Priests Conduct Exorcism at Nancy Pelosi's Home in San Francisco cover

Priests Conduct Exorcism at Nancy Pelosi’s Home in San Francisco

Priest conducts exorcisim at nancy Pelosi home in San Franscisco
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Claims have been shown that devout Catholic and former House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi brought in a priest to perform an exorcism, ridding her house of any evil spirits. The Exorcism was done after her husband was allegedly attacked with a hammer at their luxury home in San Francisco. While the attack on her husband at their home in San Francisco was back in October, it is understood that an exorcism took place recently due to Pelosi unrest in the house.

A screen grab taken from video shows damage to the home of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after her husband Paul Pelosi was violently assaulted during a break-in at their house in San Francisco, California, U.S., October 28, 2022. KGO TV via ABC via REUTERS.
A screen grab taken from video shows damage to the home of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after her husband Paul Pelosi was violently assaulted during a break-in at their house in San Francisco, California, U.S., October 28, 2022. KGO TV via ABC via REUTERS.


Her husband, Paul Pelosi, was attacked by DePape, 42, with a hammer. Pelosi sustained a fractured skull and seriously injured his right arm and hand, requiring surgery. There are conflicting reports for the reasons for the attack; however, the police say DePape intended to hold Nancy hostage, threatening to interrogate and kneecap her with the hammer. DePape has pleaded not guilty to charges including attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and elderly abuse. The trial will continue on February 25th. This week body camera footage was released showing camera footage of the moment police arrived. It begins with both men holding the hammer. When police officers asked them to let go of the hammer, DePepe began his attack on Mr. Pelosi. At the scene, DePepe states that he "Was sick of the lies coming out of Washington DC."

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Pelosi's political career

Nancy Pelosi's political career has spanned over three decades, starting in 1979. Having been a representative for San Francisco for over 35 years. Pelosi became the 52nd speaker of the house of representatives. In 2007 Pelosi made history by becoming the first woman to serve as speaker of the house. Then in 2019, she regained her position as second in line for the presidency. The first person to of done so in over six decades.

Pelosi caused controversy when she ripped up presidents Trump's speech in front of the cameras. She defended her moves by calling Trump's speech a "Manifesto of mistruths."

However, her support towards legalizing abortions in the US has caused issues with Pelosi and the church. As a result, in November 2022, Pelosi announced that she would be standing down from her position in the new year.


Pelosi is of the catholic religion and voices this as much as possible. She is a member of the San Francisco catholic community. However, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone spoke out, condemning her for supporting same-sex marriages, the legalization of abortions, and LGBT rights. He also requested that she stand down from the catholic religion in June 2022 after attending communion at St Peters's Basilica. The pastor of St Vincent de Paul Church, the local parish to Pelosi. Confirming that he had no involvement in the Exorcism. He states, "As far as I know, no exorcism or priest services were performed at her home,"

Therefore, it appears she instructed someone outside her Catholic parish to assist in the Exorcism.


It is understood that it took several months for Nancy Pelosi to instruct the Exorcism. And came after the guilt of her husband's attack became too much for her bear. There has been a divide within the catholic community as to whether this is a method within the religion. With some comments implying she needs psychiatric help. But the New York Post quoted that "Fr. Vincent Lampert, exorcist for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis, said exorcism could indeed be appropriate to combat "demonic infestation," and the presence of evil that may linger in a place where violent crime has occurred.

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"It would be the recitation of a particular prayer, inviting the presence of God back into the house, casting out any presence of evil that may be there," Lampert said. "Then the house would be blessed with holy water, reminding us of our new life in Christ, and the fact that we need not fear any evil, because recognizing that Christ is dwelling with us."

"I would say I get thousands of those requests every year," he added."

It would appear that Pelosi could not let go of the thought of evil staying within her home after the violent attack. However, it is unknown whether there were any reports of demonic activities after the event, which led to Pelosi requesting the Exorcism.

Citation: Linge.M, Sedacca.M & Levine, J (2023, January 21) Nancy Pelosi reportedly summons a priest to exorcise home of evil spirit, New York Post.

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