Darkness Of The Woods - Haunting Mysteries From Around The World

Darkness Of The Woods – Haunting Mysteries From Around The World

If you go down to the woods today…..you're in for a big surprise.

Murder, rituals, blood, and tears are still prevalent in today's woodlands.

haunted woods
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Haunted Woods!

How many people whilst having that quiet amble through the woods think about those that walked before, and your own footsteps now treading that same path?

Most of us like to venture out into the woodlands for a walk as a rambler, or simply out with the dog in ancient woodland and newly managed environments. For centuries these woodlands have been shrouded in mystery, and at night most people will stay away from them because of the perceived taboos attached to their secrecy, these are haunted woods.

Evil In The Haunted Woods

Despite being spiritual havens for the soul searchers, darker forces have invaded woodlands throughout the world.

If we look at historical records of the environments surrounding infamous murders, we will often come across woodlands – [Proctor's Ledge] in Salem, Massachusetts being just one example of a woodland that has been laced in the murders of accused witches through the hangings there. Today the woodland is deemed haunted not just by paranormal enthusiasts, but also visitors to the sight.

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Haunted Woods

Other lesser-known woodlands from around the world have their own urban legends and regular paranormal activity. For example, the vast woodland and jungle areas of Malaya in Southeast Asia is home to many myths and folklore that include ghosts and mysterious creatures -some good, some bad. One such ghost is known as the ''Hantu Galah,'' a tall, thin ghost, usually female can be seen hiding around bamboo poles – to have her removed, you'd need to break sticks. Nature here is part of everyday life, and it is the diverse and eeriness aura that awakens their souls.

The ''Witches Wood'' at Lydford Gorge in Devon is another example of plentiful activity -the perfect hideaway for a band of outlaws called the ''Gubins'' who settled here in the 17th century. At Whitelady Waterfall a ghostly figure appears then suddenly vanishes from view.

Transylvania's Most Haunted Woods

One of the most intriguing, yet striking, and supposedly haunted woodlands in Europe has to be the ''Hoia Bacui'' in Transylvania – known as the ''Bermuda Triangle'' of Romania. Farmers here swear that its entirety is haunted. As well as the general feeling of being watched by invisible eyes, a story unfolded about a five-year-old girl who once got lost in the woodland only to reappear five years later without any memory.

Another woodland steeped in unexplained mystery must be that of ''Devil's Canyon'' in the mountains of San Bernardino in California. This was founded by the Spaniards many centuries ago, and has been encased with ritual murder; devil worship being a predominant factor. Cryptology has also found its way into its colorful history in the form of ''giant rats'' seen crossing the roads alongside the woodlands. The community believes that all the houses here are possessed by the devil.

The conclusion to this exciting journey makes me realize that all woodlands, large and small take on a different form, particularly during the night. Throughout the centuries residual energies have become entwined around lush – green leaves, and remain amongst the vast canopies, appearing when it suits.

Every woodland tells a story, some proven, others not. Can it be that woodlands, especially our magical and ancient ones play tricks on our wary minds? You decide.

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