Canadian Dog Owner Discovers Ghost of Her Diseased Great Dane

We all want to believe that our pets stay with us after their death, but this hope became a reality for a Canadian dog lover, Michelle Creighton. Her six-year-old Great Dane Oakley tragically died in April, but Michelle believes there is proof her beloved pooch is still around.

Just mere weeks after Oakley passed, Michelle believes she witnessed her deceased dog’s image on the curtains of her living room. Given the fact Oakley is buried in the garden, it certainly makes for an interesting story.

Michelle stated the following about her experience:

“When I first saw the shadow, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, so I just started at it. But then it clicked, and I couldn’t believe how much it looked like my Great Dane, Oakley. I quickly took some photographs because I didn’t think anyone would believe me! I even got up and opened the curtains, and the shape changed, and I could no longer see the shape of my dog – I got immediate goose bumps!”

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While seeing a presence of a deceased pet could be enough to give anyone a serious shock, Michelle mentioned that she somehow found a sense of ease after discovering the sighting.

“The sighting made me feel at ease and I decided to take it as a sign of him being ok and that he’s where he’s supposed to be – at home with me. I haven’t stopped smiling since and nothing beats that feeling – I believe their energy is still here. When Oakley passed away I was in complete shock and I cried for days because everything reminded me of him and my house was never the same again. He is buried in the back garden, so he is always with us, and I will always welcome sightings like this one as it means I know he’s there.”

Whether it is a trick of shadows, or if it is the ghost of Oakley, we all want to believe our deceased loved ones are not far away. We all believe there is something more we cannot always see, so stories like this make us feel more confident that death is not the end.

Other Cases

Oakley is not the first reported ghost of a beloved pet. There have been many cases over the years, where pet owners believe they have spotted the ghost of their deceased pet. Some explain it as residual energy, other believe they are hoaxed. Of course, there is also a portion of the population believing in the ghost plane, which make the following recent cases even more interesting.

Sadie the Dog (North Carolina, United States)

One of the recent reported cases hails from North Carolina. Sadie the dog had to be put down by her owners due to illness. After her death, she would appear while the owner was filming their new dog.

The Cat of All Hallows Church

Reported pet hauntings are not limited to the United States. Even the United Kingdom is facing quite the invasion of furry ghost friends! One interesting one with quite the backstory is the cat of All Hallows Church in London.

The organist of the church requested that her Pedigree Persian could be buried on consecrated ground, only for her request to be denied after her death. Her beloved cat outlived her, but visitors of the church have reported seeing the ghost cat walking around the church. They claim it looks like an average pet cat, but nobody can seem to find it when searching the grounds.

The Leeds Castle Haunting

One of my personal favorites, being a resident of the UK myself, is the Leeds Castle haunting. This one is discussed almost daily by the locals, claiming a hell hound has been haunting the grounds of the castle since the 15th century!

Leeds Castle is also named as one of the top five haunted places in the United Kingdom. In addition to the sightings of the hell hound, people also believe the castle is haunted by the daughter of King Henry the 8th, princess Caroline. She is believed to have died while playing in her royal bedroom.

From ghost toddlers to hell hounds, reports around the world indicate that there could be more to the afterlife than darkness alone.


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