The Most Haunted Homes In The World

The Most Haunted Homes In The World

If you are thinking about purchasing a new home, you might want to check this list first. Various homes around the world have an extensive history, sometimes even with their own resident spirit or reported hauntings. Of course, some homes around the world are known to be haunted homes, but which are the most haunted ones?

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Myrtles Plantation (United States)

Myrtles Plantation is undoubtedly one of the scariest haunted homes in the world. It achieved the dubious title of 'one of America's most haunted homes' and it is claimed that the home was built on an ancient Indian burial ground.

The rumor that the home is built on an Indian burial ground might not be the sole reason for the haunting. Local legend also states that ten murders took place in the house. Reported sightings include the ghost of a slave wearing a green turban, Sarah Woodruff and her children – who were former residents of the home – and William Winter who was allegedly shot on the front porch of the house.

The Ancient Ram Inn (United Kingdom)

We decided to include the Ancient Ram Inn in this overview because it still functions as a restaurant and hotel. Built in the 1100s, this house has quite the history. Guests have reported hearing screams in the middle of the night and furniture moving on its own. It is even claimed that the house was built on a Pagan burial ground, where children were sacrificed. There have also been reports by guests claiming they were pushed on the bed by a male demon.

The Monte Cristo Homestead (Australia)

The Monte Cristo Homestead may look picturesque from the outside, but there have been some strange and terrifying reports over the years. The Monte Cristo Homestead was the site where a baby was thrown down the stairs by something supernatural. Another boy got burned to death and a pregnant woman was pushed over the balcony by something. It is believed that this home is haunted by the former owners of the house, Christopher and Elizabeth Crawley.

Château de Brissac (France)

While a castle is a home that most of us could not afford, those who can may encounter this French castle situated in Maine-et-Loire. Nicknamed the 'Giant of the Loire Valley', this castle has its own private opera house and can seat a whopping 200 people. It was built by the Count of Anjou in the 11th century and has ties to King Louis XXIII.

The castle is no longer a home, but is currently functioning as a hotel. Reported ghosts are the Green Lady, which is claimed to be the bastard child of King Charles VII. She was murdered by her husband in the 15th century.

Casa Loma (Canada)

Casa Loma in Canada is not as old as some of the other haunted locations mentioned here, as it was only built in 1914. Nonetheless, the estate home is packed with secret passages throughout, which certainly adds more mystery to the stately home.

For years, there have been reports of hauntings at Casa Loma. One of the reported hauntings is that of the White Lady, who is believed to be one of the maids that worked at the home shortly after its construction. It is believed the maid lost her life alongside 60,000 other people in Toronto during the influenza crisis.

Another reported ghost in Casa Loma is believed to be that of Sir Henry Pellatt, the man who ordered the home to be built. It is believed his wife Mary also haunts the home.

Kehoe House (United States)

Built in 1892 for William and Anne Kehoe and their large family consisting of ten children, Kehoe House has quite a sad history. Shortly after starting to live in the house, several of the Kehoe children died.

Since 1992, Kehoe House has been transformed into a popular bed and breakfast. The bed and breakfast is certainly popular among ghost hunters, as several guests have reported hearing the sounds of children playing throughout the night, even though nobody was there.

The Winchester House (United States)

Many books have been written – as well as countless movies produced – about the Winchester House, its history, its unusual previous owners, and of course its ghosts. The stately Victorian home was built on behalf of Sarah Winchester shortly after the death of her husband, the rifle tycoon William Wirt Winchester.

Sarah believed that she was being haunted by spirits who were killed by the rifles her husband made and sold. To avoid the spirits, Sarah built a home that was filled with 47 staircases, 160 rooms, 10,000 window panes, and architectural marvels you would not find in any other home. Staircases reaching to the ceiling, but nowhere else, and even windows that lead to secret passages are a common occurence inside this home. Interestingly, the house was constantly changed and being worked on for 38 years. Construction only stopped when Sarah died of heart failure in 1922.

Reports of hauntings have been rampant for years. Visitors have claimed to have seen the wheelbarrow ghost, who is believed to be someone who worked at the house. Some also believe the home is haunted by Sarah Winchester herself.

Raynham Hall (United Kingdom)

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Haunted Homes

England has plenty of old homes with a lengthy history and one of them is Raynham Hall. It was built in 1637 and is currently a tourist attraction, as it is believe the home is being haunted by the so-called "Brown Lady of Raynham Hall". The Brown Lady is believed to be Lady Dorothy Walpole, the former owner of the home. A photographer from Country Life Magazine managed to capture her spirit on camera, which was later published in the 1936 edition of the magazine.

The Amityville House (United States)

The Amityville House is probably the home with the bloodiest history in this overview. In November 1974, Ronald Defeo Jr. shot six family members inside this house. He would later claim that an evil spirit caused him to commit the murders.

The weird history of the Amityville House did not stop with the murders committed by Ronald Defeo Jr. The year following the murders, the home was purchased by the Lutz family. As soon as they moved into the home, the Lutz family experienced severe paranormal activity. They found a hidden red room and doors slamming on their own.

Shortly after their arrival, the family requested that a priest bless the house in order to expel the spirits. The priest in question would later state that mysterious voices told him to get out of the house.

The Lutz family had to move out of the house after only 26 days. Books and movies have been made about the events. Due to all the media attention, the Lutz family later recanted their story. However, one of the sons would later state that the stories were all true, but that the media attention caused them to recant. He also admitted he still had nightmares from his time at the house.

Haunted Homes List?

We want to keep adding to this list and we are sure there are many of you readers who have experiences of other very haunted homes in the world. Let us know and we can add to this list and even begin to go a bit deeper.

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