The Spirit and Science Of Psychometry

Little is known about psychometry, but it could perhaps be a missing element to human potential.

Psychometry, commonly misunderstood, is a truly remarkable ability that resides within individuals who possess a heightened sensitivity and assert to possess mediumistic or psychic talents. As a result, the evidence from Psychometry is often convincing, especially when it comes from a professional with this ability.

To understand Psychometry, we must learn how Psychometry actually works, including its mechanistic nature. Understanding it could help bridge the gap between science and spirituality and enhance our understanding of human potential. To do this, we must understand more about the anomalous theory.

Energy Imprints


The emotions and actions of a substantially charged event become imprinted and continue to exist far beyond the end of the event. Consequently, consider the emotional distress caused by significant historical events like the well-known Battle of Gettysburg in 1863 and the Battle of Culloden in Scotland in 1746. Many paranormal investigators who research these battlefields often claim that phenomena exist there to this day. They claim to perceive images in the form of apparitions. This type of phenomenon is consistent with the 'Stone Tape Theory hypothesis.' Conversely, it suggests energy is recorded and attached to solid matter such as stones, rocks, and other inanimate objects. As a consequence, this energy is then able to be perceived by psychometrists or self styled sensitives.

battlefield psychometry

An Introduction to Psychometry

When I began my spiritual journey as a developing medium, two individuals introduced me to Psychometry, and one assisted me in further developing it. For privacy reasons, I will refer to them by only first names. Helen and Rachel were two individuals who were poles apart. Helen, a talented medium, offered her services to nearby churches. On the other hand, Rachel was a well-known psychic medium living in the beautiful, remote Scottish highlands. She carried out private readings for people by appointment only. I met her when a friend of mine went for a reading, and I was merely her driver. That meeting was a huge turning point in my life.

These two individuals played a crucial role in helping me grasp the complex art of interpreting the energy emitted by those who have departed. Furthermore, they taught me the valuable skill of detecting the enduring energetic imprints that reside within the surroundings and objects of a specific location.

Connection to the other side of life

psychometry connection

Rachel had given me a ring to hold in my left hand. She sat me down and told me to quiet my mind and see what impressions came to mind. It was only a short time before information arose that I recounted. It seemed like a whole load of nothing. First, in my mind, I saw a man who had appeared before me. Then I received images of his work life filling my inner thoughts. Suddenly, a name emerged, and a torrent of information followed effortlessly as if carried by a gentle downstream river. I was shocked because the information I had relayed was very evidential.

Feeling The Area

Helen asked me to go with her on a little afternoon outing to a place she knew. I had no idea where we were going; she would not reveal it. We drove out into the countryside, and before long, we turned onto a dirt track road into the mountains of Aberdeenshire. As we rounded a sharp bend, we came to a vast clearing revealing an elegant residence and its magnificent stables. I had never seen this place before, and she had arranged for me to meet with the property owner who knew Helen.

In the magnificent sitting room of this extraordinary place, Helen invited me to embrace a moment of silence and blindfold myself, urging me to connect with the captivating energy that permeated our surroundings. Several objects were given to me to hold in my hands, and Helen asked what I could perceive in my mind. I described what I could see, hear, and feel in my mind, and the accuracy was confirmed.

My Greatest Teacher

After some time, sitting in a development circle within the church, I met my wife under strange circumstances. Joanne taught the church classes that I had attended, and I learned more about Psychometry. Furthermore, I practiced reading various objects, like jewelry, flowers, and even the personal belongings of a famous occultist. Consequently, I developed skills that helped me connect with the spiritual realm and learned to distinguish between psychic and spirit energy. Joanne became my most outstanding teacher, and then she became my wife.

Energy Can Be Measured and Read

As we comprehend it, energy can be detected, which implies that it is measured to some extent. We can measure a pattern of energy and the outcome of that energy on another force. However, sensitives have the unique ability to sense and discern energy far beyond science's understanding.

The word "psychometry," coined by Joseph Buchanan in 1842, captures the captivating fusion of science and art, making it a precious and impactful contribution to the English language, Buchanan, J. R. (1885). Coined from the Greek (psyche, soul and metron, measure), it signifies soul-measuring, analogous to thermometry, barometry, electrometry, and similar terms, which signify unique measurements.

Joseph Rhodes Buchanan (1814-1899) was a physician and professor of physiology at the Eclectic Medical Institute in Covington, Kentucky. Buchanan was interested in the phenomena and delved into Psychometry to explore it further. Buchanan, J.R (1887). His initial exploration of the phenomenon began by distributing sealed glass vials containing various concealed substances to his enthusiastic students, asking them to guess the contents. Astonishingly, their accuracy soared beyond mere coincidence. Furthermore, it was all documented in his riveting book, 'Journal of Man.'

Psychometry – Reading The Energy

Psychometry is a fascinating concept in the world of parapsychology. It is suggested that the phenomenon revolves around the ability to discern information about an object, person, or place simply by coming into contact with it or being close to the object or place.

According to this theory, every object, animate or inanimate, possesses an energy field containing information McTaggart, L, (2002) or aura that can be sensed and comprehended by individuals with psychometric abilities. Psychometry is often associated with psychic phenomena and is considered a form of Psi, extrasensory perception, or ESP. This skill is often used in psychic readings or investigations into paranormal phenomena, Cardeña, E. (2018).

Discerning The Energy Imprint Using Psychometric Skills

A person able to perceive this information will primarily utilize a range of psychic senses to gather data about the object they are touching. The information is discerned by utilizing what is commonly considered a clairvoyant ability. Moreover, in my own experience, other senses, such as clairaudient ability or other psychic senses that are strong within the psychometrist, can often come into play.

eileen garret

Perhaps one of the greatest proponents of Psychometry was Eileen Garret (1892–1970). Garrett took part in parapsychological research, LeShan (1967), and founded the Parapsychology Foundation in 1951. Garret was equally interested in the science of her unique gifts and talents as a trance medium. During a particular research task, Garret was presented with several sealed boxes containing personal items belonging to individuals. Garret could convey accurate evidential information about the owners of the objects just by touching the boxes and tuning into the subsequent energetic vibrations. After the boxes were opened, she continued to further psychometrize these objects and give further evidence of the owners.

Denial Of Phenomena

Although the materialist scientific community does not consider Psychometry scientifically proven, some basic research has been done. However, more is still needed – especially research into the phenomenon of Psychometry. People who claim this ability use it to gain past, present, or future insights.

Energetic Imprints and associated phenomena are understood within the field of parapsychology. However, it is often considered residual energy and described as such in cases of residual hauntings and associated phenomena.

Usually, energy is measured by specific instrumentation. However, these instruments are often touted as specialized ghost-hunting equipment and sold as solutions to find spirits. Nevertheless, it is essential to note that no equipment is available today to detect ghosts or spirits. Regardless of this labeling or portrayal of the equipment in the media, the equipment's sole capability is to measure energy fluctuations and patterns within a specific range accurately. Conversely, a correlation between the anomalous energy recorded and the phenomena may exist, which requires further validation and research.

The Science Of Psychometry and Research

There is very little scientific research into Psychometry and most parapsychological studies that mention Psychometry exist within other fields of inquiry. After Buchanan, there was notable interest in the phenomenon of Psychometry. Consequently, further research was carried out by William Denton, who was encouraged by his wife to study the work of Buchanan. William's wife believed she was a Psychometrist and could pick up information from objects that were imprinted with energy patterns of the past. Denton, W. and Denton, E.M.F. (1888).

Since the initial research by Dr. Buchanan, many other notables in the field of Parapsychology were beginning to show interest. Tuttle. H. (1889) noted examples of Psychometry displayed by individuals he was in contact with or was researching. Tuttle noted in his book Studies in the Out-Lying Fields of Psychic Science.

Light emanating from suns and worlds, as it wings its swift way across the regions of space, bears on its rays the pictures of every object from which it is emptied or reflected, and hence the universe, from center to remotest bounds, is filled with pictures; is a vast storehouse of photographs of all events from the fading of a leaf to the revolution of a world since time began. (Tuttle, 1889, P.64)

Psychical Researcher Gustav Pagenstecher

One of the most notable researchers into Psychometry was German physician and psychical researcher Gustav Pagenstecher (1855-1942). By a stroke of luck, he stumbled upon the mesmerizing realm of Psychometry when he was treating his patient, María Reyes de Zeriold, who was grappling with insomnia.

As Pagenstecher put her into a hypnotic state during one of his entranced treatments, Reyes stated that her daughter was spying behind the door and asked him to remove her. Pagenstecher checked the door and found that Reyes was correct, but there was no way she could have known this prior. This began a series of psychometric experiments with Reyes that helped her to develop her mediumistic skills and talents.

Pagenstecher collaborated with Rayes on several groundbreaking psychometric experiments. These included giving her items of jewelry, objects, papers with written notes, archeological specimens, and much more. Rayes, when entranced, could give remarkable evidence by reading the information contained within those objects. This included descriptions of individuals, geographical locations, and descriptions of events, including narrated information that was all corroborated later accurately.

Pagenstecher's Vibration Theory

This theory has caused more of a stir within the parapsychology community. Pagenstecher postulated that terrestrial bodies store vibrations that a sensitive individual can perceive. He further posits the human brain can register, preserve and call to mind at will, any vibration that has been recorded at any time. As a consequence of this, he suggests that the object acts like a tuning fork and the psychometrists brain can therefore pick up the vibrational emanations. These emanations connect with the universal consciousness and then create mental images inside the psychometrist’s brain. However, it is more than likely the brain is merely an expression of the mind, and therefore the images and information is coming from the mind and expressed through the brain.

Pagenstecher posits thoughts and emotions are also vibratory in nature. Vibrations can then imprint or become attached to any objects. The vibrations that imprint are vibrating at differing rates. This could be an explanation on how psychometrists often pick up more than one piece of information at a time.

Modern Psychometry Research

It is one area in which I am particularly interested and would like to carry out independent research. However, noted parapsychology researcher Christine Simmonds-Moore – professor of psychology at the University of West Georgia, shares this interest in Psychometry.

In a recent study, she posits that a correlation exists between Psychometry and Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), Simmonds-Moore, C. A. (2022). This is a fascinating theory but could be investigated more as there is a discernible difference in the information. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is the noticing or feeling of tingling in the area of the head in response to stimuli such as audio and visual triggers or physical movement (Poerio et al., 2018), but this is potentially a misunderstanding when considering anomalous experiences. As an example from my own experience, the tingling sensation that is felt and considered to be (ASMR) also exists in the connection and communication of discarnate entities or perception of energetic patterns using the skill of Psychometry. The ability to discern the energetic shift is also unique in identifying discarnate connections or residual fields.

To understand this from a mystical experience. This unique ability or power of discernment is the energy from the crown chakra at the top of the head. It is where the sensations are felt when connecting or discerning the energetic field.

The Spirit Of Psychometry In Modern Applications

Is there a place for Psychometry in the modern day? To answer this, we must identify how it can be used and further our research into the phenomena of Psychometry and the science of Psychometry. As aforementioned, there needs to be more research into Psychometry. Much more is needed to help us understand its place in our lives. Nevertheless, funding is a severe problem with this research type. Parapsychological research is not a branch of research that is well-funded. This may be because of the disconnect between materialist science and spiritual science.

The reality is that we may already be using Psychometry in our everyday lives without knowing. Psychometry is a part of our makeup; it is part of our intuitive faculties that exist in every one of us. All of our senses are inexorably linked and have a relationship. A simplified example is when you meet someone, something you see in them is causing concern. Then, as you accept an outstretched hand in a gesture, your touch helps you discern what you felt as your senses awaken and correlate to one another. Are you not psychometrizing through that simple act of touch?

Crime Busting Psychometry

crime-busting psychometry

Many gifted individuals who dowse or help in cases of murder and missing persons utilize their psychometric ability to gain information and discern it using Psychometry. This is exemplified in a book by Colin Wilson, The Psychic Detectives: Story of Psychometry and the Paranormal in Crime Detection. More notably, in the modern day, there have been examples of crime-busting in the media using psychics. They claim to be able to read objects or connect with the discarnate on the other side of life.

When we understand Psychometry more, we can put it to work in serving humanity to bring less suffering to bear on individuals, cultures, and the planet in general. Psychometry is a hidden power yet to be given the credence it needs to serve humanity.


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