PSI Wars

Wikipedia and the battle for the internet

The Battle Has Begun!

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PDN Science editor Craig Weiler expertly dissects the travesty of justice that happened between Tedx and Dr Rupert Sheldrake when it banned his talk “The Science Delusion.” Craig does not stop there and begins to take apart the Skeptics and their arguments against the Science of PSi.

Psi Wars - The Battle For The Internet

The war has begun and the field of battle is online. There are no smoking guns, but yet the weapons chosen are words, for words cut deeper than the blade.

Craig Weiler masterfully cuts through Skeptics arguments with a sharpened blade and stands as a knight for justice of the Science of Psi.

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About Author

Craig Weiler is the Science Editor Of Paranormal Daily News, author and media personality. Craig has been involved in the Parapsychology field for many years and is a champion for the science Of Psi.

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What People Think About PSI Wars

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“Craig in journalistic flare destroys the arguments of Skeptics.”

—Craig Weiler – Science Editor Paranormal Daily News and Senior Editor Parawize Magazine.