NAZIS and The Occult - Why The Nazi Regime Was Fascinated By The Paranormal

NAZIS and The Occult – Why The Nazi Regime Was Fascinated By The Paranormal

A Fascinating look into the History and Relationship of the Occult and The Nazi Regime.
nazis and the paranormal
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The fact that the Nazi regime was fascinated by the paranormal is no secret. The relationship between nazis and the occult has been widely described in online journals, books, and even movies. But why was the regime so fascinated by the paranormal? In this article, we look for answers.

Where Did This Interest In The Paranormal Come From?

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Paranormal Interest

The interest in the paranormal was rampant between the 1920's and the 1940's. However, it started much earlier than that. Monsters such as Hitler and Goebbels were said to have grown up during a time where Germany and Austria experienced a flourish in supernatural thinking. As such, this could have been an explanation for the interest of the Nazi and occult practices within the regime.

The Nazis and The Occult – Real Evidence

Various books and movies have been released on the subject, so it can be difficult to determine the exact origins. However, a book written by Eric Kurlander at Yale University put the ties between the paranormal and the Nazi regime once and for all.

According to Kurlander, the Nazi regime was obsessed with the paranormal, leading to research and money being attributed to mystical, occult and pseudo-scientific investigation. In his book, Kurlander states that "no political movement drew as consciously or consistently as the Nazis on what I call the 'supernatural imaginary' – occultism and 'border science', pagan, New Age and Eastern Religions, folklore, mythology and many other supernatural doctrines."

The Centre Of The Occult Obsession

Certain people in the Nazi regime were more obsessed by the occult than others. One in particular was Himmler and his SS, a fact that is widely known and has been reported upon in various documentaries. However, Hitler himself dabbled in the occult. Writing describe how Hitler read books on magic, with a clear obsession for the so-called deathray. These facts have also been described in Kurlander's book.

Other prominent people within the Nazi regime are said to be obsessed with occult and pseudo-science. Goebbels was fascinated by Nostradamus and would read his works regularly. Hess, on the other hand, had a fascination with herbalism and even had his own astrologer.

Looking For The Deathray

One could argue that the interest of the Nazi regime in the occult was very much about world domination. One of the facts that seems to support this theory is the Nazi's extensive search of the so-called deathray.

When Hitler was elected at the Chancellor of Germany, he hired someone to search for the so-called deathray. Hitler would also write about a book called "Magic: Theory, History, Practice". He would underline passages such as "He who does not carry demonic seeds within him will never give birth to a new world". This again supports the motive that the interest in the occult was in a bid to create a new world, no matter how hateful that world may have been if they had succeeded.

Biodynamic Agriculture

World domination was certainly a factor when it comes to the relationship between the occult and the Nazi regime, but I do not believe it was the only factor. One idea specifically points to the Nazi regime using occultism as a basis for their new world, which would indicate the period after they obtained world domination.

Proof of that theory can be found in biodynamic agriculture. Biodynamic agriculture was basically an occult farming idea, which would provide a "harmony between blood, soil and cosmos". While the details on that idea mostly got lost, it does seem to prove that the occult would have played a major role if the Nazi's succeeded in their bid for world domination.

The World Ice Theory ("Welteislehre")

When mentioning the Nazi regime and the paranormal, we cannot forget to mention the so-called World Ice Theory, a concept proposed by one Hanns Hörbiger, an Austrian inventor. According to his vision, ice played an important role in all the processes of the cosmos as well as the development of the universe. However, the theory has been widely discredited.

Despite the fact that the theory held no water, the Nazi regime was obsessed with the World Ice Theory. In fact, the theory was even used to promote the Nazi's obsession with Nordic blood and heritage. In the statement, the reference to Cosmic Ice all comes back to the World Ice Theory.

"Our Nordic ancestors grew strong in ice and snow; belief in the Cosmic Ice is consequently the natural heritage of Nordic Man."

The depraved obsession of the Nazi's to create the "perfect race" based on the World Ice Theory and Nordic forebears would later lead to human experiments and other depravities, which are undoubtedly the darkest moments of human history.

Human experiments were not limited to prisoners of war. There was also an experiment involving newborns, referred to as the Lebensborn program. The program consisted of unwed mothers who became pregnant after a visit from German soldiers. These soldiers were encouraged to father children on foreign soil. Once women became pregnant, they were transported to so-called safe houses.

Once the child was born, the child would be monitored to determine if it was "acceptable" according to Aryan standards. If the child did not meet the physical requirements, in other words did not appear to be an Aryan child, the child in question would be put in a concentration camp.

Super Soldier Program

You may think Captain America is pure fiction, but the Nazis actually attempted to create the super soldier; this after a long line of occult obsessions and research. Once again, the dark regime would attempt to create the super soldier through human experimentation, all based on a pseudo-science that had little bearing.

The goal of the Nazi regime was to create a soldier who would not require rest, but also soldiers who were aggressive and fearless. By using a drug called Pervitin, tested on university students, the Nazi regime created its version of the super soldier.

Pervitin was in fact a methamphetamine, which was allegedly distributed in the millions. There is some evidence that the pill was used in the Blitzkrieg and in many battles on French soil. However, the tablets were obviously addictive and eventually led to many German soldiers to drop dead on the battlefield. Even after the war had ended, many German soldiers still experienced the addiction coming from the "super soldier pill".

The Real Reason For The Obsession

World domination is the obvious choice when it comes to the reasons behind the obsession of the Nazi regime, but I believe the answer is much simpler than that. I believe that the occult simply gave the dark regime and excuse for the inhumane experiments, their warfare, and all other atrocities they were associated with.

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