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So Much Can Be Achieved When Mediums Work Together

When Mediums Work Together

Back in the early 1990’s, my wife Wendy and I were working in the local Spiritualist churches and halls in and around Norfolk and Suffolk. We were quite content with this and had built up a bit of a following in our area, so we must have been doing something right.

I have always been interested in the tales of our pioneers and the famous mediums who packed out the halls in years gone by. Joe Benjamin is a name that comes to mind as I avidly read of his exploits in Psychic News when they reproduced articles from his era. Joe would fill the Kingsway Hall in London regularly it seems, with over a thousand people coming to see him demonstrate.

We went to see dear Doris Stokes at one time when she appeared in Ipswich. She was, in hindsight, evidently nearing the end of her life then, but she still produced the goods.

We had a few, so-called famous mediums come down to our local church but to be honest, I wasn’t that much impressed.

We were fortunate enough to be able to go and have several séances with Leslie Flint in the 1980’s, and we have some recordings that we treasure.

A Surprise Meeting With Medium Andreas Vasiliou

One name that kept popping up from time to time in Psychic News in the early 1980’s, was a medium called Andreas Vasiliou. I read about him with interest and thought at the time that here was a medium I would like to see one day. It was never in my wildest dreams that that day would eventually come.

Unknown to me, Andreas withdrew from public work for some years due to a serious health condition. Then one day, around the end of 1992, I received a phone call from Alf Winchester from Sheringham Spiritualist Church. He said that Andreas was going to do a Saturday night evening of clairvoyance for them and the Sunday meeting, and would we like to go and see him.

We could only attend the Saturday evening as we would have been booked ourselves on the Sunday. So that Saturday, we set out to travel to Sheringham to see this medium called Andreas Vasiliou.

I hadn’t even got to the car that was taking us, before the worst thing happened. My zip broke on my trousers! I rushed back indoors and quickly changed into another pair and thought no more about it, albeit a trifle embarrassed.

When we arrived at the Sheringham Church, there was Andreas sitting on the edge of a table. He began talking to us and explained that this was his first public meeting for about seven years due to his illness, and he was doing this not only to help the church but to ease back into things in a gentle way.

During the demonstration, he said to me, “You broke your zip on your trousers before coming here tonight, didn’t you.” It wasn’t a question, he told me! So many mediums seem to ask questions but not this man. As you can imagine, I was suitably impressed and yes I got a bit embarrassed again, as the tale of my broken zip caused quite a bit of mirth around the hall.

The second half of the evening was thrown open to questions. It was twenty years ago now and I recall asking some questions of Andreas but not actually what they were. I thought no more about it and we returned to our home, we were though suitably impressed with what we heard that night.

An Unexpected Invitation

The following night when we returned home from our own meeting, the phone rang. It was Alf Winchester from Sheringham. I wondered what he wanted, as we only saw him the evening before.

Apparently, Andreas had been talking to him and expressed a wish to do what used to be called a propaganda meeting, as was common in days gone by. That’s a very nice idea, I think I said at the time. “Yes, Alf said, “and he is going to do it at the Assembly House in Norwich in September next year.”

“That sounds really great,” I said, as I wondered why Alf was telling me this. “Yes,” he said, “and he wants a couple of local mediums to work with him on that night.” Being a bit naïve, I said, “That is really a nice idea.” Then Alf said, “Yes and we would like you to be one of them!”

Those that know me will tell you that there isn’t really a time that I am lost for words. That night, however, I was stunned into silence. I think I managed to stammer out, ooooer!

It was to be on the 15th September 1993 at The Assembly House on Theatre Street in Norwich. The other local medium who would share the platform with us was Maria Lawrence.

Now, here I have to make an apology, for if Maria reads this, I am sorry but I was so wound up myself that I remember nothing of her demonstration.

I always used to get nervous before a Sunday meeting or clairvoyant night but this time, I was in a real panic. I have problems with my eyesight and back then I was still struggling with spectacles. I was, in fact, only two years away from be registered as blind and applying for my first guide dog. So it is an understatement to say I was nervous, as I had no idea how I was going to be able to work in such a large venue.

The morning of the 15th September arrived. I was in such a state, I wanted to back out. It’s okay for those who are used to these large meetings but I had never had that experience before and with my lack of vision also, I was terrified.

It Helps Mediums to Place Complete Trust in Spirit

Then spirit took a hand in the proceedings. A chap came to me and told me his name and surname and said to start with him, as his recipient would be a gentleman in the first row. As I have always had complete trust in spirit, that calmed me slightly and I spent the rest of the day in a quiet place in my mind.

We met up with Andreas at his hotel for a coffee and a chat about an hour before we were due to be on stage. I think he wanted to meet me and to help to set my mind at ease, as it was apparent how nervous I was.

mediums work together
The Assembly House. Photographer: Antony Kelly

We then set off for the Assembly House. It was a vast building in its own grounds and a popular venue for many top artists and musicians. We were to be on stage in the Music Room.

We followed Andreas through the front door and I was immediately taken aback by the size of the room. Although my head was down and I was aware of a great number of people present waiting to see Andreas, my wife Wendy refused to tell me just how many were there and said she would tell me afterwards.

It seemed to take ages to get to the stage at the end of the room and even that was daunting. It was between four and five feet high with a massive grand piano which I was grateful for as I leaned against it. I think it also helped to hide my trembling.

I have had to ask Wendy to help me in the writing of this, as my recall of that evening, now nearly twenty years ago, is practically nil, I think in the main, due to my nervousness.

I can remember Andreas giving off his clairvoyance and then it was our turn. I said immediately that I could not work from up there on that massive stage. I always worked near the people but on this occasion, I just couldn’t see them. Andreas said it was okay and I left the stage and worked on the floor.

Immediately, the chap who came to me that morning was there with me. And true to his word, his recipient was in the front row. He accepted both the names and the relief I felt was immediate, as no one likes to start with a ‘no’ from the recipient. Wendy tells me that first part was okay, as I got mostly ‘yes’ to what I had to give and then Maria did her bit.

Then, Andreas wanted me to try and work from the stage. I immediately said I couldn’t. He asked me to trust him, as he would help me. I agreed, as although I had only known Andreas a short while, I knew he was a person I could trust.

Assembly House Music Room – Perking the Pansies

He stood behind me, giving me his power and energy as I asked spirit to help with my next link. I didn’t know who or where I was going to, as I just could not see the people clearly from that stage.

It was then I heard, ‘Tommy’. He is the young cockney lad who works with me to give clairvoyance. “There’s a lady in a red jacket near the back of the hall, mate.” was all he said. So I asked and sure enough, a lady in a red jacket called out. I had my first link.

Wendy said that at one point, she was getting nervous, as I apparently was getting too close to the edge of the stage. It must have worried Andreas as well, as he got hold of my arm and pulled me back. Wendy said I was in full flow and didn’t stop when he did that!

Witness to Genuine Mediumship

I am so grateful to Andreas for giving me that opportunity and for helping me with the power to enable me to stay on the stage.

After we had finished, I remember Alf Winchester saying to the audience that they had witnessed genuine mediumship that night. Later, I found out that there was well over a thousand people there.

Now, the point of my writing this article is that no matter what your disability may be, you can still work for spirit. In my case, it is visual impairment and with the help and trust from Andreas, I was able to be of service to my fellows.

We hear today of so many petty jealousies and one-upmanship between mediums. One lady I know left her local Spiritualist church. She is partially sighted and was told she would never be able to become a medium due to her eyesight problems. Well, this article proves them so wrong.

It also proves just what can be done and achieved when mediums work together.

Robin C. Evans

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