WATCH: “Paranormal activity” caught on school CCTV footage leaving staff “scared and bemused”

Image for WATCH: “Paranormal activity” caught on school CCTV footage leaving staff “scared and bemused”

WATCH: “Paranormal activity” caught on school CCTV footage leaving staff “scared and bemused”

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While many people in the modern world may scoff at the idea of ghosts and ghouls, it’s still worth pointing at that according to YouGov, one in three people in Britain believe in ghosts and 31% of the population believe that they have seen one.

With that in mind, usually you’re going to get one person that, when confronted with anything slightly out of the ordinary, points to one solution and one solution only…ghosts.

Either that or aliens.

But anyway, when this footage was released after a series of unexplained ghostly high-jinks took place in the dead of night at a school in Ireland, that’s exactly where a lot of people pointed, they thought it was ghosts.

The eerie video was filmed at Deerpark CBS, a school in Cork Ireland, after motion-activated cameras were installed on the site to see exactly what was going on.

I won’t ruin the video for you, but suffice it to say that if this is a spirit from beyond the grave, it seems to be a bit of an angry one. And it doesn’t like lockers all that much. Or wet floor signs.

Principal Kevin Barry said: “Obviously we were alerted to movement in the school and when we went back to review the movement, that’s what we saw.

“It was in the middle of the night. We’re bemused ourselves, we don’t know [what it is].

“We do feel there is something strange going on, because people do get from time to time a real chill in the air when they go past that area.

“It’s very interesting – one of my teachers brings his pet in with him but the pet never wants to go down that way.”

Mr Barry said he didn’t know if someone was playing a ‘very well-designed prank’ at the school, which dates back to 1828.

He continued: “I’m a sceptic myself but we said we’d throw it up on our Facebook page, simply because we don’t know is this a prank or what? Is somebody playing games with us?

“It’s a very old building, going back a number of years and it’s got a lot of history.

“People in old buildings are always hearing noises and strange sounds but this is the first time we’ve actually caught something.

“We’d often come across papers strewn about but we were never able to say what it was – we just assumed it was students that were doing it.”

He also pointed to the fact that no other motion-activated cameras in the adjoining corridors had been set off.

He said: “Because we have motion-sensor detectors now, we should have been able to detect other people coming towards that area on the other cameras, and we haven’t been able to.”

Before we get ahead of ourselves and start thinking that there is indeed a monster mash going on somewhere out there, and that it is in fact a graveyard smash, just remember that the footage was ‘captured’ only a couple of weeks out from the school’s Halloween event on the 29th of October.

Make of that what you will. Do you think it’s real? Or do you think it’s all a load of b***ocks?

Watch the video below for yourself, and tell us in the comment section whether you think it’s in fact a ghoul or just a prank?

Tom Owen

On – 05 Oct, 2017 By Tom Owen


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