Fantastic real, paranormal photographs.

Real Paranormal Photos.

Authentic untouched picture of my grandfather's spirit with verifiable evidence.
real paranormal photos

Real paranormal photos are what we all really want to see and In this article you will see a verifiable real paranormal photograph. Some paranormal photos are amazing for all kinds of reasons. Some supernatural ones can come into the realms of horror. Others are quite beautiful and touching. This is one very rare photo of a loved one from the other side of life watching over his grand children. Leo’s grandad had previously passed years before.

Paranormal Photographs: The paranormal picture alters

People can come up with all sorts of claimed evidence – good or otherwise. The grandfather can clearly be seen, and is clearly the same gentleman, and there is a copy photograph of his tomb. I am now 62 years of age. I want to show you a real paranormal photograph that is real and unusual for all kinds of reasons. There was, many years ago, a horror film in which after people passed away, they were added to a painting, this has an element of that.

Paranormal Photographs

The paranormal picture has the quality mentioned above (that more and more appears in it) in that the enlarged one on my wall shows more and more characters. That the original does not. I will say that there are currently fifteen additions. This includes animals.

Evidence In Real Paranormal Photos

I am the little boy in the picture. My elder sister is in it. It shows our garden in Forest Gate, London and on our right is a fir tree. It eventually grew over thirty feet tall. In the picture there appears my grandfather. The evidence is hard to fault. I have added two further pictures one is of myself around fifteen it shows the same bone structure and the other is of how I presently look.

At this point I have to say that my birth certificate shows February 1957. All my medical records stem from there even though many say I don’t look my age. That you would have to consider yourself. I do not say this out of ego but if you are going to apply a logical mind to this it is as important as my claiming to be much older if the purpose fitted.

No Photoshop

The original picture is of course of the age. My grandfather passed away fairly young, being only fifty-eight when he passed. As can clearly be seen it is definitely the same person. This is an original, untouched photograph. It is sometimes said of course that in older pictures there could be someone who walked into the picture, and moved a few minutes or seconds after. The evidence of my grandfather’s passing, clearly on the tomb and my birth certificate firmly discounts that happening. The original photograph is intact, and shows exactly the same image.

And Grandmother too.

Many have seen more on the original. A good friend of mine, also a medium, noted a woman standing to my Grandfather’s left. When I presented a number of pictures and no other information they immediately pointed and stated that “is the person I can see” This person was actually my grandmother. Somewhat confirming that A, she was with him in spirit (which we knew) and B, the two definitely had a connection.


It would be nice to have some thoughts on this unusual picture. One last thing. The picture is in a book written by spirit. When the picture was sent for publication it had arrived in “its original image” However, when it was sent to the printers it had again changed… The changed copy is in my book called Summerland.

I hope you find this intriguing. Should you wish to copy this picture you will need my permission.

real paranormal photograph
Myself, my elder sister and grandfather.
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Grandfather’s Tomb
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Leo at 17 years of age.

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