Spectre Detectors Investigate 30 East Drive, Britain's Most Haunted House

Spectre Detectors Investigate 30 East Drive, Britain’s Most Haunted House

North East Paranormal Investigators 'Spectre Detectors' investigate Britain's most haunted house.
spectre detectors

30 East Drive has been investigated many, many times and has even been featured on ‘Most Haunted’. Books have been published about it and a film was released called ‘when the lights went out’ based on the activity in the Haunted house.

The date was set for April 2018. We were going to leave no stone UN-turned! If there is a poltergeist in the house, we will try our best to film it. We arrived at 6 pm, just as Claire was returning home. She came and gave us the key, and told us some of the history and stories of the house.

On entering the house, it was a lot smaller than I thought it would be. As you enter the back door there is a toilet and the coal bunker on the right. ‘ a small outhouse after that. Whilst we were in the outhouse, Jo started to smell stale alcohol, not long after I smelled exactly the same. We also smelled cigarette smoke, and Shayna smelled blood – like a woman on her period.

Back down the small corridor, you end up in the kitchen and dining room. Then, a double door led the way to the living room. From both the kitchen and the living room you can access the passage that leads to the front door (that opens itself) and up the staircase. The staircase then goes to the left. There was a bathroom on the right (where Joe died) and three bedrooms.

One large bedroom contained a a single bed, a chest of old drawers and a single bed. A Beatles and Osmond poster embellished the wall. Then there was the main bedroom, with mirrored wardrobes, a double bed, dressing table and creepy dolls. Norah is on the right, with a note attached and a rag-doll type on the Left. Victoria the large doll, is stood in the corner near the bed.

We started a live feed video, so that people could see the house before we set up the cameras. We set up CCTV in every room except the outhouse, that has all of the evidence that people have caught displayed on the walls, and the toilets. We went upstairs to set up one of the push chairs from the bedroom that is supposed to get pushed down the stairs.

Haunted House
Most Haunted House

As we were coming downstairs, I turned the corner to go down the passage and was violently poked in the side. It really did unnerve me, since it was very painful. Naturally, I was quite jumpy after that.

We started off in the living room, and as we were sat getting a feel for the room, I felt sadness in the room, but I didn’t know why. The house just seemed quite sad, even the decor made it look miserable.

haunted house
Haunted House

Lorraine was picking up pain in her left wrist and Hannah was feeling pressure at the back of her head. I was also picking up pressure on my head. Dean said that he got the same feeling but only if he stood up. I was also started to get an ache in my left leg. All of these feelings were very random but at least we were starting to link with the spirits of the house. I saw a big black orb pass by close to the ceiling, above everyone’s head where the double doors were.

We started to prepare to do a live feed portal session, in the hope that the watchers could let us know what they were heading, as it is not easy to hear when you are in the room. We were just having a chat before going live and Shayna started to get a dull head behind her left eye. She also mentioned that when she went near the toilet and coal shed, she got stomach pains. I told her that I had a stomach ache now, something like period cramps, which fits with what Shayna was smelling in the outhouse but at this point we had no idea why.

I saw a shadow figure walk in front of the curtain behind Shayna. Dean said that he had seen someone next between Shayna and I. At this point, Jo started to panic and swapped chairs with Hannah as she did not want to be on the end.

Shayna also started to get a stomach ache. I asked the group if they were getting anything else before we would start with the portal session. Hannah was aware of someone watching through the dining room doors, and Lorraine said she felt nervous. Lesley also said that she was aware of someone looking through the dining room doors.

We started the live feed and turned on the portal

The portal is a device used with the spirit box. It allows spirits to communicate with us. A lady said my name in full, which has never happened before. It said that there were 7 spirits in the house and gave us the name Phillip. I asked if it was the land or the building that has the spirits attached to it and it said the land.

Hannah mentioned that there is something old on the land and it was picking up paganism. She felt that it was possibly a monastery. We heard a loud bang coming from upstairs.Before heading upstairs, we did a mini vigil in the passage outside the toilet and coal bunker.

We turned on the portal. It said the name Mike and told us to go. It also said that there was a spirit in the coal bunker. We decided to end the session and start to make our way upstairs, as we have promised a live feed.

From there we went into the second bedroom (with the dolls) and did a live portal session. But as we climbed the stairs Hannah's leg was grabbed. Dean started to get a heavy chest as we were walking up the stairs. We turned on the portal. It said Richard, Dean (one of the group), Fred and go get help.

Lorraine mentioned she felt like someone’s resting a hand on the bottom of her neck. Lesley had the same feeling on hers. The portal said "protected". It also said "here, monsters and evil here". We could hear someone knocking in the passage. Hannah said that there was someone on the landing.

Whilst we were still live, we moved to the landing and asked spirit to open the bedroom door. Everyone was feeling really hot, burning up even. It would not do it live, but as soon as I stopped recording it opened the door.

From there we had a break, we had all taken something to eat and had a massive buffet! As we were eating, we were watching the CCTV. Both of the cameras on the staircase (one at the top and one at the bottom) were moving. The one at the top was being shook quite aggressively. We put the table in the living room with the bear on the top, ready for another live feed.

During the live feed, I scanned down to look at the table legs. Someone noticed that Lesley lace on her trainers was being tugged. We would have missed this if we hadn’t gone live. And when I asked the spirit to do it again, it did. We started to sing, just to lift the vibration as it helps the table to move. The table was moving, starting to lean over towards some of the group. We did another portal session. It said "Leave no, Brian, A monastery, Lizzie, Phil, Hannah (one of the team), and Joseph (who had passed away in the house)".

We turn the portal off, and from here we carried on being live and went up into bedroom number one.

Something was touching my head, and Shayna’s hair was moving. I also had my leg touched and what felt like a cat rubbing up against it. When we reviewed the footage, we had captured a black cat on the back of one of the chairs. I noted that the air was really thick and is dense. Darkness followed wherever I looked. I knew we were in dark room but it was especially dark over by the CCTV camera. I notice the CCTV cameras moved while facing the ceiling.

Lesley moves it back and noted the tapes had come off. They had been secured with duct tape.

As we were leaving, there was a knocking on the old TV in the room and on the chest of drawers. I started to freak out because I was the last one in the room with Lorraine just in front of me. We were doing a rugby scrum trying to make our way out and nearly pushed poor Hannah down the stairs. From there we had another break, before going back upstairs. We decided that we should split into two groups.

As we were leaving the kitchen, and the lights were still on, little did we know that we had caught on EVP on one of handy cams. I was saying that we would need two with us as we were splitting up and a man whispered no. Jo, Dean, Lesley and Lorraine went into Bedroom three and Hannah, Bev, Shayna and I went into bedroom 2.

Dean felt his legs turning to jelly when he was in Bedroom three (Diane's bedroom). They had heard a few taps but nothing was caught on tape. Whist we were in bedroom two (Jean and Joe Pritchard's room). We started to do some calling out in the hope of catching something on handy-cam or voice recorder. Shayna picked up the name Josie and we heard a thump in the corner. Unfortunately, it wasn’t picked up on handy-cam.

Hannah had a vision of a man looking very sinister with a grin on his face. Shayna also got the name Madeline and I asked if she got called Maddie. Hannah asked the question ‘when was the monastery here?’ and Shayna answered 1500 but in a very weird voice. She felt that it was the voice of Madeline. Shayna also has a pain in her head on the right hand side.

We had caught Shayna's voice on handy-cam, and it does sound like a little girl's voice. And when we talked about it, there were two orbs around her.

Hannah was aware of a dark presence upstairs with us. Shayna was shown what she believes to be the monastery, it had a mosaic floor in blue and white colours.

Hannah and Bev commented on my reflection in the mirror, stating it did not look like me, and to be honest I wasn’t keen to look. I avoided the mirrors all night.

I started to talk about Andrea and Hannah that were supposed to join us that night, but for personal reasons could not make it. I felt that there was a reason that they were not destined to join us, maybe Hannah was too young and would get scared.

From there we swapped.

When we went into the small bedroom, I did not feel as scared as I had in the other room, even though it was meant to be really active. Shayna got the name Emily, and had a pain in her foot. Hannah started to pick up next door and felt that an entity stood behind the door in their small bedroom. I started to get a sore throat.

We decided to go back into bedroom one and do some calling out and photography. Lesley commented on how cold it was in the room, as soon as she opened the door. I started to feel sick. Lesley thought that the CCTV camera had been moved again. I started to pick up on someone with a bad knee, but Lesley thought that I was picking up her symptoms. I felt a very light hand on my shoulder blade, like someone was just gently resting their hand on it. Lorraine had felt that earlier in the night.

When we got up to leave again, the knocking started again on the TV and drawers. Dean thought it was a dodgy floorboard making things move and causing the knocking but we both walked around the room again and could not get it to knock. The group had gone downstairs before us, as we were trying to debunk the thud. And whilst we were going back down to join them, the other group were near the baby monitor and caught a man sighing. From there we decided to investigate the final part of the house.

Dean, Lesley, Jo and Lorraine went into the bunker and the rest of us went into the outhouse. Dean's group gave up and our group went into the bunker. Before we started putting the equipment away, we decided to have another cuppa and some food. As we were sat in the living room chatting about the evening, things were still happening in the house. The end fell off the portal and banged on the floor, after the lead from the spirit box started to swing after a bang. There were bangs coming from the kitchen/corridor area and Hannah's medicine bag went missing. It eventually turned up in Lesley's bag.

I also kept seeing a dark figure in the passage passing by the glass door. I have to say, I thought the house might be all hype, with it having a film made about it – and it being investigated so many times over the years – but, I have to say, this house had me on tender-hooks almost immediately. There were knocks, crashes, bangs, footsteps, cameras being moved, doors opening on their own and a dark mass that kept coming and going at the top of the stairs.

Did the pushchair move on its own? No. Did the doll get launched? No. But we got some amazing EVP caught on handy-cam and voice recorder and the portal was amazing! We got some brilliant spirit photography and we caught a full bodied apparition on CCTV in the living room, moving from the door leading to the hallway and walking past the double doors towards the curtains, and as far as I know we are the only group that has caught anything like that.

We all had our own personal experiences too, from hearing sighing and breathing to being poked and grabbed.

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A face caught in the bedroom

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