Massachusetts Palm Reader In False Exorcism Scam Worth $70,000

Massachusetts Palm Reader In False Exorcism Scam Worth $70,000

Encountering people with paranormal gifts can be a wonderful experience, especially if there is no hidden agenda, but in some cases, it can be a bad one, it can even destroy one's life. There are people out there who do not have your best interest at heart and are looking for cold hard profit at any cost and that could even be your soul. According to NBC Boston, a Massachusetts palm reader who conned a client for $7o,000 claiming she needed it to essentially buy back her daughter's soul and remove the demon into a barbie doll.

Palm Reader Arrested After $70,000 Swindle

palm reader Tracey Milanovich
Courtesy Of Somerset Police Department

A palm reader, Tracey Milanovich, from Somerset was arrested last week. She stands accused of stealing approximately $71,000 from a client. The palm reader in question had convinced the woman that her daughter was possessed by a demon. She also told her that giving her the money would allow her to buy back her soul and vanquish the demon by placing it into a barbie doll.

The Fall River District Court has released a statement on Monday about the palm reader. They state that she stands accused of larceny for an amount bigger than $1,200, intimidation of a witness, as well as obtaining property by trick.

Sources say that Tracey Milanovich is the owner of Tracy’s Psychic Palm Reader and that she stole around $71,000 from one client. In addition to the money swindle, she also told the woman to buy her common household items, including towels and bedding, and that the more valuable the item the more the demon would be affected. Milanovich kept asking for money, according to the police report, claiming that a previous payment "only cleaned half of her daughter," and that she needed an "additional $6,058.00 to remove what was left. Victims can contact Somerset police officer Daniel Cormier by calling (508) 679-2138.

How To Protect Yourself Against Psychics With Poor Intentions?

Just like in any profession, psychics and mediums can be evaluated these days. Evidently, some have become very good at conning people but there are organizations to protect you from them and who have high standards when it comes to the paranormal. There are also organizations that help you find a trustworthy psychic or a medium.

Some of the organizations that are often used as a reference are;

These organizations have standards by which one must abide and also have to reach in order to become a member, certified or listed by them. When using some of the sites, by entering the service that you are looking for and your area, you can get an immediate overview of suitable mediums or psychics. You are able to make a choice on many whom are listed based on their history, reviews and so much more.

Evidently, there are some things you can look out for to ensure you are not being tricked by a fraudulent psychic. Here are some of our tips to ensure you have a good experience.

Do your homework

Research is key when you want to find a good psychic. Some people may appear like the best out there, but the reality can be quite different from the claim. Look for reviews, experiences, and even advice from friends and family who may have visited someone before.

Check the rates

Being a psychic is a job just like any other; this means that you will have to pay a fee for a private reading. The location where you reside can make a huge difference in terms of cost and availability. To get a better idea about the cost of psychics in your area, it can be a good idea to call around or look online for going rates in your area. Remember, the most expensive may not always be the best and similarly to the level of fame.

Unusual demands

The story above is a cautionary tale. The palm reader in question was able to fraudulently obtain large amounts of money and even property by fooling her clients. When a psychic has unusual demands such as signing over your house or buying them things in addition to the session price or using fear to get what they want, then alarm bells should start ringing. Be sure not to give them anything.

To avoid huge costs that have not been agreed upon, agree on a price before you head to the session. If the costs are considerably higher upon your arrival, then you may be dealing with a fraudulent psychic.

Being Approached

If you are approached randomly in public with someone who has a message or who felt like they must connect with you to tell you something out of the ordinary, then run a mile. This is highly unprofessional and is one of the first signs that you are about to be tricked.

Growth In Mediumship and Psychic Business

It is unfortunate that in the modern-day, everyone seems to be a medium, or is an amazing psychic and to some, it seems an easy way to make a living. There are a plethora of courses and small workshops and attending one of these it seems is all one needs to set up in business. The truth is very different and those genuine ambassadors in the community will tell you that it takes years of development and discernment as well as sacrifice and that a great deal of responsibility is needed. Be aware of one's history and development. Even training in a workshop with a famous person in the scene does not make you a professional medium or psychic.

Protect Yourself, But Remember There Are Good Ones Out There

Even though the story about the Somerset psychic is not an isolated case, there are genuine psychics and mediums out there that have the best intentions. Unfortunately, stories such as the one above can make it difficult for genuine psychics to make a living and get the respect from the community they deserve. Therefore, the message is to protect yourself but to remember that there are genuine people with real gifts out there that could contribute to your life. However, they are few and far between.

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