300-year-old castle centre of a paranormal investigation captures a child ghost on a high-tech camera. cover

300-year-old castle centre of a paranormal investigation captures a child ghost on a high-tech camera.

Ghostly figure of what is belived to be a child.

A local group of Irish paranormal investigators have logged a child ghost on their high-tech camera in Ducketts Grove, Ireland. They have shared, with local media outlets, the photos that mark the findings. It was the first investigation of the year of the group. These findings made the outing highly successful.

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The 300-year-old castle has a history of ghostly activities. These accounts started after the last Duckett, Willam Duckett, who died in 1908, had a very young mistress; she died in a riding accident on the estate. After the incident, her distraught mother placed the banshee curse on the family and manor house. A banshee will bring death, despair, and financial ruin to the cursed people and place. There have been reports of two deaths related to hearing the cries of the Banshee.

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Over the years, since 1908, there have been many accounts of paranormal activities and disasters. After the death of Willam Duckett, his wife moved to Dublin. The house had tenants until April 19, 1933, when a fire left the manor in ruins.

The manor lay in ruin for many years. Then in 2005, the local Carlow County Council purchased the property. The manor house was left, and the gardens are now open to the public.

Renovation of estate

The council has also allowed many paranormal investigations on site, with several reports of strange figures, unexplainable light anomalies, and heavy sounds coming from the house. Other investigators stated they witnessed shadow people, floating lights and orbs, and loud bangs inside the manor. People even claimed to have seen full-bodied apparitions. William Duckett's ghost has even been seen riding his horse across the estate. However, the most impressive were several people reporting the sights of an entire phantom fox hunting party on their horses, ready for the hunt to start. This could be validated as it was traditional for the country estate to host fox hunting and was commonplace when the manor was standing in its full glory.

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While the previous sightings were testimonials from eyewitnesses, the investigators got a record of their findings on this occasion.

The paranormal investigation

The events began during the day when Alexander Durain-Robertson, a direct descendant of the Ducketts, gave the team of twelve a tour. It was from this tour and witness accounts of the general public that The paranormal team, known as Paranormal Supernatural Investigators, after spending the day at the venue. The group decided to concentrate on one of the areas that secured the photo. Having positioned their high-tech cameras, it was just a matter of waiting and patience for the results.

After the night of a full paranormal investigation, the team sat down to see their findings. The most impressive was the figure that appeared to be a child ghost in one of the photos at Ducketts Grove.


The group shared their findings on Facebook and thanked the council and Alexander Durain-Robertson for their time and effort in allowing them to conduct their investigations.

The team remarked on their Facebook page, "Considering the weather conditions at Ducketts Grove, Co.Carlow on Tuesday, January 17. We still managed to carry out a complete Paranormal Investigation. We were joined by some members of the public, who took part in the investigation. We got to use our new device (Phasmatron-GD-2000), which proved popular in the investigation. "

The team then posted the photos they retrieved and explained the process to their viewers.

"Whilst we were walking around the side of Ducketts Grove, the Phasmatron was pointing to the side of the building and had activated. This then narrowed down the area on which to focus our equipment on. This picture was taken in that exact area by a member of the public. We were all astonished when we all viewed this picture."

While there are no more plans for any paranormal investigations in Ducketts Grove, it is clear that there are many more places to investigate at the Grove.

What will be even more interesting is if further paranormal investigators document the same evidence, which no doubt has been made more likely with the new technology now available to the teams.

We would be interested in your thoughts. Is this just a case of pareidolia?

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