Legal Problems Faced By Paranormal Investigators

Legal Problems Faced By Paranormal Investigators

If you have a passion for everything paranormal and want to become a paranormal investigator, there are more things to consider than the latest recording equipment or investigative tools. No, you also need to consider the legal problems you could encounter as a paranormal investigator. What kind of legal problems can I face as a paranormal investigator, you may ask? Well, we are about to disclose the legal pitfalls of the profession!

Trespassing Is One Of The Main Legal Problems For Paranormal Teams

One common problem that paranormal investigators often forget about is trespassing. There may be an alleged haunted building in the neighborhood you want to check out, but have you thought about the owner of that particular building? Or has the building been cordoned off because it is unsafe to enter?

legal problems for paranormal investigators

Some buildings are associated with local legends, so they are a prime location for paranormal investigators to visit. Unfortunately, some of those buildings can be really unsafe. Even though there may not be anyone inside – or even if the site has been abandoned for years – it does not give you the right to enter the building.

Before you go into any building, home or property, always make sure you have permission to do so. If you do not know the owner of the building, you can head to your local city hall for additional information. In some cases, special permission may be required before you will be able to conduct your investigation safely and legally.

Property Damage On Location

Property damage is another liability you may encounter while you work as a paranormal investigator. For example, a client could ask you to check out a building they own for paranormal activity. Several weeks after you have completed your work, the client can slap you with a lawsuit claiming you have damaged their property. While this is a “he said, she said” situation, you always have to take that possibility into consideration.

Since you can enter someone else’s property during an investigation, it can be a good idea to have a legal document drafted up that ensures you are not liable for damages. Of course, this must be within reason. For example, the document can specify that you will not cause damage to the building and that you cannot be held liable for any damages that are already present. As such, it can be a good idea to take some photographs of the building’s interior and exterior before you bring in any equipment. You may need permission from the owner to take these photographs as well.

Some investigations may require digging or other actions. If this is necessary, then you must have a consent form from the owner of the building. If you don’t have such a consent form, you may be liable for the damages caused by digging, tunneling, or any other actions performed by you during the investigation.

Emotional Distress

You may be surprised just how many legal problems you can encounter as a paranormal investigator and emotional distress is certainly one. For example, a client may claim that your investigation has caused them significant emotional distress. After which, the person in question may deem it necessary to sue you for damages. Therefore, make sure that this particular issue is covered in the legal document you draft for all your clients.

Professional Legal Advice Can Help

help lawyer
Help Lawyer

Now that we have mentioned some issues you can encounter, it is important to get appropriate legal advice before you start your journey as a paranormal investigator. While most people you meet won’t have bad intentions towards you, there is a small percentage that looks to profit from your sheer presence. So, get a legal document drafted by a professional lawyer or law firm and ensure you are covered when someone uses your investigative services. You may also want to look at certain types of insurance, which provide added protection for property damage and other legal problems you could encounter. At the end of the day, good preparation makes all the difference.

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