The Most Haunted Locations In Australia Revealed!

The Most Haunted Locations In Australia Revealed!

Check out these top haunted locations in Australia, you know - down under. What others do you know about?

Every country has its most haunted locations, and most of these are open to the public. We already covered some of the most haunted places in the United Kingdom and United States, but we have not looked at a country with one of the most brutal histories, Australia!

Much like the United Kingdom, Australia has quite a history, so it is certainly no stretch of the imagination that Australia has some seriously haunted places. Let us take a look at some of the most haunted places in the land down under, giving those ghost-hunting tourists some amazing travel ideas!


haunted locations in australia

When you want to visit several haunted locations, you may want to head over to Picton in New South Wales. Dubbed as the most haunted town in Australia, and situated only 80 kilometres from Sydney, this haunted town is certainly worth a visit.

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One of the locations worth visiting in Picton is called The Mushroom Tunnel, a.k.a. the former Redbank Range Railway. The Mushroom Tunnel was the first rail used by New South Wales, with an active connection to Melbourne between 1867 and 1919. The rail was also used during the second world war as an armory.

There are a bunch of stories about The Mushroom Tunnel and the hauntings taking place there. However, the best-known ghost story is that linked to Emily Bollard, a woman who was involved in one of the most horrific rail accidents.

Over the years, visitors of The Mushroom Tunnels have reported all kinds of weird phenomena. Some only experienced some unusual wind and drops in temperature, while others reported hearing disembodied voices and seeing orbs.

The Ararat Lunatic Asylum

Ararat Lunatic Asylum Aradale Psychiatric Hospital ca2104d7b06b8688380b7a0be6bcda60 800 Paranormal Daily News

No matter how many haunted locations you have visited in your life, there is something particularly eerie about an insane asylum, especially those who have been around since the 1800’s. Insane asylums in those days were known for its inhumane treatment of patients; and this is no different for the Ararat Lunatic Asylum in Victoria.

The Ararat Lunatic Asylum was built in 1860 and contained more than a thousand patients at one point! Shockingly, it is claimed that more than 13,000 people have died at this location over its 130-year history. The asylum was also linked with some gruesome and outdated practices used on patients. Undoubtedly, some lead to the death of its inhabitants.

Paranormal activity has been reported regularly within the walls of the Asylum. Visitors have reported feeling like they are being touched by cold hands; this often occurs in the male surgery wing of the asylum. There have also been reports of screams throughout the Asylum.

One of the best-known ghost stories surrounding the Ararat Insane Asylum is that of Old Margaret. It is claimed the woman was a patient at the clinic, but was forced to leave upon its closure in 1998. After her death, it is claimed Margaret returned to her former “home” to haunt its halls.

The Monte Cristo Homestead

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If you intend on visiting Picton and its famous Mushroom Tunnel, you might have to stop at the Monte Cristo Homestead, which is situated in New South Wales too. The homestead was built in 1885 and is the most haunted private residence in Australian history.

The Monte Cristo Homestead is open to the public and there have been numerous reports about paranormal sightings over the years. Most people who have experienced these phenomena report seeing weird lights and voices. There have even been reports of full-body apparitions. Naturally, this would make the homestead one of the must-see places to visit for paranormal activity hunters.

Over the years, various psychics have visited the Monte Cristo Homestead. Most psychics claim that the paranormal activity within the house is linked to one of its former owners, Mr Crawley. It would also seem like Mr Crawley still feels he is still the owner of the home, as he commanded one of the psychics to leave the dining room during their meal more than once.

Other Haunted Locations You May Want To Visit

Gooloowan from Outridge Street Ipswich Queensland 5d8410b89024e3a8989dfa3600f03cea 800 Paranormal Daily News

We mentioned our top three today, but there are some other haunted locations that are more than worth a visit in Australia. Haunted locations are spread across the country, so no matter where you intend on taking your holiday, be sure to visit at least one of these additional locations:

  • Port Arthur (Tasmania)
  • Q Station (New South Wales)
  • Gooloowan House (Queensland)
  • Fremantle Arts Centre (Western Australia)

Will you dare to visit one of these haunted locations?

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