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Pest Control Professionals or Paranormal Experts: Who to Call?

Do you have a poltergeist or just rats?

The things you have arranged properly are now misplaced. The food you have left on your table goes missing. The noises you hear have you in fear. You wake up at night after hearing the scratching noises in your bedroom. With all these spooky things going on, you are convinced that a spirit or ghost is haunting you. You call in paranormal experts, but is that the right expert to call?

Is your home haunted by a poltergeist?

Disturbing occurrences in your home can make you feel terrified. You may immediately think that a poltergeist is haunting your home. It happens nightly and so you call in a team of paranormal experts to get rid of the foul spirit.

Ghost lore describes a poltergeist as a spirit that makes loud noises and moves and destroys objects. Poltergeists are known to be loud. After all, poltergeists are scary than other types of spirits. They make their presence felt.

According to William G. Roll and Nandor Fodor who are both renowned parapsychologists, psychokinesis can explain poltergeist activity. Seeing broken objects or stuff at home without a logical explanation can easily convince you that you are being haunted by one.

Poltergeists are known to haunt an individual instead of a place. If you are aware of their existence, it is easy to conclude that poltergeists are the reason for all the loud noises and stuff that go awry whenever you’re not around.

Are pests to be blamed?

pest control
Pests not Ghosts

Before you book an appointment with a team of paranormal experts, consider checking if your home is infested with pests. What you thought are the sounds caused by poltergeists may be created by pests that lurk in your home especially at night.

The common pests that can mimic ghostly encounters would be;

Your home can easily be transformed into a haunted house if these pests continue to thrive inside your home environment. So it’s not so much a paranormal expert you need, its more a pest control company or pest control expert you need.

House pests don’t only cause damage to your home. They are known to be carriers of diseases so you are exposed to health risks. But the damage they do mimic the haunting noises that you would equate with haunted houses.

There are reasons why these unwanted visitors are attracted to your homes. Pests tend to go to places where they can hide and look for food. They flock to homes that are often left damp, dirty, and old. Does that sound familiar? Yes they are attracted to haunted type homes.

Paranormal Phenomena or Pest Phenomena?

Your home shows signs of deterioration as it ages. Rats and other rodents can make the signs even worse. They love to chew pipes and wires, and they have a knack for destroying your floors and insulation. These crack, break and cause paranormal type phenomena.

Termites will chew on rotten wood structures inside your home, and it isn’t easy to spot them. Eventually, all these pests can destroy your home whilst mimicking the sounds of the dead and the specters of the night.

Who you gonna call?

Paranormal Investigators will often come into your home, they will interview you and try to identify the ghostly phenomena, and most of them will settle on feeding the fear or their own ego. Eventually it will be announced that you have a demonic infestation or you have the spirits of the dead making communication with you. Very rarely do they consider that what you may have is a pest problem.

Instead of banishing spirits away from your home, what you need is pest control. There are some ways you can look into to make sure pests don’t invade your home.

Poltergeist Fire Starters — Could be rodents?

The sounds you hear at night may be caused by rodents so you need to check every corner of your home. Rats can easily get into your homes through small openings or get into your hvac system through the ducts by chewing their way through or badly fitted ducts.. They will then chew on wires and exposed power sources or if they get into those power sources they will nest in there.

Fire Starter

paranormal experts - poltergeist fire starter
Photographer: Adam Wilson | Source: Unsplash

According to parapsychologists, there is a type of typical type phenomena where a poltergeist will start fires. This can be understood as a Pyrophillia type behavior where the spirit or specter gets its kicks from starting fires. It is also known as pyrokinesis, which is controlling fire with one's mind, and in this respect, it would be the mind of the disembodied spirit.

The reality is of course in most cases, that your fire starting ghost is nothing more than a rodent or animal of some description that has damaged or eaten through live wires and this exposure causes spontaneous fires to occur.

The only time that you could possibly consider something remotely paranormal is because of the other intelligent phenomena that is measured and has no basis of science behind it.

Check your crawl spaces for ghosts.

Termites enjoy feeding on rotten wood. The wooden structures in your crawl space can be a breeding ground for termites. Inspect your crawl space to ensure that there is no water damage. That alone can also cause certain paranormal phenomena coupled with the termites and termite damage, you have a possible ghostly infestation.

Tips For Your Home

Inspect holes and openings and cover them if necessary. You can also screen your chimneys and make sure that they are securely covered to avoid pests from entering your homes.

According to Missy Henriksen of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), you should use caulk to seal the gaps or cracks in your home and use weather strips on your windows as well.

Book professional pest control services before Paranormal Experts.

Before you call out your local paranormal team or paranormal investigator, you should perhaps call on your local pest control company first. Of course, that is only should your home be lived in, exhibiting the signs, and not an old abandoned home that has been left to the spirits of the dead. If the latter is true, then call on a paranormal expert.

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