Ghosts In The House Are Your HVAC System! cover

Ghosts In The House Are Your HVAC System!

Could the root of your paranormal problems be as simple as a faulty HVAC System?
ghosts in the house
Ghosts in your house are your HVAC system!

Are there a ghosts in the house going ‘Whooooooeeeeeeee’ in your home? Can you hear a ‘pitter and patter’ and a ‘clatter and clang’ when you’re trying to sleep at night? Don’t move out just yet: you may want to consider the fact that it’s something else making all the noise! While these are the sounds that are most associated with ghosts in the house, here’s the thing: they could also mean your HVAC system is the ghost in your house!

Old houses usually have draft currents that can really give you the chills and break out the goosebumps. Add to this the constant settling noises that an old house usually. So what happens when your HVAC system is also old and adds to the litany? You’ve got a primetime ghost story, that’s what!

Let’s see how your HVAC System can be your ghost.

Air Flow Causes The Noise Of Ghosts In The House

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Ghosts In The House

When the compressor of your air conditioning system is at fault, you might find the air conditioner making some wheezy noises. Also, a compressor which isn’t working at full efficiency may lead to inconsistent temperatures throughout the house, which helps create a paranormal effect with pockets of hot and cold air.

When it comes to air flow, you may also find some doors slamming easily while another room is quite drafty. This tends to happen when the indoor air pressure is varying, which is also another effect of having an HVAC system that doesn’t work efficiently! Big houses are more susceptible to this paranormal effect. To get rid of it, all you need to do is fix your air conditioner stat!

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

There have been quite a few stories out there of people who have been seeing ghosts and other supernatural activity in their homes, only to be informed that these are the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide poisoning normally happens when fossil fuels are burned for heat in furnaces and release the gas, but this gas has nowhere to escape: your chimney may be blocked and all windows closed to keep the cold out.

When this happens, there is a build-up of carbon monoxide in the house, which can lead to all impressions of supernatural activity: hallucinations of ghost-like figures moving around the house, people calling out but there’s no one there, noises when there should be none, extreme lethargy and high probability of accidents in the house which can easily be attributed to ghosts, such as falling down flights of stairs!

Effects of carbon monoxide poisoning are not only hallucinations, but also headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, chest pains, severe paralysis and eventually death. This is why you need to have CO monitors around your house to tell you if CO levels are high. If they are, you need to fix your HVAC system.

Sorting out your HVAC system so that such gases can be released outside the house will do marvels to get rid of all your ghostly problems. You can do this by calling in an HVAC system technician to help you change your furnace air filter, open up any blocked ducts and vents around the house and clean up any outside debris on your outdoor HVAC unit.

Blocked Condensate Pipe

When something goes ‘drip drip’ all the time, you may think there’s a ghost in the house! Air conditioners shouldn’t leak water in the house but when they do, the sound the water makes as it hits the floors is quite, quite eerie – especially in the middle of the night. Every creak and groan in the night added to the constant dripping noise is enough to have anyone thinking someone’s being killed by a ghost and their blood’s dripping all over the house!

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Ghosts in the house

In ninety percent of most paranormal situations, it’s the HVAC at fault. An old HVAC system has its fair share of issues – so if yours is acting up, don’t call in the paranormal guys to help you make head or tail of your ghostly observances. Call an HVAC technician instead to fix your HVAC system and see if all the supernatural activity around your house comes to a halt.

If not, you’re living in a haunted house. Move out before the resident ghost decides to take your life!

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