The Bigfoot Festival: A Gathering of Believers and Researchers in Marion, North Carolina cover

The Bigfoot Festival: A Gathering of Believers and Researchers in Marion, North Carolina

The Smoky Mountains in North Carolina have many stories about the unknown, the supernatural, and paranormal events. These stories and events have become as part of the mountains' history. The mountain area is frequented by black bears and many different animal species that call the mountains home. Another creature is said to roam the area. Reports of paranormal sightings of Bigfoot are just part of the norm in these mountains.

Marion, North Carolina: The Bigfoot Festival is more than just a celebration of folklore. It is a place that attracts believers, researchers, and those who are curious about the mysterious legend of Bigfoot. Everywhere you go in Marion, Bigfoot is seen on signs, billboards and in stores. Marion is known for its frequent Bigfoot sightings, although it is uncertain whether these encounters involve the actual elusive creature. Nevertheless, this year was different. John Bruner from Bigfoot 911 was honored by the local mayor and Bigfoot was declared the official animal of the town.

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Expectations And Bigfoot Festival Foundations

The festival this year featured an array of vibrant Bigfoot-themed clothing and merchandise, as well as unique foot-shaped ornaments. Additionally, there was a designated Bigfoot crossing area for memorable photo opportunities. The event was brimming with exciting activities, including informative talks, thrilling Bigfoot walks, and a multitude of street vendors. Everywhere you went, you could listen to conversations about Bigfoot sightings in the area. Whether you were an ardent believer or even a fervent skeptic. You could not help but be drawn in by the Bigfoot vibe.

Bigfoot Entertainment and Speakers

This year's festival did not disappoint in terms of entertainment and education. The lineup featured a distinguished panel of experts. These speakers unveiled groundbreaking findings and experiences in the realm of Bigfoot research and the supernatural. Their presentations covered a range of topics, from the latest evidence to personal encounters and theories.

Zach Bales, a current school teacher turned storyteller and Bigfoot researcher, was one of the speakers. He captivated the crowd by sharing his incredible personal experiences with the legendary Sasquatch. Zach shares entertaining stories in his paranormal museum in Kentucky and now researches sightings and strange phenomena in Kentucky and other parts of the USA.

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The festival also featured live music, performances, and other engaging activities that kept the atmosphere lively and enjoyable.

But perhaps one of the most entertaining aspects of the festival was the Bigfoot call. A contest in which enthusiasts of Bigfoot would take turns using a microphone to showcase their best Bigfoot calls.

The Cryptid Guy, also known as Christian Macleod, hosted this part of the event and bore a striking resemblance to a captivating blend of Indiana Jones and Josh Gates.

cryptid guy and bigfoot researcher

Christian, with a rosary adorning his neck, was always equipped to banish any supernatural forces that might come his way. He not only had a deep knowledge of the paranormal, but also took it upon himself to educate others on how to stay secured while delving into otherworldly encounters. It was his job to be the master of ceremonies for the call competition.

Then the call came!

Each contestant would step up to the microphone and give their impression of a big foot call. That's when I discovered my inner Bigfoot, not due to any personal experience, but because of the excitement of all the Bigfoot enthusiasts who shared a common bond. Contestant after contestant would call to the crowd and after being greeted with cheers and shouts of support the next call would come and each very different in tone and vibration. One of the most shocking calls came from a young woman whose call clearly sounded otherworldly and could never have come from someone so small and delicate in stature. It even stirred my wife who now has a Jock call and expects me to come running whenever this call is given. She tested it and I felt it, so I quickly rushed over – it actually worked! Go figure!

Vendors and Offerings

The streets of Marion were lined with a diverse array of vendors, each offering unique products and services. From handcrafted goods and souvenirs to paranormal investigation equipment, there was something for everyone. One vendor was ready to welcome any ghosts who came his way.

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Food vendors were particularly popular, with most providing reasonably priced options for festival-goers.

However, not all experiences were positive. One food vendor, in particular, stood out for their exorbitant prices, charging $10 for a lemonade drink, $15 for a small corn dog, and $15 for a turkey leg. The lack of clear pricing led to frustration among attendees, who felt caught off guard by the high costs. In contrast, a local food vendor offering quality American cuisine was much more reasonable, providing a better experience for those looking to enjoy a meal without breaking the bank.

A Bigfoot History and Now A Legacy

What started as a small gathering of friends and community has blossomed into a globally renowned event of epic proportions. Previous years attracted up to 40k people and, in the words of John Bruner ‘This year is much bigger than I thought it would be.’ Parking was mostly free apart from some areas where landowners jumped into the opportunity to make a quick buck. Supporting and uplifting the community and various non-profit organizations, rather than solely focusing on making money quickly, is a far better approach. The festival holds significant importance, and as a result, John and his sons are highly esteemed for their contribution to the community and support of non-profits. There is no doubt this festival fosters community with like-minded folks.

A Community United

Despite any minor setbacks, the overall atmosphere of the festival was one of unity and excitement. Attendees had the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, share stories, and deepen their understanding of Bigfoot and other paranormal phenomena. The festival continues to be a testament to the enduring fascination with the unknown and the power of community in exploring these mysteries.

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As the festival wrapped up, it was clear that Marion, North Carolina, had once again successfully hosted an event that not only entertained but also educated and inspired all who attended. The Bigfoot Festival remains a highlight for believers and researchers alike, promising even greater things in the years to come.

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