Mozelle Martin

    Mozelle was adopted at birth and raised as an only child by successful entrepreneurs who owned a very haunted 1800s Victorian hotel. After growing up in the forensics field, and serving a short time in the military, Mozelle opened her forensic business in 1987 and has been a worldwide law enforcement consultant, trainer and court-qualified expert witness ever since. Mozelle has been a consultant for the writers of Criminal Minds, and has given commentaries to media outlets such as ABC, NBC, Crime Watch Daily, and TruTV. Mozelle holds a Masters in Forensic Psychology and a Doctorate in Transcendental Psychology, and has contracted as a Forensic Mental Health Professional in various jails and prisons. Currently she is a Forensic Consultant for Find Me Group, under the direction of Kelly Snyder, a retired Federal Agent and she also teaches forensics online for the general public and in-person at a Phoenix-area college. She can be located at and


    • Shadow People

        At nine-years-old, I was always fascinated by the boiler room in our basement. Growing...