Ghosts or spirits can manifest themselves in many different ways, so it is only natural that they can take on different forms. Below, we have listed the best-known ghost manifestations and explained them in a little more detail. So, if you want to get more familiar with ghost manifestations, be sure to read on.

The Interactive Ghost

The interactive ghost is probably the most reported type of ghost. An interactive ghost is usually a spirit of a loved one. These spirits can be friendly or unfriendly, which usually depends on the character of the person in life.

Interactive ghosts have the ability to become visible, make noises, and they can even release smells that are reminiscent of them. For example, if a recently deceased relative used to smoke, cigarette smoke may be noticeable when the spirit is near.

Most interactive ghosts will visit friends and family members for a reason. Their character remains intact after death; this means they could be trying to contact you in order to comfort you. Of course, there are also cases where interactive spirits want to convey an important message to the living.

The Ecto-Mist Apparition

Another common manifestation of a ghost is so-called ecto-mist. This type of manifestation is characterized by a vapor-like mist. Various reports of such apparitions have been made over the years and some have been captured on camera.

There are many sub-types of ecto-mist too. Some will remain stagnant, while others are remarkably mobile and fast. There have also been reports of ecto-mist turning into more interactive apparitions.

Ghostly ecto-mist has been spotted in various locations; these locations have been indoors as well as outdoors. However, we must mention that ecto-mist is more common outdoors. They are commonly found in spirit-filled locations such as graveyards, the woods, battlefields, and various historical sites across the world.

The Poltergeist

The term poltergeist is probably one of the best-known when it comes down to ghosts. Many films have been released about the poltergeist, yet they are the rarest form of apparition. Compared to interactive and ecto-mist ghosts, there are a lot less poltergeist cases.

Poltergeists are tricky, so there are many explanations and theories floating around. Some experts claim that the poltergeist is nothing other than energy controlled by a living person, who is unaware of it. Others believe that poltergeists are tricksters, while others even claim they are malevolent spirits.

The poltergeist usually manifests itself by moving things and knocking things over. They can also make noise and manipulate the environment around them. Therefore, a poltergeist can be quite disturbing.

Most poltergeists will attach themselves to people; so the theory that poltergeists haunt places is not necessarily accurate. Even though there have been some cases of poltergeist hauntings in a specific location, most cases will center around a person.

Orb Apparitions

Orb apparitions are photographed the most, so one could argue they are the most detectable form of apparition. Most orbs can be described as a transparent or a translucent ball. They are often recorded on photograph by accident, so reported cases are not limited to those made by paranormal investigators alone.

Most paranormal investigators believe that the orb is a soul of a deceased person or animal. They believe orbs move from place to place, but that they do not retain this shape forever. It is believed that orbs are the first manifestations of spirits, which later turn into interactive ghosts or even ecto-mist.

The Funnel Ghost

The funnel ghost is another apparition that is commonly caught on camera. It can be described as a vortex or a swirling funnel, which is usually accompanied by a serious drop in temperature.

Most paranormal experts believe that the funnel ghost are spirits of deceased relatives or friends. They believe that these spirits return to a certain person or location for a visit. Of course, since funnel ghosts are so close to apparitions such as the orb or ecto-mist, some paranormal experts believe it could be a stage within a spirit’s development.

Other Manifestations

Ghosts or spirits can manifest in many different ways. Some appear as a typical mist or orb, while others appear as shadows. One thing is certain though, this field of the spirit world needs a lot more research. Only that way can we understand.


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