Plasma Physics - A New Science of Heaven and Humankind? (Pt 1) cover

Plasma Physics – A New Science of Heaven and Humankind? (Pt 1)

The important thing to remember is that physical death is not extinction. The good news is that nobody dies.

‘Robert Temple is a brave man … it is going to be a difficult job for anyone to shoot him down in flames.’ – The Times

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Unless you happen to be part of the eminent plasma physics research community, which includes Nobel laureates, senior academics and major research centres, it is highly likely that you would be as unaware as I once was of the truly revolutionary, enlightening and wondrous world of plasma – the fourth state of matter.

Plasma physics captured my full attention in early 2023 thanks to an interview with sage, scientific scholar and prolific author, Professor Robert Temple.His latest knockout book A New Science of Heaven, became an instant must read.

A New Science of Heaven reveals how over 99% of the universe is made of plasma and how there are two gigantic clouds of plasma, called the Kordylewski Clouds, hovering between the Earth and the Moon, only recently discovered by astronomers in Hungary…Other revelations not previously known include evidence that, in certain circumstances, plasma exhibits sentience, a sense that it may be alive… Temple believes that intelligent entities can be inorganic and non-biological, and thus do not have to live on planets.

A New Science of Heaven, Press Release, Hodder and Stoughton

Plasma Physics will cause us to reassess many ways of understanding the world

Professor Robert Temple was interviewed by Heather Ensworth PhD, an illuminated psychologist, shamanic astrologer, author and founder of the Rising Moon Healing Center. Their deeply resonant, hour long discussion catapulted me onto a new and exciting research trajectory.

The New Science of Heaven Interview

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The New Science of Heaven Book Review

As soon as I began reading Temple’s book, I knew I was in the right place when he described himself as having a roving eye for anomalies, always on the lookout for things that don’t fit with present scientific understanding and his view that a shift in perspective caused by the new physics of plasma will cause us to reassess many ways of understanding the world previously dismissed as discredited or cranky.

Temple is also gifted with the literary ability to simplify expansive, complex concepts. An artful weaver of facts, personal experiences and compelling points of view. This is no mean feat when writing about significant scientific research that has the potential to bust some pretty big holes in standard narratives that obediently fail to challenge the proverbial status quo. Compliments also, to Temple’s editor.

I am also pleased to report that there is nothing stilted, long winded or over-analytical about Temple’s meticulous, in-depth research and understanding of plasma physics. His relaxed, engaging, straight-shooting, nonsense-free writing style is certain to satisfy the expectations of vintage academics, open minded scientists and fledgling physics students, to inquisitive, creative souls like me who have a deep interest in life, death, esotericism, consciousness and the mysteries of the universe. I would also highly recommend this book for parents who take the time to educate their children at home about exciting topics that will one day be taught in schools all over the world.

Writes Professor Robert Temple:

“I will be arguing that life in its basic state is organic and not made out of atomic matter – but pre-atomic matter, namely the atomic particles, electrons, and protons, and ions – the plasma. That we and all living things in the Universe, whether organic or inorganic, arise from the plasma and that the organic state is secondary to our fundamental nature as plasma beings. I believe that we can begin to articulate a new science of heaven.”

Temple is also of the view that many spiritual experiences reported throughout human history are really encounters with plasma phenomena or plasma entities and that his primary purpose is to reconcile the spiritual with the material and thereby to show that the dispute between them is false. “There is in fact, no contradiction between them when one digests the teachings of the New Science.”

How do you write a book review with so many points of interest vying for attention?

As I drafted my review of A New Science of Heaven in my our favourite angophora forest that overlooks eastern Australia’s ever alluring Pacific Ocean, I found myself continually distracted by the ridiculous amount of ‘point of interest’ page markers vying for their special mention.

I eventually decided to to change course and include some key transcript notes from Temple’s book interview instead. Even that proved difficult to contain but the resonant impact of his conversation with Heather about ‘cosmic physics’ was just too expansive, strengthening and thought provoking not to share. The interview also revealed additional research topics that didn’t make the journey into his published book.

Please gift yourself the time and space to either watch the interview or enjoy the following transcript notes as much as I enjoyed listening to and transcribing them, with slight edits here and there for a smoother reading experience.

plasma physics and science

Interview Transcript Excerpts – A New Science of Heaven

Heather: How extraordinary it is that we are realizing that 99% of the universe is composed of plasma.

Robert: That’s right, and I’m sure it will surprise anyone who doesn’t know, which is just about everybody, including most scientists, actually. Astronomers and astrophysicists do know by now, although they don’t necessarily say so, that the universe is not made of atoms. This is a big shock because we all grew up believing what we were told. I long ago gave up believing what I was told. But we are all trusting souls and when our teachers told us it was true that the universe was made of atoms, that made sense, didn’t it? But I’m afraid it’s not true. 99.9% at least, of the universe, is not made of atoms.

So, what does this mean? It’s made of plasma.

What is plasma and plasma science? I will be as simple as I can. Plasma is basically atomic particles and incomplete particles called ions, but not complete atoms. Different laws of physics apply to plasma than apply to atoms, so the physics that we have on our planet earth that we learn at school and at university, and all the people that get their PhD in it and so on, they are dealing with earth physics. They are not dealing with cosmic physics. The fact that everything is made of plasma and the small rocky planets like ours are made of atoms…means that everything of real importance, apart from the things in our daily lives, that are all made of atoms, is the plasma science phenomenon.

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We are bio plasma beings and our bodies are ‘smart overcoats’

Robert:…We are plasma beings, now known as bio plasma and our physical bodies are temporary vehicles. I call them smart overcoats. The important thing to remember is that physical death is not extinction. The good news is that nobody dies. But the bad news is that nobody dies. Think about what that means. It means that you are stuck with yourself forever. If you are a bad person, you are going to be in bad company because you are going to be faced with yourself.

So, the only thing you can do to have a better experience in what we call the afterlife, which is when we go back to the plasma world, which is parallel with our own physical one, except you can’t see it with your optic nerves – sensitive people can sense it – is to become better people. If you become a better person, then you will be in the company of somebody pleasant when you die on earth because you can actually live with yourself and you will be with other people of your own standard of goodness. But if you are horrible, you won’t. It will be awful.

Heather: So, we return to that plasma field but retain that individual consciousness that we then can then work with, and work on our own evolution across many incarnations into the physical form.

Robert: And the incarnations into physical form are to help us learn and grow. And improve. To evolve into better people. Really, fame, riches and all that, is complete nonsense and means nothing. You can be intelligent as you like and still be a bad person, and that’s no good. The only thing that matters is are you good, are you kind, are you unselfish, do you help others and do you have compassion for all living things? Only if we develop those qualities can we really grow and go into the higher levels of being.

Heather: So, it’s really about coming from the heart.

Robert: Yes.

Confirmation that the Kordylewski ‘Superbrain’ Clouds do exist

Robert: Kordylewski clouds don’t emit any light and are pretty much transparent. They were discovered in 1961 by a Polish fellow Kordylewski…he wanted to study them more but his great grandson told me that the Polish (communist) government with whom he didn’t get along, stopped his research because they didn’t like it. People tried to confirm the existence of these clouds which were so difficult to detect but they lacked the sensitive instruments of today.

In 2019, I discovered that some Hungarian observational astronomers confirmed the existence of the Kordylewski clouds which had been hanging in the balance since 1961. Nobody was quite sure if it was Kordylewski’s fantasy, was he mad? …I contacted the woman who headed the astronomy team in Hungary through ResearchGate and asked if they were studying the plasma aspects of the cloud. She said they were only studying the celestial mechanics aspect and didn’t appear to know what I meant about the plasma aspects. I contacted my colleague Chandra Wickramasinghe, a retired professor of Astrophysics and told him about the cloud and that we had to go into print about their plasma aspects and intelligence. We published a paper (Kordylewski Dust Clouds: Could They Be Cosmic “Superbrains”?) in Advances in Astrophysics in 2019.

plasma science

The earth moon system is a 2 cloud system

The clouds are between the earth and the moon but are not in a direct line of sight. They are 60 degrees to the right and 60 degrees to the left as you look at the moon. They are at two points known as the Lagrange points… between the earth and the moon where the gravitational pull of each is negligible. It comes to zero because they balance each other out. The moon can’t pull you towards it and the earth can’t pull you towards it. They are often just known as L points. L4 and L5, as a matter of fact. Each of these clouds are 9 times the size of the earth, so the 2 clouds together are 18 times the size of the earth, and they are between us and the moon.

So… the earth moon system is not an earth moon system. It is a 2 cloud system with an earth and a moon thrown in. We have to realize this. We are far too ethnocentric…earth centric. We still think…that the earth really is the center of the universe. We have crazy scientists saying that we are alone in the universe. There can’t be anyone else out there. Of course, those are all the people who belong in asylums. The idea that the universe doesn’t have any other intelligence in it, and anybody pretending to be in their right mind can even speculate that it is possible, just astounds me… Never mind, the world is full of lunatics.

Heather: But it’s also reflective of how we are all so focused on visible matter as primary in terms of scientific exploration whereas part of what you are reframing is how much this intelligence and life in the universe, is this inorganic plasma.

Robert: You are absolutely right. You have grasped the whole thing, fortunately. In fact, most people who read the book do say that they understand it all although they find the information a bit overwhelming and have to read it a second time.

Only plasma physicists know about dusty, complex plasma

Robert: The clouds are gigantic…and made of plasma, a special type of plasma called dusty complex plasma, which are a species of their own. But only the plasma physicists know about them. Ask any ordinary physicist, and he’ll say, ‘What’s a dusty complex plasma? I know what plasma is.’ And he will give you the old 1950s incorrect definition of plasma as a charged cloud of gas where the positive and negative charges are balanced.

Well, nothing could be more ridiculous because dusty complex plasmas are never balanced. It’s impossible for them to be balanced. And they contain modules within themselves called plasmoids which were discovered in the 1950s by a brilliant man Winston Bostick – what a hero. They are surrounded by sheaths and sheaths are double layered just like membranes that surround cells but made of different things that protect these little sub divisions inside a giant plasma.

So, you can have a very cold interior next to another plasmoid with a very hot interior. But surrounded by their sheaths, they can’t affect each other…you can have the most immensely complex interior structure to these dusty complex plasmas. All the dust particles are charged and the charges are vast – a single dust particle can have 10,000 electrons clinging on to it…

It’s now been established by the most advanced researchers that any… plasma body the size of our physical body, will have a more complex interior structure than our physical bodies do. That’s how complex our bio plasma bodies are, which are slightly larger than our physical bodies…some people call them auras and very sensitive people can detect that sort of thing. I have never seen an aura myself but the whole thing that’s going on is plasma phenomena.

Plasma Physics Suggests that Dusty complex plasma can spontaneously self organize

Robert: Russian researchers were a bit more freewheeling in their physics because they weren’t tied up in the religious sanctity of conventional opinions in the west. That’s just my speculation about why they were able to go so far in their plasma research. They have worked out and demonstrated in the lab that a dusty complex plasma can spontaneously self organise… through a process called…emergence. And this was even stated in the mid-50s by Bostick with his plasmoids. By emergence, they could develop intelligence.

We are talking about an AI type of intelligence. We don’t know whether such entities can have feelings and emotions…but they would have fantastic computing power. These clouds, 18 times the size of earth, would have computing power trillion and trillions and trillions of times more than we can imagine… the whole history of the planet and every person that ever lived, is in the Kordylewski clouds.

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Was Metatron the Angel of the Lord or one of the giant entities between earth and the moon?

Robert: I also do a lot of research into ancient stuff…there was a sect of the gnostics known as the Marcosians…We know enough to know that the Marcosians believed that there were 2 gigantic superhuman entities above the atmosphere between the earth and the moon of immense size and that they were super entities…we know the name they used for one of them was Metatron.

We know the name Metatron from elsewhere because it was the name used by Samaritans who were a sect of Judaism up in the north, who didn’t get along with the Jews at all. They were hostile toward each other. They speak of Metatron and say that the Angel of the Lord described in the bible… the voice that came from the burning bush to Moses up on the mountain top, was Metatron’s voice. It was Metatron, the Angel of the Lord. It wasn’t the Lord.

The Samaritans named the Angel of the Lord, who in the bible isn’t given a name…The Samaritans said the name was Metatron. But the Marcosians say that Metatron is a giant entity between the earth and the moon…figure that one out.

In ancient times, people were really into psychic perceptions – they had shamans, seers, sibyls, priestesses and people going into trance and communing with the higher entities…they knew a lot of stuff that we are only just discovering with our modern science now in 2023.

(End of transcript text.)

The wondrous world of psychic perceptions and communing with higher (and lower) realms is alive and well

I don’t have a scientific background but thoroughly enjoy learning from independent, scientific researchers, writers and scholars. If plasma ‘cosmic’ physics was taught at Adelaide High School, South Australia, I’m sure I would have chosen it as a subject. Back in those ancient days, I used to admire my friends who studied ‘physics, mathematics and chemistry’ in Year 12, but couldn’t figure out what the attraction was. But they may not have understood why I loved English and History so much, either.

Plasma Physics And Spiritual Foundations

I do, however, have a strong spiritual background. One of those lucky people who was dealt ‘death, loss and grief’ cards in my teen years that propelled me on a journey that partly explored the many theories and belief systems attached to the afterlife. That said, I can confidently report that the wondrous world of psychic perceptions and communing with spirit is alive and well, and has been for a long time. However, sorting the wheat from the chaff can be a challenge these days because of the internet’s booming and highly competitive spiritual and metaphysical ‘industry’. But when you educate yourself about what to look for, the initial problem of identifying authentic practitioners is easily solved.

I have also been blessed to connect with some incredibly advanced practitioners, most of whom prefer to fly under the radar. But with a little coaxing, I’m confident that their enlightening and deeply nourishing stories will one day be told and contribute toward strengthening the exciting, existing bridge between science and spirit in the process.

End of Part 1

Article: Plasma Physics Part 2

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