Top Ghost Sightings In Human History

Top Ghost Sightings In Human History

Almost every person on the planet knows a great ghost story. And while you believe in ghosts or not, there are certainly some stories that are remembered for generations. From time to time, people claim to have seen a ghost and even captured it on camera. But which are the most prolific and famous ghost sightings in human history? Paranormal Daily News went delving for the truth and came up with the best ghost sightings that will send some shivers across your spine.

ghost sightings
Ghost Sightings

1. The Ghosts Of The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel is Canada was originally built in 1888. The hotel was meant to attract tourists and look over the Rocky Mountains of the Banff National Park. While the hotel may look unremarkable to some, the hotel has been a prime location for ghost sightings for many years.

When you have the privilege of visiting the hotel, you may encounter two famous ghosts in the form of “The Bride” and “Sam the Bellman”. Local legend claims that the bride ghost fell down the stairs on her wedding day in the 1920s. The fall killed the bride, but her ghost allegedly remains. People have seen The Bride in the upstairs ballroom and on the staircase of the hotel on a regular basis.

Sam, Bellman’s story is a little less tragic. According to local stories, Sam was a bellman at the hotel during the sixties and seventies. When he died, his spirit started roaming the halls. Guests claim that the helpful ghost provided a service to them, with two elderly women claiming their door was opened by Sam after they forgot their key.

2. Eastern State Penitentiary

If you’re aren’t up for international travel to spot some ghosts, no need to worry! The Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia is a hotspot for ghost sightings. Visitors claim to have heard and seen various paranormal goings-on, this goes from laughter and footsteps to shadow figures.

The reason for the hotbed of paranormal activity is pretty obvious considering the rather cruel history of the penitentiary. The prison was built in 1829 and put all prisoners in extreme confinement, which meant living alone at all times. Some forms of punishment included chaining an inmate’s tongue to their wrists. Many inmates are believed to have died a horrible death at the penitentiary before it was permanently closed in 1970.

3. Chateau de Brissac

When mentioning the top 10 ghost sightings in human history, we cannot forget about the Green Lady. The Green Lady haunts Chateau de Brissac in France. She is believed to be the ghost of Charlotte of France, an illegitimate daughter of King Charles VII.

Legend says that Charlotte of France was brutally murdered by her husband for having an affair. At the time she was killed, Charlotte wore a green dress. Since multiple visitors have reported a woman wearing a green dress in the tower room, the link with Charlotte of France is easily made.

4. The Stanley Hotel

ghost sightings

The Stanley Hotel is known around the world for many reasons. Firstly, Stephen King used the hotel as an inspiration for the Overlook Hotel, which is featured in The Shining. Of course, the inspiration was not just the location, but also the many ghost sightings attributed to the Stanley Hotel over the years.

Several ghosts have been spotted by visitors over the years. The most prominent is that of inventor Freelan Oscar Stanley, who vowed to build the hotel’s reputation after a stay in the region helped him combat tuberculosis. Stanley arrived in 1903 and opened the hotel in 1909. He would eventually die in 1940 at the age of 91. Guests have spotted his ghost in the billiard’s room and the hotel bar.

Piano music can often be heard by guests as well, which seems to come out of nowhere. Witnesses claim that the piano is played by Stanley’s wife Flora. She allegedly roams the entire hotel but shows a clear preference for the piano.

And there are even more ghosts if you know where to look! In addition to Stanley and Flora, there is the ghost of Elizabeth Wilson in room 217. Elizabeth does not like unmarried couples though, so you might not want to stay in 217 if you’re unmarried and traveling with a partner.

Guests also regularly hear noises, which are often described as children playing. From a little girl to little boy ghosts, there are plenty of ghost sightings to go around at the Stanley Hotel.

5. La Recoleta Cemetery

While you would expect to find many ghost sightings at a cemetery, you will find that most cemeteries are remarkably peaceful. Of course, this is not the case for all cemeteries because La Recoleta Cemetery has made our list of top ghost sightings in history.

La Recoleta Cemetery is the home of thousands of graves, featuring beautiful mausoleums, tombstones and even the remains of the famous Eva Perón. Of course, this cemetery also has its fair share of hauntings, making it an attractive spot for anyone who wants to see a ghost.

While there are many ghosts that allegedly haunt La Recoleta Cemetery, the best-known ghost on the cemetery ground is that of David Alleno. Alleno was a caretaker on the cemetery, a duty he performed for more than thirty years. Unfortunately, David Alleno took his own life.

The story of David Alleno is tragic, to say the least. However, locals believe David returned as a ghost and is still roaming the paths in the cemetery. Visitors claim to have seen him and even heard the sound of jangling keys before he disappeared. While his story is only known by those who are proficient at visiting locations where ghosts were sighted, the cemetery is well worth visiting by anyone who wants a chance of seeing a ghost.

Why We Decided On These Locations

You may wonder, why did we choose ghost sightings in these particular locations? Well, we went with a number of sightings and statements by visitors who claim to have seen ghosts. While you may believe the Winchester House or other locations give you a fairer chance, we would not rule out the locations in this overview of top ghost sightings in history. Since many visitors have their own stories to tell about these locations, maybe you will too?


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