"Everything is energy - both seen and unseen"

This book has the information and wisdom that you need to change all aspects of your life. 

clear spirit energy clearing


The Life Changing Power of ENERGY CLEARING

Clear your home, your office, your environment and you

Joannes new book is the culmination of over 30 years study into spirituality, energy healing and personal development. In this book you will learn how to use the power of energy clearing in your life, and the amazing benefits that can be reaped by using the power of clearing energy within yourself and your environment.

This book contains a plethora of information, lessons and exercises to help you take control of your energy and your life.


clear spirit energy clearing
clear spirit energy clearing

Chapters covered

  • Why Does My Home Feel So Un-homely?
  • What Are Thoughts Made Of?
  • Energy Patterns and Thought Forms
  • Energetic Atmospheric Mix
  • Babies and Small Children
  • Teenagers
  • Adults
  • Pets
  • Sensitivity to Energy
  • Rental Properties and House History
  • Low Energy and Negative Patterns
  • Furniture and Objects Hold Frequency
  • Shove What You No Longer Love
  • Twenty-One and Not Having Fun
  • Ghosts and Spirits
  • Earthbound Spirits
  • Visiting Spirits
  • Spirit Attachments
  • Paranormal Encounter
  • Residual Energy
  • Feel the Vibes
  • House Memories
  • Land Memory
  • Why Do I feel So Strange?
  • Technological Overload
  • Possible EMF Interference
  • Geopathic Stress (Earth Energies)
  • The Surrounding Area
  • Cosmic Influence
  • Other People’s Energies
  • Negative Focused Thought
  • Negative Intent/Curses
  • Olgar Worrall – I Refuse to Hurt Them

We Are Spiritual and Energetic Beings

Our Spiritual and Energetic Anatomy

Our Energy Bodies and Auric Fields

First Energy Body/Field: The Etheric Body

Second Energy Body/Field: The Emotional Body

Third Energy Body/Field: The Mental Body

Fourth Energy Body/Auric Field: The Astral Body

Fifth Energy Body/Auric Field: The Spiritual Pattern Body

Sixth Energy Body/Auric Field: The Cosmic Body

Seventh Energy Body/Auric Field: The Causal Body

Energy Exchanges

The Chakra System

The Root/Base Chakra

  • The Sacral Plexus Chakra
  • The Solar Plexus Chakra
  • The Heart Chakra
  • The Throat Chakra
  • The Third Eye Chakra
  • The Crown Chakra
  • The House Anatomy
  • The Etheric Aspect of the Property
  • Foundation and Structure
  • The Emotional Aspect of the Property
  • The Mental Aspect of the Property
  • The Spiritual Heart/Soul Aspect of the Property
  • The Spiritual Creative Aspect of the Property
  • The Spiritual Celestial Aspect of the Property
  • The Spiritual Guardian of the Property
  • Prayer of Spiritual Protection
  • Color Resonance within the Home Environment
  • Red Tones: Action. Success. Passion. Chemistry
  • Orange Tones: Creativity. Feelings. Joy. Movement
  • Yellow Tones: Intellect. Confidence. Will Power. Motivation
  • Green Tones: Harmony. Abundance. Giving/Receiving. Unconditional Love
  • Blue Tones: Strength. Healing. Truth. Protection
  • Indigo Tones: Intuition. Manifestation. Imagination. Relaxation
  • Violet Tones: Wisdom. Transformation. Connection. Destiny
  • White: Purification. Protection. Peace
  • Black: Mystery. Power. Grounding

Part Two: Plugging In – Creative Clearing Power

  • The Power of Prayer
  • Faith and Trust
  • Prayer Changes Things
  • How Prayer Works
  • Human Interference with Prayer Power
  • How to Pray Powerful Prayers
  • Alignment with Love Prayer Treatment
  • Intuitive Nature
  • Intuitive Clearing Prayer
  • Spiritual Co-Creative Assistance
  • The Divine Light Clearing Team
  • How Your Divine Light Clearing Team Can Help You
  • Seven Cosmic Forces of Divine Light
  • How to Connect with Your Divine Light Clearing Team
  • Prepare Your Energy Exercise
  • Dowsing
  • Radiesthesia
  • Energy Measurement Scales and Charts
  • The Bovis Scale
  • The Pendulum
  • Pendulum Movements
  • Connect with your Pendulum
  • Establish a Yes Movement
  • Establish a No Movement
  • Energy Clearing Movement
  • Energy Harmonizing Movement
  • Using a Pendulum to Measure Energy
  • Part Three: Energy Clearing Solutions (Steps and Protocols)
  • House Energy Clearing Treatment
  • House Energy Clearing Steps
  • House Energy Clearing Protocol



  • Distance House Energy Clearing Treatment
  • Distance House Energy Clearing Protocol (Long Version)
  • Distance House Energy Clearing Protocol (Short Version)
  • Financial Karma
  • Relationship Karma
  • Two Distance Business Energy Clearing Treatments
  • Distance Business Energy Clearing Protocol
  • Distance Business Premises Energy Clearing Protocol
  • Creative Visualization Energy Technique to Support a Sale of a Property
  • Creative Exercise to Help Sell Your Property
  • Personal Energy Clearing Treatment (Self and Others) 
  • Personal Energy Clearing Steps (Self and Others) 
  • Personal Energy Clearing Protocol (Self or Another) 
  • Distance Treatments for Children
  • Distance Energy Clearing Protocol for Children 
  • Distance Treatments for Pets 
  • Distance Energy Clearing Protocol for Pets 
  • Other Kinds of Energy Clearings
  • Clear the Energy of Your Car (Three Steps) 
  • Clear the Energy of Your Hotel Room (Two Steps)
  • Clear the Energy of Your Flight (Two Steps)
  • Clear the Energy of Your Marriage/Relationship (Two Steps)
  • Clear the Energy of Your Dentist/Doctor/Hospital Appointment (Two Steps)
  • Clear the Energy of a Court Case (Two Steps)  

Clear the Energy of Your Financial Flow (Two Steps) 

Wings Not Weeds





Joanne Brocas is a renowned spiritual teacher, author and educator. Her books have been published globally. Joanne has over 30 years experiences in healing, intuition and working with energy.

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Endorsements For Clear Spirit


“If you want to understand various forms of energy, Joanne has done an excellent job of explaining them. She has expanded upon the phrase, energy follows thought!”
Raymon Grace
Raymon Grace
“Joanne Brocas has done a wonderful job explaining how we become energetically imbalanced and what we can do to return back to harmony and joy.”
brad Paranormal Daily News
Dr Bradley Nelson
“Joanne Brocas will help anyone to understand and invoke angelic intercession and draw closer to the transcendent.”
larry 150x150 1 Paranormal Daily News
Doctor Larry Dossey


clear spirit energy clearing



A beautiful hard back book that is invaluable for those who wish to learn the life changing power of energy clearing for mind, body and soul.

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