Plasma Physics - A New Science of Heaven and Humankind? (Pt 2) cover

Plasma Physics – A New Science of Heaven and Humankind? (Pt 2)

It is time that humans were given a proper briefing on this ‘material world of spirit' - the new science of heaven.

The following passages have been transcribed from the second half of Professor Robert Temple’s interview with Heather Ensworth PhD about his revolutionary book A New Science of Heaven. Everyone else, seatbelts on and prepare to spark your imagination like never before. This is plasma physics part 2.

Will the plasma clouds intervene to save us?

Robert: We are always in such a mess and are a genocidal species, a psychopathic species because we spend all our time killing each other, pointlessly, frankly. We are obsessed with greed and silly things like fame…and all these people who are super rich become obsessed with making more money. If you’ve got a few hundred million dollars, why continue to earn money? It’s a mess.

The reason why the clouds obviously don’t intervene to save us from these catastrophes which we continually inflict upon ourselves, like the first world war, is because we are an experiment. If you interfere with an experiment, it ceases to be an experiment. If the day comes that they interfere, then it ceases to be an experiment. If things get to the absolute total crisis point, I guess they would have to intervene because there would be no point in having an experiment anymore if billions of people died and everything was really coming to an end. I presume they would intervene at that stage.

If you were able to return to earth again, would you do it?

Robert: Don’t forget that if billions of people die, it doesn’t mean they cease to exist. You are still left with billions of bio plasma beings. What are you going to do with them? Where do they go? That brings us to the whole question of the other world – there is another world we go to when we leave our ‘smart overcoats’. And we stay there until we return. Not everybody has to return – you can graduate. But there are some people who, having graduated, choose not to go up to the more blissful regions and instead choose to keep working to help get the planet sorted. As an individual bio plasma being, you can do that because you are not one of the clouds.

If you come back, you go through all the aggro that we have here, where everybody tries to stop you from doing everything. Try to do anything good on this planet and somebody is bound to complain. We are using this difficult world to grow and there are those of us who want to become better and better people but can only do it here. In the plasma physics world, you can’t do that because you are static there.

plasma physics part 2

An alternate view of the afterlife and ‘fallen’ people

Robert: When people leave this world, it’s like they have a barcode which is a read out of who they are and how good they are. It’s like a frequency. The higher frequencies are better people and you go straight to your level that matches that frequency. Automatically. So, nobody is judged before a tribunal and all that kind of thing. How could they handle billions of people otherwise? It must be supervised by the cloud, somehow. So, they have this system, which to a large extent, is automated…

Heather: To be on your own path of growth and evolution, you have to come back into this density in order to work through more of your process.

Robert: Yes, and it’s dangerous because you could slip. I’m sure that there are pretty highly evolved entities that have fallen, hence the fallen angel motif.

Heather: And the gnostic gospels, too.

Robert: A typical example of one known to everyone, in my opinion, is Napoleon. He was a brilliant person, a highly evolved entity, who fell. He tried conquering Europe, and guess what? 16 million people died because of his vanity. That’s what I call a fallen person…they keep popping up everywhere…megalomaniacs.

So, you can be doing very well and come back here and do even better and suddenly be tempted by fleshly things. You can suddenly decide that I am so clever that I want to become a billionaire. I am going to do it and I don’t care who gets hurt. Well, then you go down, down, down.

Why has science become so fragmented and held back?

Heather: It’s an extraordinary way to think about how information can be transferred throughout the universe through these webs of plasma.

Robert: The cosmic web is now recognised by astronomers because they can see it. It looks like a spider’s web. In my book, I show it side by side with a human brain because it looks the same. Basically, it’s an intelligent universe. The whole universe is conscious. Our sun and stars are entirely made of plasma and I believe they are all alive. They are connected by these filaments, which is where the electric universe theory comes in. But that’s requires a separate conversation…The vast clouds that you now see with the new telescopes are huge plasma clouds and they are giving birth within them to stars. These stars are nodes of a vast superconducting electric grid which we call the cosmic web.

Observational astronomers tend not to know anything about plasma because they don’t know what plasma really is or how it works. Science is too fragmented. Nobody knows what the guy in the next lab down the corridor is doing. Science is being held back because people trying to do the science in an open manner don’t have any access to the secret stuff…Much too much is being kept secret which shouldn’t be kept secret and the people who are keeping it secret are cutting their own throats because if they put more out into the public domain, they would get more feedback which would be useful for their secret stuff.

plasma physics

We have a capacity to directly influence our evolution

Heather: If nothing ever dies, if everything is held in this sea of consciousness in the plasma field, we can affect the evolution of consciousness of the planet. Rupert Sheldrake’s understanding of morphogenic fields by our own resonance…that what we draw to the earth by our own energy field…if we are coming more from the heart and moving into a higher level of consciousness, we are activating that energy on the planet.

Robert: I agree completely. Rupert, by the way, is a great friend of mine…he is a great force for the good…

Heather: If you follow that understanding, then we have a capacity to directly influence what’s happening with our evolution here on the planet. My sense from the astrological perspective is that we’re at a critical choice point here…these energies we are seeing around the globe, is the backlash to an increasing shift that we are capable of in terms of moving into a new state of evolution with our human consciousness…But it feels like, as you said, there is a larger struggle between good and evil, not just on the planet in terms of our earthly experiment but across the cosmos, which is extraordinary to think about.

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The Anubis Cell and Sirius mystery

Robert: Absolutely – I agree with everything you said…I want to address an earlier question about communication across space. In the revised edition of The Sirius Mystery, which came out in 1998, which I expanded by 50%…I talked about the connection between the Sirius system and solar system and at the time, I didn’t know about all this plasma stuff. I can now see what I suggested has a sound, physical basis.

I suggested that Sirius and the solar system were connected in a cell of some kind. I called it the Anubis Cell because Sirius is the dog star and Anubis was the dog god. I now can see that from the galactic perspective, such a cell would be a dusty complex plasma cell with its own sheath and that within such a cell, a long range order takes place, and that you could have instantaneous communication between the star systems because they are in the same cell.

…Information could in principle, be instantaneously transmitted anywhere in the universe because the universe itself, although limitless, I’m sure…is also a dusty complex plasma.

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We’ve got extraterrestrial life between us and the moon

Robert: Most of the attention has been given to L5 (Lagrange libration point) – which I think is the one called Metatron. But the thing is, what is the other one up to (L4 Lagrange libration point)? Is one the left brain, is one the right brain? Is one male, is one female? Are they married? Anything is possible. We don’t know. And I do believe there have been attempts from L5 to communicate with us. Some of that was in my book but was removed. But that’s another long story.

…All of our concepts of communicating with extraterrestrial life are inadequate. We are looking for little green men out there somewhere. We’ve got extraterrestrial life between us and the moon. We don’t need to look beyond that. We should be learning about the clouds…The fact is that don’t even know enough about our own planet, frankly, and we don’t know what the core of our earth is made of. It’s all speculation…

I have a chapter in my book called The Cold Sun in which I point out that our conventional notions of the sun are nonsense. Because, if it really had a fusion reaction going on in the centre, the sun would get hotter the closer you get to it. But the opposite is true. It gets colder…

There is no hydrogen bomb going off in the centre of the sun. That’s complete madness. This was an idea that was attested by the wonderful Sir Arthur Eddington in the 1920s and he did his best because it made sense then. But it no longer does. People have got to shake that off…Everybody admits that there’s something wrong but they won’t admit that they are wrong.

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Discerning the truth instead of defending certain paradigms

Heather: We get so locked into our paradigms that we don’t want to… You are an independent researcher trying to discern what’s true rather than getting caught up in defending a certain paradigm which is unfortunately so much of what happens in academia…We have been speculating about these other intelligent beings in the universe and basically what you are saying is that they are all around us.

Robert: Yes, yes, absolutely. There are life forms of plasma that are invisible to us and we don’t suspect are there. Some people call them angels. It’s all happening and we are blind to most of it. Life is everywhere. And everything is life. The universe is life. It’s conscious life. It’s a life that feels…thinks…a life that imagines. And I think that imagining is the source of everything.

The clouds know the entire history of this planet

Heather: Would you say then, that the clouds not only are intelligent and have this phenomenal memory bank, but are conscious?

Robert: Oh yes, definitely! They will be conscious at least in an AI manner…they would be super intelligent… so intelligent than they would know more than probably all the people on earth put together if they combined all of their intelligence…They know who everybody is. They would be watching this, for instance, because they monitor everything and have the capacity to do that easily. They would have fantastic filtering and sorting systems – way beyond the key word thing that spy agencies use…

The systems of sorting out what is really interesting and needs attention will be perfected by the Kordylewski clouds because they are probably billions of years old. They know the entire history of this planet, they know the details of every animal – not just the people – and probably every plant and the entire geology of the planet. They would have witnessed its formation…they know the whole story of the earth and the earth is what they are monitoring.

End of Interview Transcript, Pt 2

Heavenly Highlights

The following passages from A New Science of Heaven include references to ancient religious texts.

“Now at last, science has caught up with mysticism and modern physicists are seriously suggesting that intelligent plasmas can exist after all.” ~Professor Robert Temple

Correcting inaccurate global climate models

  • Crucial new findings about ‘new particle formation’ are not taken into account in global climate models and existing climate models ‘underestimate both the magnitude of tropical atmospheric NRF (new particle formation) and the subsequent growth of new particles to CCN (cloud condensation nuclei) sizes.’
  • Important phenomenon related to the discovery of this new particle formation in the atmosphere has been missed because it is so difficult to detect by existing technology. As a result, NASA has set up a programme to try to obtain more detailed information about these new particles so that we can know how they affect both our climate models and our climate itself.

Is the ‘War in Heaven’ between good and bad plasmas?

  • The early third century AD ‘Nag Hammadi’ Christian Gnostic Apocryphon of John text insists that it was ‘not Noah alone’ but ‘also other men’ who went into a place and sheltered themselves within a ‘luminous cloud’. It also speaks of angels as ‘lights’ and that both good and bad entities reside in the ‘luminous clouds’.
  • If the Devil himself lives in a fiery plasma cloud, it is possible for both powers of Good and Evil to dwell in, or consist of, plasma clouds.
  • Key events in the New Testament such as the Transfiguration, where Jesus appeared radiant in glory and the Pentecost, also seem suggestive of plasmas.
  • The War in Heaven could therefore be a war between good and bad plasmas, and the extent to which they can recruit humans on their respective sides is assumed to have a bearing on how long the world will last before it reaches its ultimate climax when the final reckoning occurs. At that time, the ‘elect’ amongst humanity who have remained good despite all temptations, will rise up to the Kingdom of Light, and the Powers of Darkness will be annihilated.

Nikola Tesla saw tongues of living flame

Nikola Tesla wrote in his autobiography that:

In my boyhood I suffered from a peculiar affliction due to the appearance of images, often accompanied by strong flashes of light, which marred the sight of real objects and interfered with my thought and action…I was about 12 years old when I first succeeded in banishing an image from my vision by wilful effort but I never had control over the flashes of light to which I have referred. They were, perhaps, my strangest experience and explicable…In some instances, I have seen all the air around me filled with tongues of living flame…These luminous phenomena still manifest themselves from time to time, as when a new idea opening up possibilities strikes me…

Professor Temple interprets Tesla’s descriptions as appearing to be the visualisation and perception of his own plasma body. ‘Tongues of living flame’ surround us because that is what plasma is like – not heat producing flames but rather a ‘living flame’ with pulsations or waves within the flame.

plasma physics

The ‘Death Flash’ and ‘Life Flash’

  • It has been said that at the moment of death, a flash of light is emitted from the body and it applies to all organisms, not just people.
  • A light flash is also seen at conception, when a human egg is fertilized by a sperm, and has been captured on film. The flashes are caused by a wave of calcium ions going through the cell and calcium ion flow is a form of plasma, just as we have seen in the death waves.
  • Death flashes have not yet been captured on film but in 1987, Polish biophoton researcher, the late Professor Janusz Slawinski (1936-2016) published a summary of the many of the occurrences of the ‘death flash’, technically known as the ‘necrotic photon emission’. He concludes that the electromagnetic field produced by necrotic radiation, containing energy, internal structure and information, may permit the continuation of consciousness beyond the death of the body.
  • Bio plasma bodies do not ‘wear out’ but whether they have non-physical ways of undergoing any kind of disintegration, is not yet known. But it is likely that it would take the form of an impairment or degrading rather than a total catastrophic collapse.

Writes Temple:

‘This is clearly very important information. Considering how terrified most people are of dying, you would think that this information would be more widely circulated, if only to assuage people’s anxieties. But strangely, few people have heard about it. This is puzzling to me. I think it must be because we live in a world today where intellectuals, mainstream social opinion-formers and mass media all subscribe to a rigidly materialistic view of life and are intolerant of anyone who challenges this arid position in even the slightest way. It is time that humans were given a proper briefing on this ‘material world of spirit.’

My dearly departed father assured me in a dream that ‘there is no death’

Professor Temple’s reference to the ‘material world of spirit’ aligns with two profound dreams I experienced in the mid 1990s – fitting memories to share as I conclude this article.

I clearly recall standing in a peaceful space, surrounded by a gentle mist and feeling embraced by a comforting, loving energy. My father, Karl Summer, emerged from the mist and stood in front of me. He was as tall and strong as I remembered him to be, and looked as happy to see me as I did him. As I basked in a profound wave of sweet relief and comfort that permeated the deepest levels of my soul, my father extended his hand to me. Expecting to feel nothing but thin air, I reached out to hold it. Instead, I physically felt his hand and looked at him in blissful awe. ‘You’re not dead, are you dad.’ I said. He smiled and replied: ‘There is no death, Linda.’

A few nights later, my father appeared in my dream world once again. This time, he was in a mischievous, happy mood and the setting included an arc of coffins with open lids. Then he started jumping in and out of the coffins like a cheeky, athletic teenager. ‘See?’ he said. ‘There is no death.’ I couldn’t help but laugh along with him and embrace the notion that death really was an illusion and that coffins were mere ‘props’ used in our earthly life to farewell our loved ones in their ‘smart overcoats’. In hindsight, my father’s comedic ‘coffin dance’ was also his way of helping me heal from the deep trauma and grief that accompanied the viewing of his body laying dead in a coffin. I had to physically see my father to help me believe he was really dead and I am sorry I had to put my mother through an experience she wanted to avoid. My father’s death on Boxing Day, 1980, came as an momentous shock to all who knew and loved him. He was only 54 years old. But he left us with a precious cache of joyful, at times hilarious and eye-opening memories to carry in our hearts.

My wish for anyone grieving the loss of someone they love with all their heart, is to know that death is not the final curtain call. Far from it.


View the ‘flash of light’ at the moment of conception

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