, a particle is bound to pop off. Really, the big deal is that the chances of a Higgs particle bouncing off is near one in a trillion. As you can see, a lot of scientist thought that even trying something with such infinitesimal chances was a waste of time and resources.  You wouldn’t be alone in that, a lot of scientists ridiculed this notion.

It all changed though, and eventually, against all odds, one of these particles reared its impossible head. This confirmation is important, because is serves to answer one of the most basic questions about human understanding of existence. Based on what the results of this experiment show, we can now begin to understand what, exactly, gives sub atomic particles their mass and how the universe was formed.

This is great, but why should I care?

While you might not be a physicist, the discovery of the Higgs Boson is a classic story of the underdog. When something is right, when it is true, fighting for it against all odds is the only thing that matters. It might take half a trillion tries, but it’s worth it. This lesson is way more important than the discovery of some trivial sub atomic particle. What we can learn in the story of the discovery of the Higgs Boson pushes beyond the findings of a complex physical question. While it might not impact your life to know that there are even tinier particles than atoms, it might behoove you to know that despite what anyone might be telling you, your one idea, thought, or personal project is one step away from fruition.


Secrets Of The Great Pyramid Of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza is no secret, and it remains the oldest and largest pyramid on Earth. It’s so old and large, in fact, that it still baffles modern scientists today, who all squabble about how, what, and who could have possibly built this monolithic structure. There are many different theories and ideas about how it could have been constructed with simple prehistoric tools. At the end of the day, there still isn’t one definitive answer to any of those questions—and there probably won’t be for some time. There have been numerous recent findings, however, that have blown all past theories out of the water.


Below are some of those uncommon facts, recently discovered, that throw a wrench into our modern understanding of the Great Pyramid in general. The titles are hyperlinked to other sources you can check out, if you want to do further research for yourself, I strongly recommend it!


  1. The Pyramid is not a tomb.


While the Pyramid of Giza has traditionally been explained as the tomb of Pharaoh Khufu, there hasn’t, to date, been any findings of burial equipment or remains that would signify that the pyramid was used as a tomb. Essentially, what they found locked away deep in the heart of the pyramid was an empty granite box. This granite box was constructed with perfect mathematical dimensions, and its stark contents contrast greatly with other sarcophagi dedicated to dead Pharaohs.


  1. An 8-Sided Pyramid?!


Another mind-blowing discovery, one that modern science still have yet to explain, is the fact that the Great Pyramid is actually eight-sided. When viewed during the Autumn and Spring equinox, the sides of the Pyramid reveal themselves to be slightly concave, splitting each of the four sides in two mathematically equal halves. This begs the question, “If this was built in ancient times, how in the world could they have known all that?”


  1. The Pyramid as the center of math.


A man by the name of John Taylor in 1859 proposed that the Great Pyramid of Giza was built to represent the mathematical phenomena of pi, and the golden ratio, both of which are essentially the foundations of all math on Earth. Taylor found out that if you divide the perimeter of the Great Pyramid by its height, you get pi. Taylor goes on to describe that if you do this same equation with a circle you get the same result, pi, and he argues that the Pyramid was built in order to represent the spherical nature of the Earth. If this is true, it would suggest that the ancient Egyptians understood way more about math, the universe, and space than we originally thought.


  1. Ley Lines, anyone?


The final, and my favorite uncommon fact about the Pyramid of Giza, is the fact that there are now scientists who believe that the Pyramid of Giza is connected mathematically with multiple different ancient religious sites throughout the world. This train of thought originated from a man named Alfred Watkins, who in 1921, began dancing with the idea that all prehistoric religious sites were lined up in straight lines all across the globe called “ley lines.”


If those facts aren’t unsettling, or at least intriguing, then I’m not sure what is. What these simple discoveries show us is that, despite our technology and modern understanding, there are numerous things about our past that we will never quite understand. The best way to approach an answer is to keep an open mind.


How to know if your house is haunted


Do you always have this feeling like someone is always watching you even if you’re just all alone in your room? And no matter how you try to ignore it but you just can’t shake it off. There are times when you hear some footsteps walking in and out but when you check who it is, no one’s there. There are some sure signs that you need to check out to know for sure if your house is haunted and you did not create these eerie feeling due to watching too much scary flicks.

The most common sign that people with haunted house is that they hear all these unexplained noises. It can be multiple footsteps, loud banging sound, knocks, scratching noises, rapping, or the sound of something being dropped even if there isn’t anything moving once you checked. There are instances that you can hardly hear the sound especially if your home is noisy but there are some instance where it can be really loud.

Another common paranormal activity is the doors, cupboards or cabinets that keep on opening and closing even if no one’s there doing it. Sometimes only sound is heard that a door is shut closed even if owners left it locked and nobody went there to open it. There are also some cases where homeowners feel that certain furniture moved like the chair or table from their original position without them doing it. Only in some rare cases that people actually see this happening first hand but they can distinctly hear sounds of moving and notice things are not on their original place.

The lights turning on and off again are another common thing that is commonly seen in the movies but it is also an actual common sign of houses that are haunted. Sometimes even their radio, TV and other electrically powered gadgets are affected by the disturbance and will just turn on its own.

Sometimes there are some items that will just suddenly vanish especially if you need it. Then they will just turn up when you are no longer looking for it. There are instances that you will see shadows without you seeing what’s casting it. If you have pets you will notice that they will sometimes behave strangely or not enter a certain room in your house. And if you already feel like someone is watching you then definitely you have a haunted home. You can have it tested by paranormal experts so that you can prove that you actually live in a haunted home.

There are some ways you can capture proof such as taking pictures on places that you feel eerie or try capturing an EVP with a simple tape recorder or you can just leave it with an expert and invite them to visit your home so that you’d know once and for all why you feel these things in your home. Maybe there’s a story behind it that only the paranormal expert could uncover or you can also try on researching for the history of your property.


Crystal Skull Peace Meditation


For the second time in history, the 15 guardians of the Crystal Skulls have got together to host the Crystal Skulls World Day Peace Meditation.

Everyone is invited to join the peace day meditation and the best thing is you do not need your own personal crystal skull.
learn more visit: http://www.crystalskullworldday.com

(the meditation audio will be in English, French, Dutch, German,Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Hungarian)


Angel Insight

Guardian Angels

Everyone has a guardian angel to help guide and protect them along their life journey. Your guardian angel was with you before you were born, helping you to plan your life theme. Part of your life theme includes the lessons you will experience, and the service you desire to offer the world. Your guardian angel connects with you through your soul and your intuitive spark, which is the truth of your heart. They especially like to whisper their helpful guidance to you in this way to positively influence you, and to help you when making important life choices. The problem with this is that some people do not listen, or cannot intuitively hear the voice of their guardian angel all because they have shut them out due to their awareness being centered purely in the world. One sure way to help you connect with the loving wise voice of your guardian angel is to contemplate on what a higher power is and how you are a part of this higher power, as this will help to awaken you spiritually and you will soon receive insight and guidance from your very own guardian angel because of your own internal questioning.

How to Begin your Connection with Your Guardian Angel

  • Send a mental intention today to your guardian angel asking them to guide you in your daily life as God has given His angels charge over you to help you in all your ways.
  • Trust that your guardian angel has heard your request and have faith that you will receive angelic guidance. Notice to see if you have received any signs. These can include a small white feather, a picture of an angel, and a statue or ornament of an angel. You can also see a white butterfly as a sign, you may hear a song about angels or you may hear other people talking about angels. Signs are given to help you know that your guardian angel is working behind the scenes of your life to help you.
  • Take action on any intuitive nudges you receive. This can be a strong feeling that you should do something, read something, change something etc. Intuitive nudges are not always easy to follow, but by listening to the truth of your heart you will soon discover that inner joy and peace of mind will follow.
  • Thank God and your guardian angel for working in your life and be sure to keep asking for spiritual guidance along your life path. To awaken further in your spiritual development it is good to read any spiritual books you are drawn to, attend specific workshops you are drawn to, and find like-minded friends to spend your time with who uplift you and feed your soul. If you are reading this then this is a sure sign that your guardian angel is ready and waiting to help you.

Crop Circles With Hidden Messages

The Universe is vast and never ending. One cannot fathom distance nor time within the universe because there is so much that we are yet to learn and the knowledge we have gleaned now is miniscule in comparison.

Is it unimaginable to think that we are the only ones here and that no other life exists in the vast expanse of space and time. That’s rather foolhardy is it not. Furthermore, as we reach out to communicate with those who exist in another realm, such as ET’s – could they also be reaching out to us and communicating.

One such hypothesis made regarding Alien communication is the crop circles that have been confusing scholars for decades – actually contain hidden messages within the design. These messages for many years have gone untouched and now in recent years, it would seem that messages have been decoded. However, what is contained in much of these messages we believe have been hidden from public knowledge and the ones that have been allowed have been rather innocuous.

The designs of the crop circles have obviously been meticulously designed so well that it is beyond comprehension, of how these could have been done. One such suggestion made many years ago was that a couple of hoaxers used simple farming tools to create the designs. However, those designs such as Metatron’s cube and the flower of life would not lend themselves to being created by simple tools. Instead, it is suggested they have been created by electromagnetic forces beyond our comprehension.

A Continuational Message

Here is the visual effects sequence from THRIVE:

One research scientist, Nancy Talbott, from BLT Research Team, Inc. has been directly involved with the scientific discovery and documentation of various abnormalities in crop circle plants and soils.

“Iv’e seen two crop circles form right in front of my face – both in Holland, the first in 2001 and then again in 2006, the first involving three incredibly brilliant light-tubes, the second with no unusual light display at all. But perhaps most important is my long experience with Robbert van den Broeke, the only person yet known who is apparently in direct contact with the circle-making ‘energies’ and who, therefore, often knows not only when new circles in his area are forming, but specifically where. Robbert has been able to do this since he was 15 years old (he’s now 34). He and I have worked together since 1997, when I began spending weeks in Holland each summer with him, witnessing an amazing range of truly bizarre events in his company (in addition to the crop circles) and then writing up what I’d witnessed to inform the public about his case and its critical significance to the circle phenomenon overall.

“Foster told me he was particularly intrigued by a 2014 formation that appeared the night of June 25-26th, just after midnight near the village of Standdaarbuiten. Robbert, as usual, ‘felt’ it was coming and this time also drew a sketch of what it would look like before he and the fieldworker Roy drove off to the fields to find it. The ‘lay’ details in this formation are truly astounding. My English language report & photos are posted on a colleague’s website.

An Anunnaki Message


A crop circle in Italy in 2015 was encoded to reveal an ancient message from an Anunnaki Starlike being. The message was created in binary code and ASCII code, which allowed researchers to find out it’s hidden meaning. The crop formation appeared overnight and has been baffling the experts on how it was created. Firstly, having to rule out hoaxes, but the message was so intricate that it would have been impossible to do in an evening.

The code when translated is spelled out in ancient latin; “timeo et ferentes!” Timeo is translated as fear or the word beware and the word ferentes means coming. This is being taken as a stark warning to humanity to beware what is coming and though some would put this down to an alien invasion it seems more likely to be a cryptic type message. There are other aspects to the code that is contained within the design that have yet to be decoded. Only time will tell what is coming or what these messages seem to be.

What do you think? Let us know what your thoughts are on these crop circles and the Alien Messages that may be contained therein.

via Messages in the Fields


Angel Healing Online Now Available

Angel Healing

Anyone can heal themselves, but often it is the understanding of the healing process in mind, body and soul. Joanne Brocas is an Angel Healing expert and an award winning author who has developed an 8 week online course to teach people how they can heal.

Self-realization is just one of the wonderful advantages of what this online angel healing course can do for you and teaches you exactly what this angel healing path can do for you. It is an education and not some airy fairy new age course. It is based on sound scientific principles and Joanne’s work has been

Another major benefit is that you can learn in your own time and pace, there is no rush and whether you do this in 8 weeks or 8 months is entirely down to you. There are wonderful lessons in downloadable form and soon each of these will have a video lesson from Joanne teaching the lessons and examples of the exercises that can help you.



Christian Angels

God’s holy angels are a remarkable source of magnificent strength and comfort for our human souls. They minister God’s love and divine healing power to us to help us whenever we are going through hard situations such as health problem, misfortune and spiritual attack. God will certainly constantly offer us divine aid to overcome any unfavorable forces that are presently influencing us. Working with the divine energy frequencies of God’s holy angels is an extremely essential and positive aspect of the Christian faith. Spiritually we are not alone, we have numerous unseen celestial powers who accompany us throughout our life.

Within the Holy Bible, the angels are mentioned almost three hundred times. God has provided His angels charge over us to keep us in all our methods. Knowing this is a remarkable source of convenience and strength for our human souls. There are unlimited angels at God’s command ready to be sent by divine intervention under the will and direction of God. Here you will certainly review 2 of God’s remarkable and impressive Christian angels, and discover their spiritual duties and the divine service that they provide mankind.

2 spectacular Christian angels

The magnificent ministry of Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is the most recognized of the angels. Scripture designates just Michael as an Archangel, nevertheless research from other angelic sources, such as the Book of Enoch, acknowledges other Archangels. The title Arch before the word angel recommends a chief or principal angel. Therefore, the spectacular Archangel Michael is called Prince of the angels, or chief of the angels. He is a mighty celestial leader and magnificent protector and his name suggests, ‘he who resembles God.’ This wonderful Archangel is responsible for beating the harmful forces of the fallen angels and their leader. Archangel Michael has legions of angels working under his command. Archangel Michael is also God’s messenger of law and judgment, for that reason he is also responsible for the duty of bringing God’s divine reality to humankind.

The divine ministry of Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is definitely one of the most influential and prominent angels within Christian Bible. Archangel Gabriel is mostly God’s messenger and he appears four times within the Bible, constantly bearing good news and grateful tidings. This wonderful Archangel is for that reason accountable for providing God’s magnificent strategies and functions.

How these two holy divine celestial forces can personally help you

The force of Archangel Michael

If you are going through any disturbing spiritual experiences, or if you are battling with obsessions of any kind, then you can ask God and Archangel Michael to assist release your energy from these devastating forces. Use the following magnificent prayer.

“I request for the magnificent celestial power of Archangel Michael to clear my body, mind and soul of any destructive energies. I ask that this be in arrangement with the will of God and for my greatest and highest great. Thank you God, thank you Archangel Michael. Amen, it is done!”.

Repeat a number of times a day and notice if you receive any divine motivation to make positive subtle changes within your life.

The Angel healing force of Archangel Gabriel.

If you are discovering it hard to remain joyful and hopeful, or if you are struggling with any form of depression, then you can ask God and Archangel Gabriel to assist purify your energy so that you can take advantage of the glowing pleasure of your soul. Utilize the following magnificent angel healing prayer.

“I ask for the magnificent power of Archangel Gabriel to enhance the glowing joy of my soul and to align with a greater power. Thank you God, thank you Archangel Gabriel.

Repeat a number of times a day and notification if you get any magnificent motivation to make positive subtle changes within your daily life.


Group Mediumship Sittings

Group Readings frequently referred to as gallery readings can be even more validating for those who are grieving. It is due to the fact that of this despair that a professional medium provides intimate and quiet group sittings for households, relations and supporting good friends.

The sittings are held in tranquil and neutral areas that are organized by a particular group and the sittings last over a number of hours making sure that as much info and proof is offered to help those suffering from grief to start the procedure of progressing and journeying through it.

What You Need to Find out about Group Mediumship

Group sittings are not a type of home entertainment and you are asked not to come or organize to a sitting simply out of interest or since you have absolutely nothing better to do. Each group reading enables individual time with spirit and the medium who is acting on behalf of spirit for all members of the group.

When hearing messages, Group Readings can be handy

Often spirits will certainly come through with evidential messages for a certain member of the group. A specific message can be simple as verifying the present circumstance or evidence of the spirit being around the loved one. Those messages can assist you comprehend that life continues beyond the death of the physical form. If you were getting the message yourself, hearing an evidential message from the medium will certainly be simply as lovely and remarkable an experience as.

Getting ready for a group reading and exactly what to anticipate

Group readings are a particularity caring and stunning experience filled with caring messages, laughter and feeling. One thing that you have to comprehend that as a medium, one can’t ensure which spirit will come through, for that reason it is essential to come to a group sitting with an open mind and a willing personality with no desires.

Details to keep in mind about Group Readings

Each household member is permitted to bring one pal and relation and group sittings begin at a minimum of 8 individuals up to an optimum of 100, though this is extremely unusual. If you come with an unfavorable personality and trigger anybody in the group to be unpleasant you will certainly be asked to leave as these occasions are arranged to assist those suffering from despair and are not an open online forum for research study or doubtful attack.


My Paranormal Views

The Paranormal.

For me the Paranormal has always been normal. I have seen things since I was two and in fact my very first experience, a memorable one, was of seeing a “ghost”.

This was when I was walking between my parents past manor park cemetery and on being aware of “something” going on I turned round to see a man rising horizontally from the pavement to up end and stand on his feet.

As amazing as that may seem to me that wasn’t what was “wrong” he was wearing what I now know to be Victorian clothes, the whole suit with a top hat. Not seeing anyone dressed like that was odd, nothing else.

So, when my Dad asked what was wrong I simply replied “there is a funny man behind us” that was my first introduction if you like or I prefer to call it “awakening” that remembering  that I had come from somewhere else, that I was borrowing this time though not perhaps entirely sure why at that young. Some of course are far more aware.

I have seen a few since as I grew up but mostly I have felt them and the atmosphere they create.

There are basically two types of ghost phenomena.

There are basically two types of ghost phenomena, one is the “imprint type” where energy is concentrated in an area and reacts in a similar way to a recording, I simply replays the energy stored sometimes at a predestined or preset time on a par with an alarm clock, we have all heard of the “White lady who reputedly appears on such and such a date at midnight.”

This can also be triggered by events and conditions. The second type vastly more interesting is the interactive type which is where much of the current interest in media is concentrated.

This is a spirit, conscious, who interacts with our world. It will react to us in some way and shows intelligence in its responses and those responses will vary enormously. They can be from friendly, timely warnings to poltergeist phenomena, to gross interaction.

A proliferation of programmes, some obviously dubious, are not doing any favours for the serious research and work that real professionals undertake. These programs are only interested in sensationalism and are aimed at feeding a particular market.

One program in particular has a rather angry gentleman who tries to antagonise any particular spirit that is supposed to be around. This is a particularly ignorant and dangerous thing to do especially if the place itself is “haunted” the knowledge of protection is sadly misunderstood and this kind of example only encourages those who are either foolish or sceptics to try their luck.

The Paranormal is not new.

There are one or two genuine paranormal programmes in the world but generally because of the actions of some that have gained notoriety it has given the subject media wise a bad name.

This subject is one that deserves proper scientific investigation. The Paranormal is not new, throughout history people have experienced and noted down,  since man began we have had this instinct that “something exists” some have of course passed into legend and like many urban myths some have passed into folk law and become a “myth of a myth” human nature being what it is and the Chinese whispers syndrome there are many reports which will fail proper investigation but, like all things paranormal there are some that defy any “rational explanation” rational that is to tall except he debunking sceptic.

New inventions.

With the inventions of new sensitive equipment, and ways of measuring for instance there are some wonderful cameras around for example the Go Pro camera which has such a range of accessories and is highly adaptable, waterproof and extreme low light capabilities that can be used are becoming available to many people and new discoveries on of scientific investigation and some great website’s provide information on how to use equipment and where to find suitable places to investigate. Everyone now uses mobile phones, tablets etc all of which are highly portable.

Fakes, Hoaxes and sheer fraud.

This has provided very many opportunities for phenomena to be recorded and uploaded. There are of course so many fakes and there must be a good proportion of fakes propounded by debunkers who not only take great pleasure in fooling a public and underlining the fact that people can be fooled quite easily, giving them (debunkers) more confidence that “they are right” of course some are meant to fool the more serious investigator and a debunker highly prizes a piece of work that gains notoriety as real when they can at a suitable time, say “rubbish this was produced like this, we faked it and so is everything else!”

In that light there have been some notable hoaxes one of the best ever, screened as a live ghost watch was screened on 31 October 1992 with Sarah Greene and best of all Michael Parkinson which gave the show much credibility, Mr Parkinson not especially known for hoaxing being a real positive for the show apparently being real. For a link to that go to: – http://hoaxes.org/archive/permalink/ghostwatch

There are many great and genuine phenomena captured and so interesting to find. We in the UK are the most watched people in the world apparently… and the fact means that we and the world is videoed and screened more than at any time and with 24/7 surveillance more and more is captured in “normal circumstances”, daylight, and in what previously would have been unexpected places, petrol stations for example.

Science is moving fast

Science is moving incredibly fast in the field of the paranormal and especially in particular with Quantum physics.

I have been told that in 20/30 years time that “this place (Earth) will be very different” and what we do in ASSMPI as much as any real general awakening, will have a large effect on the world. Quantum physics, the awakening and the fact that people will make a different correlation to religions will all tally together to show people that the “Paranormal” is in fact actually the “real normal”.

Light, always, Leo Bonomo