The Nature Of Evil Ignorance

The Nature Of Evil Ignorance

Do you believe in Evil?
the nature of evil

The Nature Of Evil and Ignorance – Safe or Sorry!

It has always been a common perception within the spiritualistic community to deny the existence of evil – especially when one is communicating through the agency of mediumship. On one side of the fence, there is the medium who will say, “Well in all my years of working and developing da da da da, I have never come across anything evil.” Then also following with the recourse that if you just keep your energy high and ask for divine protection, you will be ok.

I am certainly not picking on or pointing any fingers at our spiritual colleagues, but one must consider the nature of evil or everything that is in opposition to the light which have of course existed since time immemorial. There are countless examples of nefarious or negative entities that have caused pandemonium, not only to a medium, but within the environment or particular target. Is it not safer to accept, rather than refute the existence and nature of evil within the world and also within our spiritually enhanced energetic environment.

The Problem With Denial

You can deny the existence of evil all you want, or bad spirits, but that does not mean they do not exist. All this means is that deep down inside your own consciousness, there is a part of you that will not face the reality and truth of the polar opposite. Think about this: if you did not know dark, you would not know light, if you did not know pain, you would not know health. The reality of our polar opposite is real because it is also a necessary part of our growth. Nevertheless, there is a polar opposite that has its own will, its own laws, which of course are governed by divine law and its own modus operandi. You may never experience this and that’s ok, but there are people who do. It is an event or events that are never forgotten.

Personally, I am not supportive of telling someone something does not exist or not to worry about it when there are examples and cases from almost every belief system or spiritual text and from the plethora of communications from the other side. It is real, it exists and “Knowledge Gives Strength to the Arm.” It is therefore better, in my opinion, to keep the door of the stable bolted than to let it open and let the horse out.

The individual who is developing or who is beginning to study the mechanics of the other-side are lulled into a false sense of security and though it does not happen so often, things can and will get out of control, should the chink in the armor be weakened. Imagine the responsibility you have on your shoulders and those who look up to you and you tell them something does not exist and not to worry about it. How would you feel if that person’s life was turned upside down and all because you never prepared them enough?

That individual may take it upon themselves to delve further, without the proper knowledge or discernment and could find themselves in tremendous hot water. Should they become the interest of a negative spirit, it does not need to be a quick turnaround either, it can simmer and develop over years. The fisherman often has tremendous patience to catch the big catch and that’s the same when there is a potential hook on the line for the agency of what is understood as evil.

The Philosophical Argument With The Nature Of Evil

The nature of evil is not only a philosophical issue, but also has its roots in folklore and differing belief systems. However, the reality of EVIL can simply be understood as the separation to a greater extent of that which is divine or good, the total opposite. Now, I deliberately make reference to the extent of the division because in reality that which is considered evil was of course created by the same divine essence of all of creation.

Within the Kabbalah, it is understood as the absence of light.

In Christianity, it is that which is in opposition to good.

The argument of whether or not there is a governing deity of Evil such as the Devil, Satan or its namesake in many other cultures, does not matter. Evil is evil and it hates anything that perpetuates from light.

The Great Spirit guide Silver Birch alludes to the presence of Evil within man’s perception"

“But do not forget that you are the Great Spirit and the Great Spirit is you. The power which belongs to the Great Spirit, which belongs to you, can raise you triumphant over all matter. It is a power which, properly understood, can enable you to resist all evil, to overcome all sickness and to fight every obstacle. But few of you use it.”

In many past seances and even within the psychological work of Carl Wickland, there are a plethora of statements from those communicating spirits that describe the negative and evil spirits that try to gain hold of those spirits trapped within the consciousness of a host.

The philosophy of it all can be argued till the end of time but the reality remains that it still exists, whether manifested in thought, material manifestation or by divine order – It exists. No matter if your perception believes in it or not, the truth of the matter is the existence of evil in multitudinous forms.

But essentially, we can break evil down into three particular sections: Theological, Logical and of course, Evidential. Consequently, all of these separations are continually argued, but again, I challenge you to prove that Evil does not exist just the same as you will challenge a skeptic to prove the afterlife does not exist. Both exercises are futile and therefore break down further into faith and perception.

How Can You Be Sure When You Are Not Sure Of Yourself?

We as spiritualists have a greater responsibility to not bury our heads and not lead anyone astray. As we look toward the beauty and majesty of a flower and argue the reality for divine order within a chaotic universe, how then can we separate the evil that permeates the universe and claim it is null and void or does not exist and is a mere illusion or creation of man’s failures. There is no one here that can be 100 percent sure and though you may not have come across anything of a real diabolical nature in your career, it is foolhardy to claim the non-existence of it. If you think it, it exists, no matter in what energetic form.

Our pioneers of the past within mediumship have warned us about nefarious spirits and negative energy. Think about it, you say a prayer of protection at the beginning of a circle, why? You keep your vibration as high as possible, why? Simply, because there is a negative aspect within that realm. This is clear in all spiritual concepts and in all religious texts.

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What If You're Not Ready

Do you think you would be ready to face the challenge should it be presented? It is not enough to run around with woo woo sticks, prayers with no power and an ignorant mindset of Evil and how to face it. Most of us will never face real diabolical power in our lives and we thank the Great Spirit for that, but for some the reality is real and often very different from that which is perceived in the real world. The person who takes up the burden of helping others who are experiencing or have experienced evil, will forever be a target and will forever have to maintain a high vibration in thought, word and deed. There is no adulation for those who serve in this capacity.

It is not enough to have knowledge or even theory, for everything we experience in life is within. Nothing exists as an external experience, all is within. I am sure you have heard that statement a million times, but there is a reason the statement keeps permeating our consciousness, and that’s because it’s true. So the power is within. It is your discernment and divinity that is the seat of your power and it's important to be guarded with it and to continue in its reverence to the divinity within.

The Process Of Discernment

In the previous statement, Silver Birch tells us that most of us don’t use it. This is the same within all of our perceptions and the influences around us which cause separation from that divine power. So discernment is not about perceiving what is good or bad, it is harnessing the divine power within you that is over and above that which is in opposition to you. It is not something you learn, it is beyond all knowledge, it is something you are. It is better to maintain an understanding and healthy respect, for without yin, there is no yang.

In Conclusion

Evil exists whether or not you believe in it. Even if you don’t believe in gravity, it will not stop you falling.

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