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Evil Influence, Psychosis and Mental Imbalance

The division between possession, insanity and mental imbalance is a very thin veil.

In the words of the Father of Psychology William James;

“The refusal of modern enlightenment to treat obsession as a hypothesis to be spoken of as even possible, in spite of the massive human tradition, based on concrete experience in its favor, has always seemed to me a curious example of the power of fashion in things scientific. That the demon theory (not necessarily a devil theory) will have its innings again is to my mind absolutely certain. One has to be ‘scientific’ indeed to be blind and ignorant enough not to suspect any such possibility” William James (1909)

Battle Lines

There has been a never-ending battle that’s been waging since the dawn of time – the battle between good and evil. In every religious text and in every belief system runs a parallel line of thought. An evil malevolent force exists and wishes to bring down that which it is in opposition by using every power and trick in the book. As a consequence, bringing the fall of man to reality.

Evil Influence Belief

Whether you believe in a concept of evil or not; you can’t help but notice something that is in opposition to everything that we see as good in our lives. All around us exists something nefarious. Whether it is at a level of country leadership, within governments, personal, or mass group consciousness; One cannot deny the reality that atrocities happen globally. That cannot be at the action of a force known as love or divinity personified.

It is futile to try to grasp that concept of evil is good. Moreover,; for the new age camp that considers an atrocity to be some great divine lesson, let’s take a step back and get to grips with reality. The war between good and evil is still forging ahead. We must question our fundamental perceptions and belief in the concept. Influence of evil exists all around us, and lack of awareness affords no protection. It is not tied down to religions, beliefs or indeed locality.

Consider A New Paradigm For Evil Influence

As a Consequence, there may exist another explanation to be given consideration. Consider, if there was another hypothesis regarding these events. What if there was a greater nefarious plan in action at this moment in time that goes unnoticed by man. This exists because of our ignorance of concepts beyond the realms of scientific explanation? Therefore, what if evil influence permeated more than we know?

Allow me to lay a possible hypothesis and plant a seed that may change that perception. Consider if you will; these atrocities were at the hand of evil influence by malevolent intelligence. This means of course, influences people of power, individuals and groups? Let’s look at a new paradigm. What if an evil agency exists with a will and a plan, and above all, intelligence to influence.

A Hypothesis on Mental Illness and Evil Influence

There’s a great divide in the scientific community. One side considers there is a biological problem to mental illness, and that no other explanations exist, therefore behavior is measured by the mental balance. The other suggests that a more spiritual route or energetic imbalance is caused by outside influence. Consequently, this would include a perception of a spirit or intelligent force. This could be the common factor in many cases of Psychosis, Dissociative Identity Disorder and other forms of mental imbalances.

Malevolent Intelligence

I choose the term imbalance because I do not wish to label something as an illness, which may have malevolent intelligence and evil influence behind it. I also concur that some issues will have a physiological and biological cause responds to modern sciences and treatment. Nevertheless, ; consider if those cases — where there is no plausible explanation as to nature and of the cause and effect of a situation, person or event had another explanation. What if there was another potential that involves possible evil influence?

Could we indeed be the pawns in a chess game between these forces of polar opposites? There’s no doubt about it that we are influenced in our daily lives without even thinking. We are an emotional species and so what hits our emotions via our senses has a cause and effect. We often run our lives governed by our emotions.

Mind Stimulation

What stimulates our minds has a dramatic effect on our lives. Therefore, we all dissociate at some point, though only temporary. This can be through daydreams or being distracted by thoughts that enter our mind. The reality is that we have control over that, and we can come back to the present anytime one desires.

In visualizing something or hearing something that stimulates a particular emotional response. This cause results in an effect of us carrying out that influence. It could be a simple example of being compelled to buy something or eat something. At the very basis of this is the reality, we are compelled to do something by a thought that has a stimulus in emotion. We must then question how, if we are compelled, would it be wrong to assume that one could be compelled negatively by an external evil influence.

Whether hearing voices or thoughts that influence our actions, we can all succumb to dissociation of the self from reality.

Dissociative Identity Disorder Or Multiple Personality Disorder or Evil Influence

“Who Said that,” “He Did, No — She Did.”

The above quote may be quite tart in its taste, but it does exemplify exactly what Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) or Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) is, and how a layperson can understand it. From a spiritual perspective, there exists another hypothesis. This hypothesis often goes against the belief of our scientific colleagues, Psychologists or Psychiatrists, and there is often a deep-seated hidden fear to agree to something out of the realms of scientific understanding.

Dissociative Identity Disorder

DID is a rather severe aspect of psychosis and separation from the self. It refers to the individual referring to themselves as separate entities. The individual has no control of their own thoughts. Consequently, some scientific communities would consider this to be a coping mechanism to a negative event such as abuse of some kind. One has to consider that a more mental influence exists from outside forces. A kind of telepathic mind manipulation under the agency of powerful nefarious intelligence. Even though there may be biological and genetic problems, what if the phenomena and behavior goes beyond human understanding?

Dr. Bruce Lipton suggests in his Groundbreaking book, “Biology of Belief Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, and Miracles” that your mind and thoughts influence your DNA and your perceptions. Therefore, this understanding leashes an inner power open to us all. Consequently, on the other side of the coin; should our mind and thoughts be influenced negatively, then the negative expression will ensue.

Malevolent Intelligence

I have mentioned this before, but we must understand what it means. This is not just a form of innocuous energy. It has a conscious expression, will, and judgment. It has the capacity for thought and planning, knowledge and discernment, and can separate certain aspects of its consciousness to a defined planned action. This intelligence can obsess, influence and eventually possess given the right conditions. So we can be open to obsessional influence to carry out the willful expression of malevolent Intelligence.

Obsession Rather Than Possession

Obsession is understood in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as;

a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling – broadly: compelling motivation.’

When one considers the differences of possession and obsession from a spiritual stance. You have to understand that one influences, and the other is total control of one’s will, and that also means free will. In a demonic possession, a malevolent force will occupy the mind and body of the chosen host. For this hypothesis, we will look toward more of an obsessive influence with a diabolical modus operandi.

An obsession of the mind

One misjudgment that I believe is the cause of ignorance of evil is labeling something such as schizophrenia as a disease of the mind. One does not take into account that another intelligence is at work. This evil influence can be masked as differing perceptions and disorders.

DID or MPD is of course associated with the hearing of voices. That to my mind is a type of mediumship psychosis or a form of psychosis that has been brought on by spirit influence of a person of weak spiritual disposition. At this juncture; I would like to bring into this hypothesis – the existence of Demons or malevolent intelligence as the influence with nefarious intent, will, and plan. Whether you believe in this reality matters not, as the existence does not rely on your perception or belief. Just because you don’t believe in gravity, it won’t stop you falling.

Obsession, Oppression and Evil Influence

This evil influence brought on by the agency of Demonic oppression or spirit oppression. This can cause one to experience the interference of external thought that is not within the normal expression of the chosen host, this may also give cause to experiencing other phenomena within the mind. Such phenomena such as the hearing of voices, or the visualization of scenes and images within one’s mind is a fundamental principle of Schizophrenia. Furthermore, the idea the phenomena may be the will of malevolent intelligence is frowned upon. As a consequence, the science community would rather err on the side of caution and claim a biological or genetic malfunction of the human condition.

evil influence

Hearing Voices With Malicious Intent

Now let’s consider for a moment those voices. Those whispering intonations within the mind of one who is perceptible to spiritual influence are the influences and thoughts of a highly evolved yet malevolent intelligence. This is the beginning of a constant subtle nuance of influence in the person’s life. The person is thus beginning to become suppressed by negative thoughts or identities molding the mind. It happens very slowly and deliberately over time with a hidden agenda. Perhaps the chosen host does not actually recognize this influence. It is so subtle and almost imperceptible to that individual

Hudson Tuttle in the “Arcana Of Spiritualism” Alludes to this;

“While sitting in a circle at the home of the venerable Dr. Underhill, I was for the time in an almost unconscious state, and recognized the presence of several Indian spirits. The roar of the Cayahoga River over the rapids could be heard in the still evening air, and to my sensitive ear was very distinct. Suddenly I was seized with a desire to rush away to the rapids, and throw myself into the river… someone caught hold of me, and aroused me out of the impressible state I was in, so that I gained control of myself. Had the state been more profound, and had I once started, the end might have been different. The desire remained all the evening.”

This continuation of subtle thought patterns begins to influence other aspects of the mind and body through emotional subjugation. It is comprehensible that one can be influenced or obsessed by an evil entity to carry out evil atrocities. Could it just be hearing voices with further control or obsessive action on other aspects such as emotions that translate to the body from the mind?

The following paragraph is from an article I wrote many years ago on this subject.

Perpetrator Or Innocent Host

Whilst hearing the voices over and again, the victim is consumed by the presence of the entity. It is not long before the being is guiding the soul to commit evil odious acts. During committing a murder, the murderer claims that he or she is not aware of what is going on. Only later when everything is finished do they realize that — standing with blood on their hands, they have committed a murder and taken someone’s life. This could also be a possible hypothesis for other such crimes, and acts of terror upon persons, countries and of course populations.

Occasionally though, the individual is aware of what they are doing. They know that what they are doing is wrong. Is that a case for obsessions and possessions or an answer to hearing voices as aforementioned? It most certainly is; the person concerned becomes controlled by the entity, and yet he or she knows nothing of this and though aware has no power to control. In short, he or she remains oblivious to an unnatural force that is attached and influencing the mind beyond human understanding. Therefore, it is possible that Schizophrenia can be induced by spirit entities that manipulate the energy of the body to bring about a physical change in the brain or hormones within the human condition.

a murderer under evil influence

About the symptoms and plan of the crimes

Could it be possible then that a probable excuse would be that, the human did not carry out the murder — it was the entity. That would make the murderer — not a murderer but an accessory to the crime.

Perception of belief

In a perfect world as with scientific movies; would it not be an ideal condition to capture the spirit and hold it accountable for the atrocious crime. Yet in the real world, it remains a fact, you cannot prove the existence of something that you are not aware of by physical sight. If we can’t see it, it is humanistic to not believe it. However, we do believe in the presence of God or another holy deity. So there is an unbalance in this perception.

Why then do we not believe that evil exists, and demons, personified in murders, mass shootings, war’s, abuse, as well as physical acts of evil, exist within the outer realms? Is it not then suitable to also consider that leaders of countries, religions, and within our governments could be influenced by a malevolent force. Therefore, making judgments and decisions that ultimately do not serve the human race, but fuel the will of an evil plan as the catalyst of control.


Insanity as far as I believe is tantamount to possession from an unnatural force manipulating the mind. Psychologists would have you believe that there is a medical reason for everything. An imbalance here or there. Secretly though, the same professionals will also admit to the possibility of the existence of evil as a supernatural being.

We are energy in motion. Even though we manipulate other forms of energy to create an opinion, a cure, or a system of understanding — it is nothing more than vibrating atoms moving at speeds we cannot grasp. Man did not believe that atoms existed until; it was successfully split in 1911 by a British scientist named Ernest Rutherford. If vibrating atoms vibrate at such a high-speed, and we cannot see it. Does it mean that It’s not there?

Thus, the same is a probable thesis for demonic possession or spirit attachment. This energy form exists and manipulates at will through its own will and intelligence. The cases above in some form or another prove the existence of this force, seen or unseen.

Understanding Diabolical Possessions

When trying to understand the difference between these states, as mentioned before, one is of influence, and the other – diabolical possession. It is taking control of mind and body. Therefore, the differences in obsession and possession are no longer questionable in regard to mental imbalance. The reason is clear. When full Diabolical Possession occurs, the phenomena is clear and distinct. It has a pattern and intelligence and can be witnessed externally by others no matter religion, belief nor creed.

Beyond Science

If someone is levitating with no possible scientific explanation. Perhaps they are changing in appearance ‘Physiognomy,’ and shouting blasphemy all whilst physical manifestations are going on around you. Emanating putrid smells or bodily fluids, and excrement, not to mention that feeling of foreboding of evil that is projected to the sensitive, or even non-sensitive individual is beyond explanation. There would also be external manifestations of phenomena that would be external to the victim. These phenomena are experienced in the immediate environment, and perhaps phenomena that is directed in a highly intelligent and deliberate way.

One must then begin to look at possible paranormal or imbalanced spiritual causation as a point of serious inquiry, needing further research and analysis. This is real Diabolical possession, and very often the individual has no control of the body or the mind, therefore evil can be carried out by the hand of the human host. There are many cases where perpetrators have memory blanks and remember nothing and having no control of body nor mind.

Global Influences By Evil Entities

Anyone, place or group can be influenced and obsessed by malevolent intelligence if active awareness and understanding do not become commonplace. There could just as well be Demonic influence at a global level with leaders of countries and governments. This also includes religions and spiritual movements. It is safe to assume, that we as divine beings would not necessarily be the perpetrators of heinous acts without such influences external to ourselves and manipulating us for malevolent entertainment and the carrying out of evil will.

Demons Roam

Personally, I know that Demons do not just roam looking for victims. Nevertheless, there is a plan and an evil will and intelligence behind that modus operandi. The plan is beyond our perception, and we will never know the reality behind it, but we can, of course, become educated to perhaps become more aware so that we can take action, personally and in mass conscious expression. Whether evil chooses one or many, it is in total opposite to that which is good. It is safe to assume that obsessive influence can be the catalyst to many atrocities and heinous acts of crime within our world.

Psychical Researcher James Hyslop had this to say about obsession and spirit Influence;

Psychical researcher James H. Hyslop in Contact with the Other World (1919), observes:

“If we believe in telepathy, we believe in a process which makes possible the invasion of a personality by someone at a distance. It is not at all likely, that sane and intelligent spirits are the only ones to exert influence from a transcendental world. If they can act on the living there is no reason why others cannot do so as well. The process, in either case, would be the same; we should have to possess adequate proof that nature puts more restrictions upon ignorance and evil in the next life than in this in order to establish the certainty that mischievous personalities do not or cannot perform nefarious deeds. The objection that such doctrine makes the world seem evil applies equally to this situation in the present life.”

In Conclusion, A Psychologists Perspective

Another great parapsychologist and researcher recently said to me. “Jock any claims made have to have extraordinary evidence” and that Occam’s razor will often throw perceptions and assumptions off balance. Sometimes as with the simplest reason behind something, as suggested by Occam’s razor, can also mean the realms external to science and materialistic understanding. If the scientist can use the theory, then, so to, can we try to understand the Occult or that which is hidden? Perhaps the simplest explanation is that we are influenced by malevolent forces. Until science can accept that another hypothesis may actually hold the simple answer, is it not time we stopped running around in circles.


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