The United States has its fair share of haunted houses and haunted mansions. Today, we take a closer look at the most haunted mansions in the United States, perfect for anyone who wants an increased chance of spotting a ghost. So, without further ado, here are our top haunted mansions in the United States!

The Winchester Mystery House

Nothing spells out haunted mansion more than a Victorian mansion dating back to 1884. This is the case for the well-known Winchester Mystery House, which was the property of Sarah Winchester, the wife of a gun magnate who died in 1922.

One of the interesting facts is that this mansion was build to appease the spirits. Sarah Winchester believed the mansion was haunted by the spirits of people who died at the hand of her husband’s rifles. Therefore, not only the possibility of hauntings makes this an interesting visit, the unique structure of the building – including doors and stairs that go nowhere – make this one of the creepiest yet interesting mansions in the United States.

Locals believe that the mansion is haunted by the spirit of Sarah Winchester, which was also featured in Winchester: The Movie.  It is also believed that the spirits of the Winchester rifle victims still haunt the place. There have also been reports of the number 13 appearing everywhere, which makes a visit even more intriguing.

The Joshua Ward House

Everyone who has visited the Joshua Ward House has claimed to have left with an eerie feeling. The property is situated in Salem, Massachusetts and has an extensive history dating back to the Salem witch trails. Naturally, this could explain why the Joshua Ward House is believed to be one of the most haunted mansions in the United States.

The Joshua Ward House was owned by George “The Strangler” Corwin. He was a sheriff during the Salem witch trials. It is claimed he was a sadistic executioner, responsible for approximately 19 deaths of accused witches in Salem. Even though George “The Strangler” Corwin died at 30, his legacy haunts Salem until this day.

After his death, the Corwin family refused to bury George; this out of fear the locals would desecrate his body. It is believe his ghost still haunts the mansion, as well as the ghost of an accused witch who died at the hands of George Corwin.

The LaLaurie House

The LaLaurie House in New Orleans got quite the grizzly reputation. Its history is quite bloody, so the reports of hauntings is certainly not out of the ordinary.

As the name of the house suggests, the LaLaurie House was owned by Delphine LaLaurie. In the secret attic room of the house, LaLaurie would savagely murder and torture slaves. One of her victims even jumped to her death to escape the vile LaLaurie.

The LaLaurie home is plagued with alleged screams of Delphine LaLaurie’s victims, getting a reputation as one of the most haunted mansion in the U.S. Surprisingly, American actor Nicholas Cage bought the mansion in 2007, but promptly sold it again in 2009. Can’t blame him to be honest.

The Ann Starrett Mansion

The Anne Starrett Mansion is one of those homes that look beautiful from the outside, but you probably won’t want to stay too long. The home was built by George Starrett, who created the mansion as a gift for his wife Ann. Now, it is believe the ghosts of the owners still aunt the mansion.

Built in 1889, the Anne Starrett Mansion has been a tough sell for real-estate agents. Possible owners were allegedly put off by the mansion’s spirits, leaving the home without an owner for a whopping 12 years. However, the property was eventually sold in 2017, but I wonder for how long?

Franklin Castle

Dubbed as the most haunted home in Ohio, Franklin Castle has certainly earned its reputation. Franklin Castle was built in the 1800’s by a German immigrant called Hannes Tiedemann. Unfortunately, the house appeared less than lucky.

Four of the Tiedemann children died in Franklin Castle. It was also the place where multiple murders were committed and the castle is littered with secret passageways. Spookiness a plenty!

Franklin Castle was owned by Judy Garland’s husband in the 90’s. During this time, a skeleton was found in the closet, which leaves much to be desired for homeowners. Today, visitors swear they can hear babies crying inside the walls. Some even report a woman in black in the tower window. No wonder the locals think twice about walking in front of this haunted mansion.

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