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Powers of the Sixth Sense:

How to Keep Safe in a Hostile World

Why This Book

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Powers of the sixth sense are available to everyone. Intuition and psychic ability are not just far-out ideas for seeing into the future, or healing the past. This book shows how we are able to use our natural, in-borne intuition for the benefit of ourselves and others in the here and now. It teaches you self-preservation at many levels, from the security of your home and business, to surviving rape and dealing with terrorism. Each page contains practical, life saving information. An enjoyable read, it has immediate practical applications for business executives, frequent travellers, Law Enforcement personnel, students, martial artists and others from all walks of life. The deepest sceptics may find themselves on a journey of self-discovery, and it will enlighten those who seek enlightenment

Know More About This Book

Having read the Powers of the sixth sense I can confidently say that I could not put it down! It offers ALL the right information in a simple- to- understand format that covers just about EVERYTHING you could need to know about safe guarding yourself and your loved ones. It’s a must read for everyone regardless of age, creed or colour, with a unique style. I cannot overstate the importance this book could play in your life. Paul S Clifton,, Publisher, Combat, Traditional Karate, Fighters, Taekwondo & Korean Martial Arts Magazines

Your sixth sense can warn you of imminent danger; whether it’s to yourself, your family or your business; whether it’s personal hostility, potential robbery, or even terrorist attack. The Power of the Sixth Sense is written by an experienced psychic medium, a top security consultant and a teacher of the Japanese martial arts of the Ninja and Samurai. Many times in his life as an undercover agent, working with law enforcement and Special Forces throughout the world, in some of the most hostile locations, Jock Brocas sixth sense allowed him to survive in the face of possible death. The aim of this book is to make everyone aware of their similar abilities. The sixth sense is a practical gift, vital for survival in this perilous age.

About Author

The thing is, she can’t remember where she hid the loot before she died. But that’s not going to stop her old partners from using Danny to get her to tell them where it is—unless Raney and Daye can stop them and save the boy… with a little ghostly help, that is.

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What People Think About This Book

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This is a very unusual book written by a very unusual person. Well worth reading, it sets you thinking on many levels. It is good to study different approaches as they help you to find the right way forward on your journey. Tony Neate, SRF newsletter and the Buttercup Connections newsletter