The Enfield Poltergeist – One of the greatest poltergeist cases

 In the world of paranormal and psychic phenomena, there is a uniquely disturbing activity that most of us would never dream of experiencing. Loud noises, objects moving at their own accord, being thrown around and destroyed without human interference or feeling a physical touch when you don’t see anyone near you, this is how a poltergeist case is mostly described.

 So What Is A Poltergeist?

Poltergeist, a German word which means “noisy ghost” or “noisy spirit” is a type of ghost or spirit capable of physical interactions or disturbances. This kind of ghost is believed to have the capability to touch, pinch, bit, scratch, trip, push, and hit people. It is also believed that the poltergeist can move or levitate any objects even people. The poltergeist are pretty notorious for knocking at doors or for the heavy footsteps you would hear. This particular type of ghost is one the most terrifying paranormal manifestation known to the paranormal world because they are capable of hurting or maybe even killing the living.


poltergeist Poltergeist Ghost emerges through broken flickering television screen in the haunted house.[/caption]

Traditionally poltergeist is known to hunt a particular person rather than hunting in a particular location. Many reported poltergeist cases are believed to just be a hoax or are caused by some natural phenomenon and not by some unexplained or paranormal forces or entities. Really, you cannot blame the skeptics. It is so easy to brush off such activity. A door suddenly shuts close without anyone near it? The wind might have pushed it. You hear a knock on your door and when you open it no one is there? Some other thing might have caused that noise or maybe someone is just playing a prank on you. Really there are a thousand more possibility to answer your why and how all of which are not remotely out of what is rationally comprehensible and not paranormal. Who knows really? These strange occurrences may not be so strange after all but then again we all leave in a strange world that it would not be very impossible that strange things can happen here.

 Poltergeist Phenomena

            These very strange things are exactly what the Hodgson family of Green Street Enfield in the north London experience one evening in August 1977. The family of five with the mother and four children reported having heard strange noises coming from different parts of the house, from a simple knocking to the scuffling of drawers which slowly progressed to more stranger and terrifying events which would go on for months. Among those reported to have witnessed the unusual and terrifying events are the neighbors, BBC journalist and the police. As the said paranormal happening progressed and escalate to be more violent that garners more interest upon the media and prompts a thorough investigation not just from the police but from the specialist as well, The Incorporated Society for Psychical Research. With compelling witness reports and controversial pieces of evidence, this story would go on to be known as The Enfield Poltergeist.

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            It is reported to have started just as the family is preparing to sleep. The mother went to her children’s bedroom to check if they are fighting because she can hear noises coming from their bedroom. The terrified girls explained to their mother what was going on but are not about to believe them until she saw the chest of drawers in the room moves and when you pushed it back she could not move it. Right then and there she knew that something strange is going on. These strange noises would keep them awake all night and by the next day, they went to their next-door neighbor, a builder to check what could possibly make the knocking on the walls. He as well became scared when they all heard a banging on the floor while they are all standing still. Unsure of what was happening their mother with the next-door neighbor decided to call the police.

            The police arrived and started their investigation. They see no obvious cause for the strange noises nut since there were children in the house they note the possibility of it all just being a prank. While in the middle of interrogation the lady officer noticed a chair move with no apparent human interference. The police checked the chairs for wires or anything at all that would make it slide a few feet from where it was without someone pushing it but find no such evidence. The looked at everything inside the house and outside to possibly find any evidence that someone or something would cause these strange events but find nothing. At that point, the police decided to get somebody else to investigate it because they cannot explain it. Many of the evidence gathered during the investigations are mostly eyewitness accounts and audio recordings all of which can be manipulated or faked.

There have been some photographic pieces of evidence but none of it turned out to be compelling enough to be believed by the skeptics. The very first photographic evidence was taken at the time when the reporters of the Daily Mirror came to the house for an interview. At first reporter Douglas Bence and photographer, Graham Morris did not see or heard any of the reported happenings in the house while interviewing the family. They stayed in the house for quite some time but decided to just go thinking that there might not be any strange things at all in the house and that they’ve already waited long enough. But just as they were about to board their car, Vic their builder neighbor came rushing outside saying that it has started again, and when they set foot inside they can’t believe what they saw. Lego bricks, marbles and so many different things flying around the house at blinding speed with one of the flying lego brick even hitting Graham on the face. He managed to still take photos of the chaos that is in front of them but when he developed the film nothing significant shows up in the pictures, not one of the flying objects appear. However, this will not be the last encounter that he manages to capture on film. He managed to capture an event where it is said that the other child Janet appears to levitate up from her bed. This particular photo will be questioned by the skeptics as the photograph appears more like she is jumping from the bed and not levitating.

As the haunting continues more and more people would come to the house to see for themselves these reported hunting. Some would go in as skeptics and leave as a believer while some still question its authenticity. Others say that most of the reported evidence and events could have easily been faked by either the family or Janet. One investigator saying that the girls are doing it because they love the attention. Up to this day debates still go on whether or not the Enfield Poltergeist is true or just stage by the family. What do you think? Are there enough evidence to prove that the hunting is real or do you believe otherwise?