Spirit Walker Stories and Other Paranormal Explorations

Spirit Walker Stories and Other Paranormal Explorations

As an esoteric wisdom teacher and someone who works, breathes, and lives with one foot firmly grounded on the earth plane and the other just as firmly set in spirit world, I thought I should begin by introducing you to my work.
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As an esoteric wisdom teacher and someone who works, breathes and lives with one foot firmly grounded on the earth plane and the other just as firmly set in the spirit world, I thought I should begin by introducing you to my work.

As an author, I've written six books, two of them are on the subject of the paranormal, being Spirits of New Orleans: Voodoo Curses, Vampire Legends and Cities of the Dead and Ghosthunting North Carolina.

I'm known as 'Your Travel Guide to the Other Side' as the body of my work is focused on metaphysical abilities, wisdom teachings and how to live your best spiritual life here on earth, including seeing auras, developing your psychic ability, interpreting dreams and discovering the hidden wisdom within you.

The publisher of my two paranormal books created this series called America's Haunted Road Trip (AdventureKeen/Clerisy Press). They asked authors who live in each state of the US to write about the haunted history in these states and in some cases, prominent haunted cities. I grew up in Louisiana and later lived in North Carolina as an adult, so it was my great pleasure to share the incredible haunted history of both places. The books are travel guides to publicly accessible haunted sites so that you can visit each one to see what supernatural experiences you may encounter.

I visited each location to see what I would experience as a psychic medium and I reported my encounters in the books. In some locations, I didn't experience any paranormal activity while there and I reported that too. I think it's just as important to share this information when doing paranormal research, as a place could have activity, but this doesn't mean that the activity is there 24/7. There are a lot of variables in each situation, including but not limited to; does activity pick up when certain people are present, does the weather or season or time of day or night play a factor, or is activity connected to a specific date like an anniversary. Spirits, like people on earth, have other things to do and they come and go just like we do.

My journey with spirits began at an early age when I became aware of my supernatural abilities by having dreams that would come true. I would share these dreams with my parents and they would note their accuracy and discuss. As I became a bit older, around eight or nine, I was able to share more details about the dreams and this is when my parents began to pay attention, as I was now predicting future events about people and situations that were part of their lives.

The dream that was life-changing for me and for them was when I dreamt that my grandfather was about to pass away and when I awoke from this dream in the middle of the night. I could still feel this physical death experience happening to him as I had while dreaming. This was what I would later come to understand as being an Empath, having the ability to connect to others energetically in this form. As I ran to wake my parents so they could go help my grandfather, I could feel the physical pain he was experiencing. It's one of those moments you never forget.

It was a very troubling experience for me in many ways, losing my grandfather was the first death of someone that I was very close to, which was devastating. Along with that, I would find this beyond frustrating that I could feel someone's illness or sadness as am Empath, but many times there was little I could do to help them in their situation.

During this time, my great grandmother visited me in spirit before his passing, preparing me for the abilities that were coming through for me. I wish I had been older and had the ability to discuss with her what I was seeing with my grandfather, for now I realize she had probably been visiting him all of this time too, preparing him for when he would cross over. I had wanted to discuss her visit with my grandfather, but after a psychometry experience where I held some of my grandmother's jewelry and shared the stories of what she had been doing while wearing the jewelry, I was asked to no longer discuss these things. So I had shied away from discussing most of what I saw and experienced supernaturally with the family anymore.

Once my grandfather crossed over, she informed me that I would be doing the work she did and much more, and that it had been in the family for ages. The most interesting thing I found when she visited me was that she spoke in French the entire time. This is when I realized that people in spirit communicate telepathically with energy, images, and impressions and that there is no language barrier when communicating in this manner. I could understand her as if she was speaking to me in English.

My journey as a 'spirit walker', which is what my mother referred to me as, a person who travels back and forth between the earth plane and the spirit world, was active since my childhood. I came back remembering past lives and I would share these stories with my parents. I would spend a great amount of time in the local library checking out books on mythology and haunted history and then would proceed to 'edit' these books, explaining how they were wrong in many ways. My journey as a wisdom teacher began early in this form. At the age of twelve, I went to my mother and declared that I was ready to begin my formal studies in Astrology again and she agreed and encouraged me. The next year at age thirteen, I went to her again and explained that I was ready to study the Tarot and she bought me my first deck of cards and found a teacher for me. I was so fortunate to have a mother who understood and encouraged my journey. I think by this time my mother had realized it was a huge part of my life and who I was, so she didn't want to stop it.

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Louisiana Bayou

Around this time, my mother and my grandmother had taken me with them one day when they drove to a lady's home where I had never been before. The home was in the country near the bayou where we lived in Louisiana. It was a beautiful two-story clapboard structure, painted white with a wraparound porch and black shutters. Outside the home stood several big oak trees and under one of these trees, there was a rope swing with a slat of wood for the seat. My mother explained that she and my grandmother were going inside this home to talk to the lady who lived there and that I needed to stay outside and sit on the rope swing. I sat on the swing, enjoying the peaceful feeling that surrounded this property. The sun was shining, birds were singing and there was a cool breeze blowing steadily. It was easy to wait here and I enjoyed my time on the swing.

About an hour later my mother and grandmother appeared back on the front porch and I saw the lady behind them waving goodbye. She and I looked at each other and I saw her aura, which I had been able to do with everyone for as long as I could remember. I also saw someone in spirit standing next to her. Her aura was glowing and it felt familiar to me. I waved to her and she was staring just as intently at me and waved back.

In the car on the way back to my grandmother's house, my mother and grandmother were trying to speak as adults do, in code, that they think children won't pick up on. Growing frustrated with their strained conversation and the tension it created that I was feeling as an empath, I spoke in my sweet southern Louisiana voice and said to my mother,

"I know y'all went to have a psychic reading with that lady and that she told you about what's coming for you. I agree with her, as I've seen the same thing and it will scary at first and then it will be ok".

Well suffice to say, my family was used to hearing about my prophetic dreams, but not as much about how psychic I was on a daily basis. The psychometry jewelry experience had given them a small hint of things to come, but me knowing what they had discussed inside the home with the lady, changed how they perceived what I knew and could know. Let's just say it put a strain on the relationship between my mother and I as she had a lot of things going on in her life at that time.

It was at this point in my journey that I began to understand discernment and how important it was not to share too much with people when they weren't ready to hear or face certain situations. My frustration grew again. Now that I was old enough to understand how difficult life is many times for people and while I could see what they were experiencing, I didn't know yet how to help them. It was during these early times that I believe is what set the tone for me to study and then become an esoteric wisdom teacher. I didn't want to just be a psychic and see things for people (give a man a fish and he eats for a day), I wanted to teach them what I knew, about discernment and energy bodies and how the aura fluctuates with our thoughts and emotions and how what we think and feel, affects our daily lives. I wanted to explain how to connect with the wisdom within our soul, and from the Akashic records and higher soul and how we are intuitive creators (teach a man to fish and he eats forever).

This is how my journey began in this lifetime. In future articles, I'll share how it's all culminated and led me to what I do today as a I teach, write and offer consultations to help people on their path.

Kala Ambrose
author Kala Ambrose

It's wonderful to connect with you here. I hope you'll join me again here soon. Next time I'll share what happened to me when visiting the spiritual planes this year at Halloween and into the next day, which the Catholics refer to as All Soul's Day. It certainly was for me!

Yours in exploring life's deeper mysteries,

Your Travel Guide to the Other Side

Kala Ambrose

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