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After Life

A raney/dave Investigation

Why This After Life Book

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After Life is the second book in the award-winning Raney/Daye Investigation series, following a skeptical retired police detective, Nate Raney—who denies having a near-death experience—and an anthropology professor, Dr. Jennifer Daye—who moonlights as a parapsychologist. They team up to apply their expertise to cases with a paranormal twist.

Know More About This After Life Investigation

In After Life, Nate and Jennifer conduct an investigation involving a young boy, Danny, who has apparently befriended the ghost of a woman who used to own the old farmhouse his family is now living in. She died as a consequence of a botched bank robbery fifteen years earlier and has a million dollar secret some people are willing to do anything to find out.

The thing is, she can’t remember where she hid the loot before she died. But that’s not going to stop her old partners from using Danny to get her to tell them where it is—unless Raney and Daye can stop them and save the boy… with a little ghostly help, that is.

About The Authors

The Raney/Daye Investigation Book Series was born of a collaboration between the writing team of Arnold Rudnick, Rich Hosek and parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach, based on Loyd’s life and work investigating the paranormal. The characters were first brought to life in a screenplay authored by the trio which became the book Near Deathand now exist in a series of novels that explore various paranormal phenomena through the cases investigated by Det. Nate Raney and Dr. Jennifer Daye in a way that will make you believe in life after death.

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What People Think About After Life Book

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“This story is inspired by the case that made me believe in ghosts.”

—Loyd Auerbach, MS, Director of the Office of Paranormal Investigations, President of the Forever Family Foundation.