Ghost reports are not limited to the United States, since paranormal activity is reported around the world; this is also the case for the United Kingdom, with its castles claimed to be the most haunted in the world. With a history spanning back centuries, multiple sightings have been reported over the years. If you would like to learn more about England’s castle ghosts, be sure to read on.

Leeds Castle

One of the most reoccurring stories surrounding Leeds Castle is that of the hell hound. There have been reports of the ghost of a large black dog, roaming the grounds and the castle itself. It is believed that the Hell Hound of Leeds Castle is an omen of death or bad luck.

Legend states that the Black Dog of Leeds Castle could have something to do with Eleanor of Gloucester, the aunt of King Henry VI. Eleanor of Gloucester was accused of necromancy, witchcraft, heresy, and treason. She was imprisoned at Leeds Castle for the rest of her life. Locals claim Eleanor cast a spell before the end of her life, causing a hell hound to roam the castle for eternity.

The story of the hell hound is not that uncommon in the United Kingdom. It is a sturdy part of UK folklore, going all the way back to the middle ages.

Aside from the hell hound of Leeds Castle, there have also been reports of a princess ghost. The princess ghost is said to have been the daughter of King Henry and died from a mysterious head wound. Her ghost has even been caught on camera.

St. Briavels Castle in Gloucestershire

St. Briavels Castle in Gloucestershire is undoubtedly one of  the ghost hot spots in the United Kingdom. From the unexplained cries of a baby to poltergeist activity in the castle’s prison, St. Briavels is a treasure trove for ghost hunters.

People who are quite perceptive to energies are warned against visiting the castle. There have been many reports of people being ‘taken over’, or having a nasty experience while visiting. So, if you are quite a perceptive person, St. Briavels might not be the best place to go for a holiday.

Chillingham Castle in Northumberland

Haunting stories from Chillingham Castle go back as far as the 19th century. Visitors report whispering voices in the chapel and a pale figure in the pantry, begging for some water. This castle is also the house of the so-called ‘blue boy’, a ghost who is haunting the castle’s pink room.

There is very little known about the pale man in the pantry, one of the best-known and most frequently seen ghosts in the castle. However, experts claim that his need for water could point to a poisoning.

”All houses in which men have lived and died are haunted houses:
Through the open doors the harmless phantoms on their errands glide,
with feet that make no sounds upon the floors.” – Longfellow

Chillingham Castle is drawing loads of tourists with its high ghost activity. The castle has one of the highest levels of paranormal activity in the entire United Kingdom, so it is no surprise the castle makes the largest part of its money through ghost tours.

Some visitors of Chillingham Castle reported experiencing the following during one of the available tours:

“I felt this hand on my arm.  It was a most friendly feeling and I believe someone was trying to guide me to see something”.

“My camera just would not take a picture of the orbs and lighting I actually saw.  Yet, when I developed my film, there were just those same orbs, but in different places and rooms. Literally, all over the place!”

“The guide told me not to be frightened, and funnily I was quite happy, even with the distinct whispering I heard in the King Edward Room”.

Other Haunted Castles in the United Kingdom

Most of England’s castles have an extensive history going back centuries, so every castle tends to have its own ghost story. We have mentioned some of the biggest ones in the UK,  but the country is littered with haunted castles, Tudor houses, and even villages. So, if you ever want to see a genuine ghost, your best chance might be a visit to England.