Our Hauntingly Brilliant Editorial Team

Jock Brocas - Medium, Paranormal Researcher Known To Friends As Spooky BOO

jock brocas paranormal news

Jock Brocas is the Editor of Paranormal Daily News.  The author of “Deadly Departed” and a renowned evidential medium and spirit interventionist. He is also the president of the former ASSMPI, now the ISSMPI, and an active paranormal and afterlife researcher. His work has been featured in global media and he is often asked to speak as an expert in the paranormal and afterlife.

Linda Summer - Writer's Beware!

linda summer

Linda has a way with words and is a dedicated journalist and publisher. Linda is a dedicated researcher and has an Interest in Shamanism. She has been involved in Paranormal research for many years and brings her wealth of experience and knowledge to Paranormal Daily News. 

Susan Tieman - Creative Genious

susan tiemann

Susan is the creative type, editor and the voice of reason. She keeps all in order and makes sure Jock get’s his stuff done.

Amanda Jolliffe - aka - Spooky Moo

Amanda Jollife

is a dedicated medium, paranormal researcher and spooky sleuth. She has no time for pomp and circumstance and takes a scientific approach to the paranormal offering an unbiased realism to phenomena. You won’t pull the wool over this spooky moo!

Sandra Dedeyenne - Language and The Psyche Is Her Forte

is a Journalist based in the United Kingdom who has a passion for all things paranormal and enjoys researching and writing about paranormal topics..

Leo Bonomo - Medium, Author and General Bald Genious

leo bonomo

Leo Bonomo is an Author, Medium and Radio show host. He has been a close friend to Jock over the years and is also the UK Director of the ISSMPI.

Connor Gossel- Historian Who Can't Get Enough Haunted

haunted historian

I have been venturing across the country exploring some of the most paranormally active destinations in the United States for the past seven years. During that time, I graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in political science and history, and I began my career as a public relations coordinator for a large marketing firm in Ohio. My passion for history, writing, and exploration lead me to create Instagram’s @haunted_historian account in late 2018 in an effort to share the hauntings and evidence of believers across the globe. Since creating the page, I have been afforded the opportunity to work with numerous production companies, haunted attractions, social influencers, and paranormal teams. Now, I am eager to begin the next chapter of my journey with the supernatural by writing for Paranormal News Daily as a haunted homes columnist. Through the stories I tell with PND, I hope to be able to open the public’s eyes to the haunted history that lurks in every quiet town and every bustling city throughout the world.