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Jock Brocas is the Editor of Paranormal Daily News.  The author of “Deadly Departed” and a renowned evidential medium and spirit interventionist. He is also the president of the former ASSMPI, now the ISSMPI, and an active paranormal and afterlife researcher. His work has been featured in global media and he is often asked to speak as an expert in the paranormal and afterlife.

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Kevin Milsom

Kevin J Millsom (AKA – STEED) With a sharp wit and an even sharper pen, Kevin is a dedicated paranormal historian, journalist and researcher into the unknown. He brings a certain English gentry flair to PDN and has a no nonsense approach to the paranormal.

Amanda Jollife

Amanda Jolliffe (AKA Purdey or spooky moo) is a dedicated medium, paranormal researcher and spooky sleuth. She has no time for pomp and circumstance and takes a scientific approach to the paranormal offering an unbiased realism to phenomena. You won’t pull the wool over this spooky moo!

 Sandra Dedeyenne is a Journalist based in the United Kingdom who has a passion for all things paranormal and enjoys researching and writing about paranormal topics..

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