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Your House is Haunted – is it a Bad Thing?

Although Halloween is far away, Hollywood began its ghost-phobic cinema early this year with the release of The Conjuring 2. In most people’s minds, the idea of hauntings are centered in this fear of invisible specters out to get us. However, for those curious about realms beyond this one, a haunting can be an interesting, positive experience.

The house I rent in west Los Angeles with my roommates is not overtly haunted, as in having to call emergency exorcists while giant portals to other dimensions are wreaking havoc in our living-room, but there is still a little “something” going on—which has been enjoyable.

One night, a tapestry in my roommate’s room unhooked itself while we were watching TV, sliding down to the floor.

“That’s odd,” we agreed. “It must be that ghost.”

Later, I went into the living room, and a Christmas decoration that was wrapped around the mantle disconnected itself and slid down from the fireplace, landing on the floor in a small pile.

Then, in that same week, one of our landlady’s dogs suddenly ran into the living room and began barking fiercely at one of the chairs (it had never done this before). It could see something lounging that we could not.

To top things off, I went to the gym one afternoon, and when I returned, a copy of the book I wrote, Understanding Life After Death, at some point had flown off my shelf and landed on the floor of my bedroom.

I placed the book back on the shelf and included a note that read “You’re welcome to do it again, I don’t have any problems with it.” However, to date, my book hasn’t moved a second time. The phenomena seemed to be a passing thing.

While some people become unnerved by this type of thing, it’s important to remember what’s really happening: the astral dimension is interpenetrated with our own world. And, our neighbor is not as separated as we think. Somebody who is very diligent, who lives on the astral side, can affect matter on the Earthly side if they really desire it. That’s all “hauntings” really are.

Their reasons to do so are numerous: curiosity, playfulness, or even a desire to help bring people awareness that they exist. We cannot discount that some astral residents may have malevolent intentions or a desire to frighten people, but there’s also no reason to believe that this is the majority of circumstances.

As for our ghost—who was it? It’s hard to ever know. However, as someone who infrequently travels outside his body, I did have an astral experience one night within our home. I was in our living room, on the astral side, and I saw a girl with jeans, round glasses, short dark hair and a backpack come through the door. I immediately came up to her and told her who I was (that I lived in the same home but on the Earth-side). She appeared very surprised by my presence, but then unfortunately—the experience broke before I could talk to her.

Was she the stranger trying to make contact? It’s impossible to know. However, I suspect many who live on the astral side view us as a curiosity just as we are mystified by their presence—especially since I believe many of them share the same spaces that we do, but in the astral counterparts. Perhaps, in the future, both worlds will be able to formally meet each other. But, until then, we’ll continue to be mystified and at times unnecessarily frightened.




Famous Paranormal Investigator Dies Mysteriously

New Delhi: Renowned paranormal investigator Gaurav Tiwari dies under mysterious circumstances in his bathroom. He is one of the most famous paranormal investigators in India and reportedly visited over 6,000 haunted locations and was the founder of the Indian Paranormal Society.

According to the India Paranormal Society website, Gaurav was a pilot by training and had investigated everything from haunted places, ufo abductions and mysterious creatures.

Gaurav was no stranger to the media and was repeatedly seen on Tv investigating and helping those under the influence of some reported paranormal activity. He was active in educating people about the paranormal. However, he reported to his wife that a negative force or entity was pulling him towards it and a month later after this confession to his wife, he died in his bathroom at his home is Dwarka when both his father and wife were present.

TOI quoted Gaurav’s father Uday Tiwari, saying “Gaurav told his wife a month ago that a negative force was pulling him towards it. He had said he was trying to control it but seemed unable to do so. My daughter-in-law ignored it thinking he was just depressed due to work overload and did not tell us about it,” he said.

His family still maintaions that he was under no stress or pressure that would have caused him to take his own life. His comments about the alledged paranormal force were falling on deaf ears, though he reached out and told his wife that he was failing in his battle with the dark force.

Tiwari’s parents reportedly told the police that he was depressed and that many arguments existed within the famliy about the lack of his support financially and the late hours he would entertain because of his work.

The case may have similar nuances to Ed and Lorraine Warren’s famous cases as Gaurav was reprted to have been investigating the case of a demon possessed girl in Dheli the day before his death.

Police are considering the act of suicide but there is also the hypothesis that he was under some influence that may have caused him to take his life. Whether or not this is true, it does give food for thought and gives credence to the fact that danger lurks within a world we cannot see and are yet to comprehend.

via Spooky: Paranormal investigator Gaurav Tiwari dies a mysterious death in his bathroom!

Extra Terrestrial

A process for raising the state of vibration

What does it mean for people to have a vibrational state? It is understood to be a property of spiritual existence. It may refer to a relatively low frequency vibration of a person’s etheric body, perhaps occurring just before an out-of-body  experience, or it may be felt at higher frequencies as a particular emotion. A low vibration being may be fearful with little ability to love, while a high vibration being is full of unconditional love for everyone. A vibrational state is a point on a dimension. It determines the nature of interpersonal relations, but it also has a cosmic significance as a parameter of the creative process.

The process of creation was discussed in an earlier article of this series entitled, “The creation process and states of love”. It was explained by the extraterrestrial Zeta beings who spoke to us via Paul Hamden’s mediumship. The Zetas agreed that the vibrational state of a creator being is analogous to the frequency of laser light in the making of a physical hologram. A creation cannot be experienced by another being who has a vibrational state lower than that of the creator being. This means that a being’s creations cannot be perceived by others who are by nature less loving. The human race is in a relatively low vibrational state, and so there is much information beyond our reach. The possibility of access to such information is an incentive to raise one’s vibrational state.

Raising vibrational state is not an easy thing to put into words. Even an experienced medium cannot explain how to connect with a being in a higher vibration energetic realm. It would be like trying to describe a “felt state” such as the experience of colour or taste. Because of this difficulty, developing mediums cannot build on the experience of others who have gone before. The only option seems to be a process of trial and error for each person to discover how to proceed. The neophyte medium hopes to stumble upon the mental process that is conducive to a higher state of vibration, and must also be prepared to wait for an indefinite period of time for connection to occur. The lack of timely feedback is a serious obstacle to learning.

Some people are natural mediums. At a young age, they may have unusual experiences with beings from other realms, and they may have opportunities to build on and control this natural talent. The rest of us have much more difficulty rising to the same level of performance. But maybe we can be assisted by a process inferred from various discussions with the Zeta beings. It was recognized by analogy with the process of heterodyning utilized in physical electronic circuits.

Heterodyning is a process for changing the frequency of physical signals. The circuit typically consists  of a non-linear device called a mixer that accepts two frequencies as input and yields a new frequency as output. The frequency of the output is the difference between the two input frequencies. A Zeta confirmed that vibrational state could be substituted for frequency, and so the heterodyning process could be used to raise our vibrational state. Further, the non-linear device required to make it function is a being’s intention.

When used correctly, heterodyning can place a human in a temporary higher state of vibration. The human’s own vibrational state is one input to the process, while a second is supplied by another entity existing at a much higher vibrational state. The intention of the two beings creates a difference potential which enables the human to move to the difference vibrational state.

To establish the correspondence between frequency and state of vibration, a Zeta was asked to confirm a hypothetical scenario using frequencies. Specifically, when a human with a state of 8 cycle/sec heterodynes with another being with a state of 32 cycles/sec, does a difference frequency of 24 cycles/sec temporarily take the place of the human’s 8 cycle/sec frequency, and would the human feel the love from the higher difference frequency? The Zeta responded, “Yes it does, and then of course, once the other being of the higher vibratory nature removes itself from the reality of the lower waveform, the lower waveform reinstates itself because its natural environment reimplements its normal state of frequency.” He confirmed that the human would feel the love of the higher state of vibration.

The Zeta advised that the human should adopt a loving attitude during this process. He said, “That strong emotion gives you the capacity to be in a different frequency, because the emotional body is resonating in conjunction with the etheric body, and that’s the frequency that you are emanating is based, has it’s core basis, in the emotional of love.” The emotion of love gives the etheric body the capacity to operate at the higher difference potential.

The Zeta added further, “But the higher frequencies, the higher consciousness, only donates a portion of their consciousness to exist in the lower form. The lower form increases its totality to then create the intermediary process. The higher form, the higher level of consciousness, only commits a small portion that is required, because the levels of consciousness that are held by different entities are of different levels of magnitude.” The Zeta implied that the heterodyning process is hardly noticeable to the higher vibration being, suggesting that the lower vibration being should not hesitate to ask for the contribution from the higher vibration being.

The following procedure outlines more specifically how to involve a higher vibration entity in the heterodyning process. The choice of a loving entity may vary widely, depending on personal predilection. For example, a Christian would likely invoke the love of Jesus Christ. Another spiritually-minded person might invoke the higher self in the spirit world, a familiar “ascended master”, a non-specific energy from spirit realm, or some other high vibration facet of source consciousness. Someone practicing shamanism might invoke Mother Earth or Father Sky. All that appears to be required is the belief that the high vibration entity exists and the expectation that it will respond.

  1. Find a comfortable seated position. Relax a few moments while breathing slightly slower and deeper than normal. Fill each breath you take with love, perhaps by imagining the love you have for an innocent child. Bringing such a feeling of love “creates capacity” to move to a higher vibrational state.
  2. Focus your attention on the higher vibration entity with the intention of sharing its vibrational state.
  3. Hold in your mind your own relatively low vibrational state while simultaneously reaching for the entity’s much higher state of love. Simultaneity of these inputs is important.
  4. ‘Intend’ to resonate with the higher state while continuing to breath slowly. You may feel, unbidden, a rush of sensation that may be interpreted as love. This sensation arises when your vibrational state of consciousness is attracted to the heterodyning difference potential.
  5. Continue slowly inhaling and exhaling breaths of love while focusing on this process.

The heterodyning difference potential will last as long as the required intention is maintained. The Zeta assured us that the heterodyning process is never a drain on the energy of the higher vibration entity.

Carefully following the process gives rise to a more loving energy that is characteristic of higher states of vibration. Feeling the difference vibrational state is evidence that the higher being is heterodyning with one’s lower vibration.

Perhaps if mediums were to agree that what they do intuitively is heterodyne with higher vibration entities, they would be better able to describe to the rest of us how to connect with such beings.

The heterodyning process is discussed in more detail in the book, “A primer of the Zeta race”, which is freely available in pdf format. Please see the chapters entitled “Zeta technology” and “Heterodyning vibrational states”. Links to books and additional articles about the Zeta race may be found here.


Aspects of Above – Learning The Astrological Chart

Cosmic connections of the chart


astrological chart

When I am writing articles and newsletters, or whenever I am speaking or giving readings, I try to avoid jargon as much as possible, as one of my key intentions is to make the information and insights as accessible as possible to everyone, to make them applicable to everyday life.  It can be quite difficult to avoid astrological terms altogether though, and the two that you will hear frequently used, by all astrologers, are the words “aspect” and “transits”. I thought it might be helpful to explain a little of what these mean and their relevance when we are looking at charts. This time we will look at aspects, as they are an important part of birth chart interpretation, and transits, are seeing how the current astrology relates to a chart, so we’ll look at those next time.

The description “aspect”, is telling us that two or more planets have a connection, they are relating to each other.  As an example, I might say that Mercury is aspecting Saturn. I am describing the fact that Mercury and Saturn are interacting in some way. This connection might be easy and free-flowing, co-operative and supportive, encouraging positive expression of the characters of both planets and the signs they are in. If we connect into that energy, we feel the easy flow, things go well and we feel positive. Or the connection might be challenging or stressful, with contradictory energies that are naturally oppositional, bringing a tension to situations around us and within us.

These planetary relationships are no different from, and in fact mirror and echo, the relationships in our lives. There are some people we get on well with and naturally fall into an easy flow with. We might notice that they are easy to talk to, and we find that we are comfortable with each other and bring out the best in each other. That doesn’t mean to say that we never disagree or fall out, but the majority of the time things work well.

Then, of course, we all have the people who challenge us. When we first meet we might instinctively be cautious, or even take a dislike to someone and we might find we have nothing in common with them. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we just can’t get on with someone, we seem to annoy each other and argue. When we talk we can quickly become annoyed and find it difficult to see and accept the other’s point of view. In the same way, there are natural characteristics of signs and planets that can complement or contradict one other.

The chart below is for the upcoming Full Moon on 19th July 2016. The planets are represented by the symbols inside the chart, and the symbols around the very outside represent the signs, Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc etc. The aspects, how the planets are relating to one another, are indicated by the lines in the innermost circle.

astrological chart


The easiest planet to spot is the Moon which is shown with a typical crescent Moon shape and can be seen at the top of the chart. The green symbol beside it and on the outside of the chart, which looks like a V and S combined is Capricorn. So, in this chart we have the Moon in Capricorn.

Here are all the symbols


Á Aries ª Sun
 Taurus « Moon
à Gemini ¬ Mercury
Ä Cancer ­ Venus
Å Leo ® Mars
Æ Virgo ¯ Jupiter
Ç Libra ° Saturn
È Scorpio ± Uranus
É Sagittarius ² Neptune
Ê Capricorn ¿ Pluto
Ë Aquarius ì Chiron
Ì Pisces North Node
í South Node


If we look at all the planets and which sign they are in, we begin to build up the picture of the personality or event the chart represents, the different facets and individual characteristics. We could then end up with a list that reads a bit like a grocery list or a list of ingredients for a recipe.

Sun in Cancer

Moon in Capricorn

Mercury in Leo

Venus in Leo

Mars in Scorpio

Jupiter in Virgo

Saturn in Sagittarius

Uranus in Aries

Neptune in Pisces

Pluto in Capricorn

Chiron in Pisces

North Node in Virgo

South Node in Pisces


To get an understanding of what these placements mean, we combine the keywords and the key energies of the planet and the sign. So, for example, Mars is our physical energy, how we assert ourselves, competitiveness, motivation, sexual drive and shows how easily we get angry. It rules Aries, a masculine Fire sign and the first sign of the zodiac, so this helps us to be spontaneous and initiating. Scorpio is a feminine Water sign, deep water in fact and it can be deep and mysterious and intense. It can be sensitive and feel things very deeply, but may not be able to cope with the intensity of these feelings and can therefore bury them beneath the surface. Scorpio has strong sexual urges and is not afraid to go to the taboo areas of life. We can see that the Fire of Mars will lose its spark in that deep water and operate in a different way. Taking on the characteristics of Scorpio, Mars can be dark, mysterious and brooding, there can be a strong sexual urge, and whatever it is doing it will tackle single-mindedly and even intensely. With this energy, we are likely to be driven to look more deeply at things, not just at what is on the surface, and especially deeply buried anger and emotional issues.

Now we have all our characters, all our ingredients in our recipe, but what do they make? How do we know whether we end up with a soufflé or a meatloaf? How do we know which flavours combine well, which will dominate, or if a certain combination will curdle the eggs? The answer to this is to look at the aspects. Aspects are the geometric relationships the planets make to each other and the closer the aspect, the stronger the effect.  An experienced astrologer, like a chef, understands the relationships between the individual ingredients and can see how they work together.


One of the easier connections is between planets in the same element. People who are aware of Sun signs often comment that they know they get on well with certain other signs in particular. The different elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water operate in unique ways and therefore, within each element, there is an inherent understanding of each other. So, the Fire signs naturally feel the Fire energy, the spark and warmth of their fellow Fire signs, the Earth signs share a practicality and down-to-earth nature, the Air signs like to think, communicate and share ideas while the Water signs have a shared sense of being intuitive, emotional and trusting their gut instincts.


If you look at the example chart again, you will see the various, different coloured lines going across the centre circle that represent the aspects. They show which planets are connecting with others and how well. The different colours denote different aspects and therefore different relationships. There is a key to the symbols below to show what the aspects are. Two planets in an aspect are like having two different points of view but often three or four will combine to make a much more powerful combination, an aspect pattern. If the planets in this pattern are working well together, they find a shared or complementary point of view; it can be a flowing, dynamic, optimistic and positive influence with much potential.  But if there are more difficult aspects involved, with differing points of view it is highly likely that we will have challenges to face. If you think of a birth chart where each planet represents a different facet of our personality, you can begin to see and understand how we can have internal conflicts.

Î Conjunction
Ï Opposition
Ð Trine
Ñ Square
Ò Sextile
Ó Inconjunct


If you find Neptune and Mercury in the chart and look at the numbers beside them, you will see that Mercury is at 11° 33¨ Leo and Neptune is at 11°42¨ Pisces. So this is a very close aspect as they are both at 11 degrees. The line connecting them indicates an inconjunct, sometimes called a quincunx This is a stressful aspect, the energies are quite internal and we feel an inner tension between the conflicting energies of the two planets as we try to find a way to harmonise and balance them. Often, it can feel like there is something unresolvable because there seems to be no common ground.

One of the key aspects of this Full Moon is a combination of three planets called a Yod, or sometimes called the Finger of Fate. It is a triangle pattern, a combination of two inconjuncts and a sextile. If you look again at the inconjunct aspect between Mercury and Neptune that I mentioned before, Mercury, and Venus beside it (conjunct) are actually at the head of this Yod. There are also inconjuncts going from Venus and Mercury to Pluto, and then Pluto and Neptune are sextiling each other. The South Node is closely conjunct Neptune too so joins in the fun! A Yod can be a very stressful aspect, as the three planets involved, have nothing in common, either in their element or the way in which the signs that they are in operate. If we have no common ground, how do we find a resolution? And that is the feeling we often get with a Yod. In this case, with the combination of these planets there is likely to be an old, karmic pattern of falling back into guilt, victimhood or escapism, whilst there is a need to be noticed, appreciated and valued, and power issues could surface, possible from authority figures. With Mercury, which rules the mind and communication at the apex, there could either be verbal power games or ego-based outbursts, or the conflict could be in the mind, going round and round, looking for a solution.


A Yod is also a karmic aspect and indicates an old energy pattern that might be ancestral. It can be a pattern that has been repeated through many generations and when it is highlighted, we have the opportunity to clear it. If you have a Yod in your birth chart, you have the opportunity in this life time to clear the ancestral karma that is indicated by the Yod, you are a potential lineage breaker!
An image that I have which might help to explain aspects, is of the chart being wired electrically. I see the round chart as a physical object, and the position of the planets are marked by different colour lightbulbs, which glow weakly or brightly according to how strongly the planet is being triggered. The aspect lines across the middle, representing the relationship between the planets, are different coloured strips or neon lights denoting the different aspects, so that the planets that are aspecting are wired to each other. When we look at transits next time, we will see how, when one planet in a chart is aspected by something in the current astrology, it activates any existing aspects in the chart.


I hope this has given you a bit of a flavour and understanding of the aspects of a chart and their importance in interpretation. Next time we will take this a stage further and look at transits, the continuing movement of the planets through the sky and how they affect us through the aspects that they make to our birth chart.

© Terrie Birch www.astrologywise.co.uk








Is This Really Haunted – The Oaks Homestead

The Oaks homestead in Oakhurst New South Wales, Australia, is one place full of paranormal activity – allegedly. It has been investigated by paranormal teams who have all reported the place is a hive of activity, but one top team in Australia reports is a lot more realistic.

west sidney paranormal

The Owner of the Oaks is continually experiencing the increase in activity and paranormal phenomena. The property is steeped in history and the activity has been going on for many years.

‘The Oaks’. It is a magnificent, two-storey building, built between 1895-1897 by William Golding. Many people have experienced many aspects of a plethora of paranormal phenomena such as;

  1. Apparitions – Many have reported seeing the apparition of a young girl age range of about 8-9 years old. She has been seen wandering around the home and upon the surrounding bushland. The current owner has also confirmed the siting of a grave within the local bushland.
  2. Audible Phenomena – The staff of the home have heard their names being called clearly when they were the only people within the home. Footsteps have also been heard in the night. At first, the owner thought there may have been intruders in the home.
  3. Emotional Intrusion – There have been several reports of people feeling fearful, anxious and uneasy as well as feeling off balance physically.
  4. Electricity Issues – These are frequently reported as issues.

West Sydney Paranormal EVP

The team at WSP (West Sydney Paranormal) did manage to catch some EVP of the home. There are voices, knocking, and other strange sounds.

via The Oaks Historic Homestead – WestSydneyParanormal

Some members of the team also claimed to have witnessed a shadow figure in a bedroom on the lower levels of the home.

You have to make up your mind if this is enough to pique your interest as the group were unable to document anything of any substantial paranormal aspects. One thing to note is that many old homes need much repair and sometimes the owners of the said homes find that opening to paranormal events can help alleviate that issue. Nevertheless, there are places where the phenomena is substantial and much more activity is being recorded. Is there a place where there is a lot of paranormal activity that you would like to report. Contact us at paranormal daily news.

There are plenty places to investigate but as with anything in life, make sure you take the relevant precautions to ensure your safety at all times. The paranormal world is a dangerous place to tread.

via The Oaks Historic Homestead – WestSydneyParanormal

To find out more about WSPR (West Sidney Paranormal Group)


The History Of The Spirit Board

The history of the spirit board

The spirit board was borne of the belief that people could communicate with the spirits of the dead. Such spiritualism whish caught the attention of the masses in the 19th century about there. The spirit board, started based on the history of the talking board. In the years of about 1840, precisely in 1848, there was a supernatural occurrence in New York. This  was when a pair of sisters, namely Margaret fox and Kate Fox, made contact with the spirits of those had passed on. Such an occurrence where live human being could make active communication with their long gone companions was received with great enthusiasm and this, not only did it intrigue many people but it enraptured them to know that such a contact with spirits of the dead could even be made. The treasures were those who’s gift was speaking  to the spirits of the dead were considered valuable and their gifts were priceless. The mediums were a unique category into which only people with that gift of communication with souls that are long gone.

There was the invention of many interesting ways which the dead’s spirits used the mediums to communicate to the living. All these methods of communication with the living were methods invented by the mediums themselves. One among those ways was table tipping. The ones who sought to communicate with the spirits of the dead, would lightly put their fingers on the table and as a message came through from the world of the dead, the table would tip over and knock upon the floor on the letters of the alphabet that had been called. The mediums could use less noisy methods of communication with the spirits of the dead through jotting done of the messages which came across from the land of the dead through the channeling mediums. The tool developed from a pencil into a planchette which was heart shaped. The mediums came to find out that the planchette could serve the purpose of a pointer and that was the discovery leading down to the path paving way for the board which was later to be known as the talking board.

The challenge that accompanied the discovery of the planchette was the difficulty it posed in writing for it turned out to be a very burdensome challenge just keeping the planchette lodged onto the piece of paper upon which the writing was to be made. The challenges the mediums faced in getting the messages written down had them coming up with a wide range of gadgets with alphanumeric characters accompanied by their odd looking pointers and needles. In about 1890, there was what was now referred to as the talking board which had a pointer onto the alphanumeric characters that were being channeled from the spirit through the medium. Later on, the board was converted into a board onto which the letter of the alphabet had been inscribed and the planchette to move over the board as the mediums get information from the spirits of the dead.


Equipment You Need For A Ghost Hunt

Best Equipment For A Ghost Hunt

Nothing as frightening as a ghost pass by without you capturing it. What’s more frightening is not seeing one, it’s the wind that blows and the sounds that you hear that send chills up your spine leaving you goose-face. Some say ghosts don’t exist while others believe they are there with us, sleeping right under our noses. Well first for you to catch one you have got to believe you are going to catch one. Then you have to know where to find one. Of course, it can’t be in your backyard not unless this ghost loves kids and takes milk in the morning instead of feeding on your fear and soul.

A haunted house, for example, would be the most ideal. Haunted houses are normally those big abandoned houses that have owls flying in and out. Another place you can find ghosts is in the cemetery. There has got to be a bunch of old grannies with broom sticks hovering all over there. Also look for them in schools at night and maybe prisons.  You can’t just run towards a ghost and catch it. That’ll be foolish.

There are a number of equipment that you require. Nothing really too fancy just something that will let you to the physical side of the ghost. Number one on the list and the most important of them all is a ghost camera recorder. Don’t worry, it’s just an ordinary camera recorder, I just put in the Ghost to spice it up. I know you’re thinking, ‘camera! What in the world is that for?’ Well how else will you prove you saw one? You don’t want to keep the information to yourself, do you now? Then again if the ghost passes behind you how else would you know or tell? If you could get a 360 camera, the better as you get all angles though this one is expensive. Second on the list is an EMF sound meter.

Ghosts have something to do with electricity blah blah blah… and magnetic fields. Who cares, I wasn’t that good in physics but all I know this EMF thing will help you get the job done. You think I’m lying wait till you catch one and pass an electric circuit through it. The EMF meter picks disturbances from nearby that may be caused by the ghost. You can get a good EMF sound meter online at a fairly good price. Last but not least, (drum rolls), the infrared thermal scanner. Quite challenging to use but once you get the hang of it you are good to go. You may place this at several spots in the room for hunting and it’ll be able to detect thermal changes. There are several apps coming with inbuilt thermal scanners so you can use those as well. As you do this be on the look out for any abnormal activities, we don’t want us catching aliens or witches instead let’s leave that for the CIA. You can attract ghost by placing webs at strategic points and candles forming a triangular shape with a circle. After that ensure the area is properly covered, meaning what goes in doesn’t come out. That’s all, seat back and wait for your ghost to come.


UFO Whistleblowers

  • UFO Workers Need To Speak

    Ufology is full of whistleblowers. There’s the one who worked on the alien spaceship at Area 51, the one who was involved in a gunfight with extraterrestrials, the one who rescued an alien and was able to send him back home, and the one who went on an exchange trip to an alien planet. Then there’s the one who did an interview in a hotel room, and the one who did an interview in a darkened room, so as to disguise his identity. Oh, and let’s not forget the one who was assassinated by the government. Ufology is full of whistleblowers, right? Wrong! Ufology is not full of whistleblowers. Ufology is full of bogus whistleblowers.

    At first sight, this may strike some people as being overly-harsh. You might be thinking about leaked government UFO documents that you’ve read, and recalling UFO documentaries or conferences where some of these whistleblowers have appeared. Surely, you might say, a fair proportion of what we know about UFOs comes from various courageous whistleblowers who have taken the decision to violate their secrecy oaths, because they believe they have a higher moral responsibility to the truth. The people have a right to know, as the saying goes. It all sounds great in theory, but the truth is somewhat different, and can be easily demonstrated with a bit of critical thinking.

    Ask yourself what happens – outside the field of ufology – to people who leak highly classified information. I’m not talking about traitors who pass classified information to foreign powers, but people who have made such information public, citing the public’s right to know. Some well-known names spring to mind: Former CIA employee Edward Snowden and US Army intelligence specialist Chelsea Manning are two such people. In the UK, ex-MI5 officer David Shayler and former MI6 employee Richard Tomlinson are good examples. There are others. Now, ask yourself, what did the government do in all of those cases? The answer is this: they went after the individuals concerned, proactively, aggressively and relentlessly, using the full resources available to them. And no, I don’t mean they tried to kill them, I mean that where the state was able to do so, the full weight of the criminal justice system (police, prosecutors, courts, etc.) was brought to bear upon them. In real life, that’s what happens to people who leak classified information. So why doesn’t this happen with ufology’s whistleblowers? Why would the government leave such people alone? The answer is obvious. Ufology’s so-called whistleblowers aren’t leaking classified information at all. They’re making up stories. If any of these people were genuinely leaking classified information they’d be arrested in an instant. I know this not because of my time on the MoD’s UFO project, but because of a later job that I did in the Directorate of Defence Security, where I had some peripheral involvement with Official Secrets Act cases. That, along with my 21 years in a government department where top secret information is commonplace, taught me a lot about the reality of how allegations of security breaches are handled.

    Incidentally, at risk of being labelled a government lackey, I don’t approve of whistleblowers anyway, even genuine ones. That’s because such people leak information after deciding that they know better than anyone else whether or not something should be released. However, what I’ve learned from my own work on classified information is that the information owner – usually the subject matter expert – is best-placed to make judgements on whether or not something can safely be declassified. So it’s a mistake for someone else to see such documents pass across their desk and, without knowing the full story, decide for themselves that something should be public knowledge. It’s arrogant and ignorant. That’s not to say that there’s no place for responsible whistleblowing in a free, open and democratic society, but that’s a discussion for another day.

    Returning to UFOs and whistleblowing, what of the verifiable government and military personnel who have spoken out about UFOs? People like Edward Ruppelt, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, myself, Dr. John Alexander, Charles Halt, John Burroughs, Jim Penniston and others? The key point is, they’re not whistleblowers. Such people fall into two categories. Witnesses such as Halt, Burroughs and Penniston are simply describing experiences they’ve had. Unless someone specifically instructed them not to talk about things, they aren’t divulging classified information by describing what they saw and experienced. When I collaborated with Burroughs and Penniston on the bestselling book “Encounter in Rendlesham Forest”, the manuscript was pre-submitted to both the UK MoD and the US DOD, because we treat our respective secrecy oaths seriously. When Charles Halt is asked about nuclear issues, he declines to comment, neither confirming nor denying the presence of nuclear weapons in any particular location at any particular time (I answer such questions in exactly the same way). As for those of us who aren’t witnesses, but who have genuinely investigated UFOs for the government, we take our secrecy oaths seriously too, and would never release classified information without proper authorisation. We’re not whistleblowers either. When people see me on TV talking about the MoD’s UFO files, I’m discussing material that’s already been declassified and released by the British Government.

    This brings me to the final irony concerning people in ufology who claim to have inside knowledge about secret government UFO projects. You know the ones I mean. The ones making fantastic but totally unverifiable claims about vast underground bases, secret exchange deals between Presidents and extraterrestrials, moon bases, Mars colonies, and much more besides. Such people are absolutely certain about UFOs, extraterrestrials, etc. They’ll give you chapter and verse on anything from UFO propulsion systems and alien agendas, through to the geography of various alien planets. This mirrors the way that many ufologists at the extreme ends of the belief spectrum (i.e. the most devout true believers and die-hard debunkers) are absolutely certain about the true nature of the UFO phenomenon. And here’s the ultimate irony: those of us who have genuinely researched and investigated the UFO mystery for the government are much less sure about things!

    Nick Pope is a former employee of the UK Ministry of Defence. From 1991 to 1994 he ran the British Government’s UFO project and he is now the public face of the ongoing project to declassify and release the entire archive of these UFO files. Nick Pope held a number of other fascinating posts in the course of his 21-year government career, which culminated in his serving as an acting Deputy Director in the Directorate of Defence Security. He now works as a broadcaster and journalist, covering subjects including space, fringe science, defence and intelligence.

Crystal Consciousness

Crystal Cave Meditation



At eve, when all is still,

Save the soft-sighing wind or evening bird,

How the home voices through my spirit thrill,

Till all its depths are stirred.

The Language of Gems, Miss H.J. Woodman

I’d like to share one of my favourite meditations with you. The journey to the crystal cave. I have practised it for over forty five years and never tire of it. The cave constantly expands and takes me to a new part of myself and All That Is. Allow plenty of time for this meditation and ensure that you will not be disturbed. You may like to play a favourite piece of music to accompany the journey (there’s some great water sounds on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJaZc4E8Y4U or, with piano: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dzdJNWBEpQ)

An Amethyst geode helps you to focus on the cave but it is not essential – you can use an Amethyst crystal or the photograph of the geode instead. If you have a big Amethyst geode that is too large to hold, place it on a table in front of you. Otherwise hold the crystal in your hand.


The Meditation


Sit comfortably and gaze gently at your Amethyst (or use the photograph above). Let your eyes roam all around it. Use softly focused eyes. When you can remember its contours, close your eyes.

Without opening your eyes, look up to the point above and between your eyebrows: your ‘third eye’. Feel this eye open. Breathe gently and withdraw your attention from the outside world, focusing it deep inside yourself. Hold your Amethyst in whichever hand feels comfortable or place your hands on it and be aware of its vibrations radiating up your arm and into your third eye at the centre of your forehead, feel it opening and expanding your inner awareness.

Now picture yourself standing on the bank of a wide river that is flowing gently to the sea. Upstream in the far distance you can see high blue mountains and, at their foot, a shining lake. In front of you there is a small wooden jetty with a boat tied up beside it. A boatman is waiting to help you into the boat. When you have settled yourself comfortably, he casts the boat off and takes the boat upstream moving quickly against the current. You can see the banks passing by and soon the river opens out into a beautiful lake.


crystal meditation

As you cross the lake, you can see a narrow river is coming down from the mountains and flowing into the lake. The boatman takes you as far up this river as it is possible to go. He ties the boat up and helps you out onto a rocky ledge.

crystal cave meditation

Follow this ledge up into the mountains, as it twists and turns you can see light shining in front of you until you enter crystal cave. The cave is a huge amethyst geode, light flickering from every point.

Find a comfortable place to settle yourself and allow yourself to merge with the energy of the Amethyst, enfolded within the geode. Let your spirit become one with the infinity of being. Ask the Amethyst to show you your soul path.  



When you have found your soul path, ask to be shown the guides and helpers who surround you in the unseen world. Ask them how they help you and set out any specific requests you have for assistance.



Then let your spirit become one with the infinity of being. Be aware of how ancient the crystal is, how it is light personified and the divine taking on form.  Let your spirit become one with the infinity of being. Let go. Expand into All that Is. Simply merge and Be.



When you are ready to leave the crystal cave, withdraw into yourself once more but retain your connection to the whole through the Amethyst in your hand. Make your way back down the ledge to where the boatman waits for you. Settle yourself in the boat and allow him to quickly propel the boat back down the narrow river and the wide shining lake. In front of you, you see the river you set out from and soon the boat is tying up at the bank. Thank your boatman for the journey and make your way back onto the bank.


When you have finished the journey, thank the crystal for its light and your guides and helpers and ask that they be always with you.

And let the light crystalise at the outer edges of your aura, protecting you within a bubble of light.

Take your attention down to your feet. Be very aware of the contact they make with the earth. Feel them holding you and grounding you on the earth and into your body. Then, when you are ready, open your eyes.


This exercise can be further expanded on future occasions by checking out whether there are any areas of the cave you have not visited, especially at the higher levels. Look out for hidden doorways and narrow tunnels. Explore whatever you find there – asking for a light to show the way.


When you become proficient you could extend your journey by taking a crystal space shuttle to explore our galaxy and beyond.




All the luminous the coloured spectacles which the world in the immensity of space can offer us, nature has produced in miniature amongst precious stones. ~Charles Blanc, Art in Ornament and Dress, 1875


The Amethyst journey is one of self-exploration. If you wish to make a journey to abundance and inner joy, then a Citrine geode would be appropriate.


Extra Terrestrial

How matter is an illusion

From conversations with extraterrestrial Zeta beings speaking through the medium, Paul Hamden, I came to realize how our physical universe and all it contains is an illusion. These conversations are documented and discussed in several freely available books and articles. The realization was strongly supported by Edward Close in his book, Transcendental Physics. Close explained how modern physics requires that the observer’s awareness creates physical reality moment by moment. By definition then, our experience of reality is illusory, not what it seems.

This new understanding was soon followed by the discovery that it was not all that original. The Hindu metaphysics of Advaita Vedanta has a similar concept called maya. It is explained briefly in the next section, followed by a discussion of the mechanism of the illusion of matter.

The Vedanta concept of maya

The Advaita view holds that Brahman is the one and only reality and all else is mere appearance or illusion. The concept that the physical universe is an illusion is called maya, and it is introduced in the following select quotes from discussions of the Advaita metaphysics.

An Advaita Vedanta website explains the concept of maya.

  • According to the Advaita philosophy, this world we live in, the space as well as time is a projection of your consciousness or your awareness. In fact your mind, your thoughts as well as your physical attributes are just a projection of that consciousness into the state of waking. Advaita Vedanta calls this projection as Maya. Maya creates apparent multiplicity in a universe where only Brahman really exists.

Another source, Indian Philosophy Simplified, explains the concept of the Brahman and how it is related to maya.

  • Brahman is the ultimate reality behind all world-objects.
  • Brahman can be considered as Pure Consciousness.
  • Maya is the unique power (shakti) of Brahman.
  • Brahman manifests itself in the world with the help of maya. The world and the world objects come into existence due to the power of maya. Maya and its creation is termed illusory. … Maya is dependent on Brahman. Maya has created the world of appearances. So the world is illusion.

And another source entitled “Sankara’s Doctrine of Maya” offers the following nuggets of information.

  • Why does this illusory world have an apparently objective homogeneity? Because the world is not an illusion of each particular individual, in which case each individual would ‘dream’ a different world, but of the human collectivity. The empirical and objective ‘solidity’ of the world proves not its reality but the collective nature of the illusion.
  • The ‘mechanism’, as it were, through which the illusion is generated and sustained is adhyasa, the super-imposing of limitations and multiplicities upon Brahman.
  • All attachments, aversions, dreams, fears and thoughts, all memories, cognitions and mental modifications of whatever kind are grounded in maya.
  • Any attempt to explain the ‘creation’ or ‘origin’ of the world is bound to fail not only because the mind is trapped in maya but also because the very notion of creation is an error.

These quotes from the Vedanta metaphysical literature give us a basic understanding of maya at a philosophical level. The next section proposes a mechanism for the illusion of matter that has a connection to the theory of quantum mechanics.

A mechanism for the illusion of matter

The Zeta cosmology has a concept of source consciousness that is equivalent to Brahman. A Zeta explained, “There is nothing that can be created that is outside of it, all forms, all shapes, all existence is determined by this process. All matter would disintegrate without this. There would be no planets, there would be no universe, it is held together by consciousness.” It is multidimensional, so we could imagine it as a mathematical entity. Our familiar 3D space and its contents are constructs in this consciousness space.

Source consciousness is described by a Zeta when he said, “The void is a living entity of total consciousness, oligarchical in nature, and is partially living as an experience in separation, through illusion, of self through the vesture of matter.” The entity of total consciousness has configured itself so that parts of it appear to be in separation from other parts. The separation is an illusion partly accomplished by the appearance of matter. The illusion of matter is meant to provide different and independent experiences for source consciousness.

The Zeta added, “Each separation of consciousness is layers to perform many functions. Some levels of consciousness pervade the worlds of matter, whereas others are multifaceted in energetic form, each having the ability to exist as a race of beings in every form.” Distinctions in levels of consciousness form souls or spirits having different vibrational states and living an “experience in separation”. Some are beings that “pervade the worlds of matter”.

A Zeta said, “Consciousness has all information, but how consciousness reveals it to itself is a different process, nothing is created.”  The definitions are selected and activated as seeming acts of creation by conscious beings. The mechanism of creation was discussed in an earlier article entitled The creation process and states of love”.

A set of activated definitions are located in a dimension of consciousness space known as the etheric realm. They exist there to enable beings like us to create illusory physical experiences. The Zetas suggest that the etheric templates were created by a race of beings “that are much older, wiser and advanced than yourselves and us.” The set of templates is finite and that limits the forms of the physical illusion that are possible. The limitation is reminiscent of “the super-imposing of limitations and multiplicities upon Brahman” which was given earlier as the mechanism for maya.

Beings such as us participate in creating the illusion. A Zeta commented, “Now remember that without matter, consciousness has no reflection, and so all consciousness exists from one source entity, but exists in matter as multiple races.” Beings of races see themselves in the physical illusion only because they are equipped with the proper etheric sensory mechanisms. The physical sensory organs such as the visual system are illusions created from etheric forms which define their special function. Physical illusions are experienced when the sensory information from the etheric templates is reflected back to awareness in consciousness.

The templates existing in the etheric realm are activations of source consciousness. A being having the physical experience perceives/decodes these etheric templates, and the resulting perception is registered and interpreted by the being’s consciousness. Since its consciousness is a facet of source consciousness, the process of perception closes a feedback loop. The experience by the being is consciousness observing itself.

The relation of this process to modern quantum theory was discussed by Close (2000). According to a quantum mechanical process, an object is presented to an observer as a spectrum of potentials or possibilities. All processes at the scale of the atom are quantized, and these include the sensory mechanisms underlying the observer’s perceptions. A chain of quantized processes involved in sensation are defined by the observer’s etheric body, and the chain ends with a non-quantized receptor in the consciousness of the observer. Close suggested, “The final receptor completing an observation must be something real, existing beyond physical quanta, capable of receiving and properly organizing the distinct impressions of form and structure relayed by the effects of the quanta of matter and energy that we perceive as existing in an objective physical world. Since the interpretation of form and structure as information with meaning is a function of the conscious observer, this something must be closely related to, if not the very substance of, consciousness itself.”

Close concluded, “Every observation is an instance of reality/primary consciousness observing itself. It is the completion of a self-referential loop. Structure and form, originating in primary consciousness, is projected as a spectrum of potentialities. The process is completed when one specific structure or form is selected by observation and confirmed again in the nonlocal space of consciousness.”

According to Close’s view, source consciousness presents the physical universe “as a spectrum of potentialities” that can be calculated by a well-known equation in quantum mechanics. The observer selects particular potentials from this spectrum and transmutes them to the non-quantized individualized consciousness. The observation is “confirmed” by comparison with the original defining construct in source consciousness where it has always existed. Like the Zetas, Close could say that the experience by the being is consciousness observing itself.

A Zeta agreed that matter is perceived when “intention selects possibilities projected by etheric objects to create the physical illusion.” The possibilities projected by etheric objects are like Close’s spectrum of potentialities provided by primary consciousness. So the etheric template for an object may be understood as the collection of wave functions defined by quantum mechanics as probabilities. The observer selects  components of the wave function from the possibilities projected by the etheric object.

A being’s physical body is defined by the etheric body and is experienced by the same process as any other physical object. A Zeta said, “The physical body is a potential. The way that its potential is perceived and used is directly a response from the entity working with the physical body.” When asked about the entity receiving the sensory information, the Zeta replied, “There is capacity for the local consciousness to participate in this process, but the greater process is the higher-self heterodyning, as you call it, back to the local consciousness and beyond.” According to the Zeta, the sensory information is communicated to the higher self, the higher-vibration entity associated with the local consciousness of the observer. It is the higher self that feeds back the information to source consciousness so it can observe itself.

In summary, the etheric precursor of the matter illusion is presented in consciousness as a spectrum of quantized potentials. Particular potentials are selected by the consciousness of an observer and reconstructed in a non-quantized form in consciousness. All takes place in consciousness, so to believe that matter has an objective existence independent of consciousness is an error.

The physical illusion is very powerful. A Zeta observed, “The illusion is the physical life, but others seek to define the physical life as being the real reality, which it is not.” He added, “Humans do not like to know the truth, they like their own physical constructs because that provides them with a level of safety. You are in comfort within your illusion.” People feel safe with what they know, so they shy away from accepting that consciousness forms the illusion of physical reality.

The mechanism for the illusion is complex, yet relatively easy to grasp. But we are indoctrinated with the concept of materialism from an early age, so it is difficult to accept fully that the true basis of reality is hidden by the very convincing illusion of matter.


Close, Edward R. Transcendental Physics, toExcel Press, 2000.

Treurniet, W. C. and Hamden, P. The science of the Zeta race, Copyright Hamden & Treurniet, 2016.