deadly departed afterlife book

Deadly Departed:

The Do's, Don'ts and Dangers of Afterlife Communication. A ground breaking afterlife book.

Why This Book

deadly departed afterlife book

This book differs from most in terms of its structure and unlike most other afterlife books, it is alive, it has its own soul. This means that it will never be finished and will always be added to because it has its own life and growth is continuing as knowledge and wisdom is given. It is written and structured in a way to allow a quick reference guide to mediums, professionals, paranormalists and spiritual seekers. It is a book those professionals and developing mediums should continually refer that to as it evolves. I hope it becomes a great educational resource that helps many people and those on the spiritual path. It covers every conceivable avenue of mediumship and Identifies the afterlife dangers that are lurking in the afterlife, paranormal and research. It is a guide to help the developing medium prepare for a life in service to spirit. In short, it is a spiritual journey and a spiritual guide.

Know More About This Book

Renowned evidential medium and spirit interventionist, Jock Brocas shares of lifetime of wisdom, experience and knowledge of the realms of the departed and how to safely interact with them. this book is sure to be a classic on the shelves of every spiritualist, seeker and practitioner.

Belief in the afterlife has reached a level of public acceptance never before seen in modern times. This brings with it a sense of unreality that anything paranormal must also be benign. Jock Brocas is known throughout the world as someone who fully understands the dark and the light of various realms. A gifted medium, his respect for what that entails has guided his desire to assure the safety of those who wish to develop their gifts. There is much to be learned from a positive connection with loved ones and spirits who have passed. However, just as this world is filled with hazards so are the other realms. People are careful to lock the doors to their homes, yet they are loath to protect themselves when they explore the neighborhoods of consciousness.

About Author

Jock Brocas is an evidential medium and paranormal researcher with decades of experience in afterlife communication and spiritual growth. Jock is also the founder and editor in chief of ‘Paranormal Daily News, which is fast becoming the go to magazine for real paranormal news with a scientific understanding.

jock brocas deadly departed

What People Think About This Book

deadly departed afterlife book


Jock Brocas has provided an intricate guide in this book forprofessional mediums, developing mediums and prospective mediums alike to alert them to the important responsibilitiesthey have toward their clients during the demonstration of their mediumship.…This book is important to all mediums and potential mediums that are serious about avoiding the dangerous pitfalls that confront them in the demonstration and practice of their Mediumship.–Robin FoyPsychic Researcher, The Scole Experiment.