Submission Guidelines

Submissions Guidelines


PDN invites you to share your paranormal story, be it from a scientific or spiritual perspective.  

We encourage the submission of articles that will be of interest to our readers, such as:


  • Experiences with ghosts and other entities, spiritual healing, psychic phenomena.
  • Haunted locations
  • “How-to” articles
  • Biographical accounts of historical paranormal research pioneers 
  • Book & Film reviews

Writing Style

We explore both the mysterious realm of the unexplained and the scientific scrutiny with our magazine, Paranormal Daily News. Experienced writers and journalists contributing to our platform should maintain a balanced, objective tone, avoiding sensationalism while preserving the intrigue and mystery that our readership values. Ensure that sources, whether leaning towards empirical research or personal anecdotes, are cited meticulously. Prioritize clarity, precision, and coherence, even when delving into abstract or less understood topics. 

While we welcome innovative storytelling, it’s essential that facts are distinguished from speculation. Engaging with skepticism and providing multiple perspectives will be key. 

Our aim is to be a credible and thought-provoking source on paranormal subjects, so every article should strive for meticulous research, clear writing, and ethical reporting.

Academic Style

If you are sending in an academic research article or an article of interest in the field of parapsychology. The APA7 (American Psychological Association, 7th edition) style is required. This ensures our content maintains a consistent, professional, and credible tone suitable for scholarly readership.

Science article Submissions:

Science articles are a separate process from regular submissions. All PDN editorial guidelines, copyright policy and the PDN submission process apply with the following additional requirements:

There is a difference between a paranormal investigator and a parapsychologist. The latter has an advanced degree, has probably been published in scientific journals and is probably a member of a scientific organization. (See below) Many of them are also professors.

Science articles must be based on or refer to scientific research or scientists active in parapsychology. This includes: 

  • peer reviewed scientific papers published in scientific journals
  • Commentary by parapsychologists (This can be blogs, interviews, podcasts and video.)
  • Investigations by parapsychologists
  • Information from the following organizations:
  • The Parapsychological Association
  • The Society for Psychical research
  • The Rhine Institute
  • The Windbridge Institute
  • The Institute of Noetic Sciences
  • The Society for Scientific Exploration
  • The Heartmath Institute

There are also a variety of international scientific organizations not listed here that are also acceptable to reference. 


While contributing writers do not receive a financial payment for submissions, the benefits of having your name, photo, bio, and contact information included in our publication is a great way to help you:

  • Gain exposure to new people and markets
  • Maximize your exposure both online and offline
  • Sell your information, products, services or other intellectual endeavors (such as workshops, seminars etc.)
  • Give you greater visibility and credibility
  • Help you build your own promotional lists

Editorial Guidelines

Articles submitted to PDN must be previously unpublished and written in English. Drafts will not be accepted. We expect a well written introduction to the article that will set the tone for the rest of the article. Include an intriguing conclusion for the reader, which doesn’t have to be labeled as a conclusion in the headline. Create mystery and challenge the reader.

Word count: minimum 750, maximum 3,000 words. 

We expect articles to be on point, grammatically correct and not self-promotional unless agreed to by the editorial team. 

Each article must include two images and their source, i.e. Jenny Vee, Pixabay. The PDN editorial team will take care of creating an article header for publication.

All submissions are edited for length, style, grammar, organization, syntax, and clarity. We work in good faith to preserve your intended message and voice.

If we need to make significant changes, we will let you know and ask you to submit your article again or withdraw your submission. We also reserve the right to reject submissions that do not meet PDN standards.

Copyright Policy:

By submitting an article, you grant permission for its use in our online magazine or in print while retaining full copyright of your individual work.

Note: When submitting an article to PDN, you must be the rightful owner of the content. Plagiarism – copying other people’s work without permission, citation, and good reason – is a serious offense, and PDN adheres to all local, national and international copyright laws.

If you do wish to quote someone else’s words, please do it fairly and lawfully by giving them proper credit. You can either credit the author in the body text or reference the quoted text with a corresponding number and list your references at the end of the article, including the author’s name, book or article title, date of publication, title and publisher.

Article Submission Process:

New PDN writers receive an email invite to join the StoryChief platform. This is where articles are created and images uploaded. 

When the article is ready for editing, the author notifies a nominated editor who prepares it for publication. 

Gravatar Author Information:

PDN contributors create their biography on and must use the same email address as the one listed on StoryChief. This ensures that any changes made on will be reflected in their biography that appears on PDN.

If You Would Like to Contribute:

You can fill out our form here: Submissions

Address your email to: (editor at paranormal daily news dot com)

Subject Line: I’d Like to Write for PDN

Introduce yourself: please provide a brief summary of your writing background, what you are passionate about, why you’d like to write for PDN and what category or categories you are interested in.

Provide a sample of your writing (via either a link or attachment). 

The PDN team looks forward to hearing from you.