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Can Paranormal Investigators & Psychic Mediums Work Together?

The relationship between a paranormal team and a sensitive (a.k.a. psychic or medium) is often difficult, and sometimes dangerous if not handled well. Some teams won't even consider using sensitives, while those who opt to use them may place too much weight on their contributions or else none at all. But is there perhaps an ideal option where the two parties work hand in hand to serve the greater good?

I believe the answer to this is yes, and I would like to use my personal experience to shed a little light on this potential.

Ghost Society For Paranormal Investigators

In 2010, I was invited to join the Washington State Ghost Society, a rather active group consisting of local individuals interested in exploring the paranormal. I was a newly emerging psychic medium and wanted to join a group to help expand my skills. Although my initial role was to serve in an investigative capacity, after a bit of experience I quickly expanded into the role of a team sensitive. What I quickly realized, however, was just how much further I needed to hone my abilities.

paranormal investigator

You see, mediums and psychicsYou see, psychics and mediums usually work with sitters – people who reach out for private sessions to connect with departed loved ones or to get personal guidance. But what happens when you thrust a sensitive into a situation where they now must assess situations, locations, buildings, land, spirits (if present), residual energies/imprints, time bands, as well as the energies and issues of the living?

Historical Places

For example, until I had access to historical places, I had no opportunity or need to learn how to use the energy in these spaces differently. Two particular locations had 100-year-old histories that left different imprints from different time bands. Patrons of one of these locations often heard music playing while dining. This particular imprint occurred during a specific time in the location's past, while other experiences occurred as a result of different time frames.

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According to parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach, these types of residual energies are also referred to as place memory, psychic imprints, residual haunts, or hauntings. This occurs when the location ‘records’ the activity of the events, memories, emotions, and people who once or currently occupy them. For those who are sensitive, these recordings can be discerned via psi. However, place memory or hauntings do NOT involve consciousness, even though they can be perceived by consciousness. See the following PDN article for more on why Your Reality Is In Fact A Conscious Universe.

Paranormal Investigators and Residual Energy Discernment

While understanding these various imprints may offer an investigative team little more than small details to assist in location research, the team may not be able to find what they are looking for if a sensitive is not careful to properly discern these variations. Paranormal Investigators must understand these variables and also provide opportunities to help promote sensitive development with these variations.

The impact of sensitive discernment becomes even more crucial when dealing with residential cases: Those that involve real people having real issues.

One example is when our group was called in by a family we had previously assisted. They had recently moved into a new home and were concerned that activity had followed them to the new location. While I was not involved in the first investigation, I was the sensitive in the second investigation with other paranormal investigators.

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Upon walking into the home and working with the energy of the space, it became clear that one room was full of unique energy patterns. I worked my way through the home, but I kept being pulled back to one particular space. Taking my time, I sat in the room working my way through what I was feeling until I realized that it was coming from the person who occupied it. To understand what was then creating the energy, I sat with it further until I could begin to discern the cause.

Supporting Evidential Data

With a possible cause and source in hand, we sat down with the family and I started to provide evidence to support my research. I first described the person who occupied the room and then described the emotional and physical concerns that I felt this person might be having. Finding that these assessments were correct, I began to suggest that the living child who occupied the space caused the energy in the space. There were clear medical and emotional concerns about the child. Because of this, we explained that the potential events may be based on the child's personality rather than the actual spirit.

Rarely are psychics and mediums given access to these types of scenarios. Certainly, some well-trained energy workers may have quickly been able to discern this issue. Then again, many energy workers are also not mediums. How do we know what will be encountered when working on these types of more intimate cases? It can be a real mixed bag.

As you can see, all of these variables, along with others, can cause an investigative team to simply avoid working with sensitives altogether. Sometimes it just seems easier, but by doing so, we are missing out on what may be going on in many of these cases: psi-based events.

Psi Events

If psi is the foundation for much of what is explored in an investigation, then at the very least, shouldn’t we use psi detectors? Sadly, this will not come in the form of technology. No device we currently have will detect spirits, consciousness, or subtle human energy patterns related to consciousness. This leaves only those tools that do – sensitives!

For those teams that want to use these human detectors, then a set of good standards must be set up, and a process should be followed to make sure the system works well. But this alone may not be enough. Sensitives also need exposure to various environments and scenarios in order to hone their skills. Simply working with sitters in the traditional way just doesn’t compare to the environment surrounding investigations. I am not saying that a well-trained psychic or medium will not be of value, but the more a sensitive is exposed to these things, the more they can learn from them.


I highly encourage psychics and mediums to work with the right investigative team. Doing so was one of the biggest skill-developing experiences of my life. However, be selective about the group and ask questions. They should have standards for how you will work and yet still be open to your needs. They should not discount everything you say, but neither should they worship the ground upon which you walk. Their role is to be objective, not to take your word as gospel.

Sensitives also need to be willing to admit that these scenarios may be new and foreign. Be open to learning and remain humble. The investigation is a collaborative effort for the good of the clients and the advancement of knowledge. It’s not a showcase. Know your limitations, work to discern more, learn some basic parapsychology, and be dedicated to the task for the right reasons.

haunted mansion

Paranormal teams and field investigators who are willing to work with psychics and mediums may want to consider a sensitive who meets the right requirements. While this may not be the team's main goal, what can be achieved through this partnership can offer long-term benefits to everyone involved. It can offer opportunity and expansion for the sensitive. It can offer better insights and awareness to the investigators as well as clients. It can also continue to shed light and understanding of the use and applications of psi. After all, we’re all searching for answers. So wouldn’t it make sense to start working together to create better results and opportunities for everyone?

For more on working with psychics and mediums, you can read Loyd Auerbach’s book Ghost Hunting, How To Investigate The Paranormal. You can also take Parapsychological classes with Loyd and other qualified instructors through the Rhine Research Center.

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