Hanover Haunting

The Hanover Haunting Podcast With Tom And DeAnna

Hanover Haunting

Sometimes in our life, things happen that we never expected to happen. These experiences create lasting wounds that will follow you for the rest of your life. It's easy to dismiss the idea of ghosts until you become a victim. The same thing occurred to a lovely couple who wanted to live their life to the fullest but fell victim to a haunted home that ruined their lives, albeit — temporarily. Let's dive into the famous Hanover haunting.

Tom and DeAnna

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This is the narrative of Tom, Deanna, and their children. After they got married, the small apartment was not adequate for this big family. They chose to move into a large house to live their dreams and create lasting memories. They finally discovered the house of their dreams after a long and difficult search. Deanna became increasingly drawn to the house as she recalled childhood memories. Tom wasn't a big fan of the house, but he couldn't say no to Deanna, the love of his life. She pleaded with Tom to finalize the purchase of the home, and Tom eventually agreed. Finally, the day arrived when they moved into the house, but no one knew what was in store for them.

Moving Into the Haunted Home

Not wanting to waste time, they moved into the new house the following Monday. Sometimes the things that bring you happiness, can be a terrible omen. The couple noticed something was off on the first day. While DeAnna was unpacking, she felt as if something was watching her from the shadows. She looked around, in vain, and then went back to work. Everything appeared to be normal, but their sixth sense warned them that something was wrong. It is a natural rule that haunted locations gradually reveal themselves. On a typical day, Tom was in the kitchen when he saw a large scar on his palm that was not there a second before. It caused him to view everyday happenings with increased skepticism. Strange things were happening to both of them, but they felt it was an illusion and were hesitant to tell each other about it.

A Fateful Night

Tom and Dee were both watching TV in the living room one night. Dee became exhausted and needed to relax, so she began heading to her bedroom. Neither of them was prepared for what occurred next. On her way to the bedroom, Dee felt as if someone was following her, and the next thing she knew, she was being dragged onto the kitchen floor, and smashed her head on the kitchen table. She began weeping because she felt so defenseless. Tom dashed into the kitchen and discovered Dee sobbing on the floor. He attempted to question her, but she couldn't say anything. She shook with dread, sweating profusely. There were no words to convey what had happened; all he could do was console her. Dee clutched Tom like a scared kid and they both sat on the floor, struggling to process what had happened.

The Deer Sounds Off During The Hanover Haunting

The number of hauntings grew by the day. There were constantly new catastrophes to deal with. Amber, DeAnna's daughter, also complained of strange voices. She told her mother that she frequently heard the chattering of glasses in the kitchen and that the most astounding thing she heard was someone calling her name. But when she went to investigate, she found nothing.

One night, Tom and Dee were out, and Amber was busy reading a novel. Somewhere around 3 a.m., she became terrified after hearing sounds coming from Tom's room, which was locked. When Dee and Tom arrived home, they opened the room to check. Nobody was prepared for what they witnessed; the stag head was on the floor in the middle of the room. The previously mounted head had been pulled off the wall and placed on the floor by someone or something. But the room was locked, so how was that even possible?

hanover haunting

Wavy Dreams

It is said that lost spirits communicate with you in your dreams. Dee was visiting her neighbor's house one day when she stumbled upon a photograph of two men. She froze as a chilly wave ran down her spine. She stated the names of the men, even though she had never met in her life. Dee’s neighbor was perplexed as to how she knew them. Dee told her that she had seen them in her nightmares and that they had advised her to leave her house. When Tom and DeAnna looked into it, they discovered that the house belonged to those abusive guys who had died a long time ago. It became clear that these two restless souls were haunting their home.

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The Hanover Haunting Continued

Normally, people get frightened when they see a shadow of something strange or they might experience horrible things when they are alone on a scary night. But Tom, DeAnna and their children had terrifying experiences at their home during the day. They were even assaulted physically, which is unusual. When people are tormented to such an extent, their world is turned upside down. These kinds of tragedies must be examined to the point where victims can relate their stories in a safe atmosphere. Listen to Tom and Dee share their narrative if you want to experience the depth of their story.

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