Are Spirits the Font of All Knowledge?

Are Spirits the Font of All Knowledge?

Great Expectations?

Do you find it strange that when people call for a mediumship reading, they expect that “spirits” are the fonts of all knowledge; that they can access all information, that your grandparents, however illiterate they may have been, suddenly have an expansive knowledge of your life and countless other things. (I went to school with those, who, because of continual “bunking off” or skipping school, never learned to read or write.)

Asking Questions Can Give Lots of Information Away

In a client’s mind (not all, of course), knowledge can be infinitely tapped for all sorts of answers and by asking all kinds of questions, the client can give lots of information away. In some cases, this can effectively abort a reading. For those of us who are honest in our work, the last thing we need is to be fed with information. It is VERY frustrating.

Giving Misleading Information to Test a Medium

For the readers amongst us who do not mind being fed, I have to say this. People are not as stupid as you may think. There are those who will also give false information, despite needing proper, good and valuable information and confirmations.

Correcting a Client May Prove You’re Genuine

I have occasionally had to contradict clients who deliberately “get facts wrong” in an attempt to see if I am genuine. I can assure you that in picking up or being given contradictory information from spirit, the client is often greatly relieved to know that whilst their mind may be at fault – who doesn’t suffer at times? – spirit does not tend to make mistakes.

At the time of writing this article, I have been contacted by a possible client pointing out that “all of the mediums she has been to, ask questions”!

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A Medium Should Only Question Those in Spirit

Anyone who knows me can verify that one of my pet hates is “mediums” asking questions. Any question a “medium” has, should only be addressed to the spirit or spirits communicating to get answers, not the client.

Incorrect Teaching?

It is, I’m afraid, endemic in the way people are taught mediumship. I can never understand why those who have been taught to ask the client questions, and their teachers, cannot see the wrong in this. People come for information and confirmation. How can you ever get a confirmation on a specific thing when the person you are asking has just asked you for the answer?

One Way to Damage Your Reputation

When questioning is noticed by the client or a group of clients, your reputation is damaged, more so after you have been found out. With that comes a loss of custom, and as any advertiser will tell you “word of mouth is the best form of advertising.” But give an excellent reading and they will probably tell few people – sometimes this is because having found a “gem,” people tend to want to keep it a secret. Having found someone who isn’t, “they tell everybody”.

Whatever Their Supposed Standard, Don’t Feed the Medium

I would urge everyone to have the mindset of “not giving information” and demand a more spiritual and evidence-based reading whether in public (at a demonstration) or private. Please disregard that a reader is “famous” and must know what they are doing, They, like myself, are “just a reader”- just a medium. We do not have Godlike powers and we should not be held in awe. We are just people exhibiting a gift that everyone has. We are not “special people” – we are those who have developed our gift a little more.

Do not be afraid to press a point with a medium. I urge you to do so. How can you be convinced of the communicator and/or the evidence that is given, if you do not? Your time is valuable. Do make the most of it.

A Medium Should Acknowledge a Person in an Audience Who is Known to Them

Without naming names (of course), I know of one well-known medium giving a demonstration and going to a friend. In an effort to “amaze” the crowd, this medium stated that she would give that person’s mobile number, which they did. Amazing trick huh? The “trick” being the operative word. (Incidentally, if I am drawn to someone I know, I do make mention of it. When mediums regularly visit the same churches, some people do, of course, become familiar, but not friends.)

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A Medium of Standing is Honest

Obviously, there is a huge amount of ego with this person. We have to ask ourselves why the medium’s “accomplice” (because that’s what they become), went along with this. When others find out that they are good friends, which they eventually do, what does that do to the medium’s reputation? And so much worse, what does a “medium of that standing” do for the reputations of everyone else, especially those who are trying to honestly learn how to communicate with spirit?

We all need to question these things. If communication is real, and it is, why do so-called “mediums” play games?

There is no comfort in messages that leave us feeling duped. Those who work as mediums should know better.

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Allen Kardec

Quote From Allan Kardec

I would like to quote from Allan Kardec’s ‘The Spirits’ Book’. (The Netflix film of the same name is excellent.)

QUESTION: Will mediums who misuse their faculty suffer in consequence?

THE VERY CLEAR ANSWER FROM SPIRIT: “They will be punished doubly because they possess, beyond others, the means of enlightenment. He who, having the use of his eyes, fails to follow the right road, is judged otherwise than the blind man who falls into a ditch.”

It could not be clearer.

Mislead and You Have to Pay for it

I have always stated that if I should mislead anyone, and there can be consequences for generations down the line for this, that I will personally have to make recompense when I pass over. That is absolutely clear from what was given to Allan Kardec, the Codifier of Spiritism/Spiritualism.

A Fundamental Spiritual Law

This is an unending and unbending spiritual rule. I personally think that it should be the first thing taught to every student who considers the path of mediumship. It is fundamental. Why don’t organizations teach this? Perhaps, their integrity should be questioned?

Truth and Integrity

After all, if the tutoring is true, if integrity is intact, what is there to be afraid of? This spiritual rule is one that is written in stone.

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