Paranormal Radio and Podcasts

There are a ton of paranormal radio shows and paranormal podcast shows and here we will be featuring the very best shows and hosts to keep your hunger for paranormal entertainment fed and full. If you have a favorite that you would like to showcase, then please contact us and we will look at featuring your favorite show. However, we do vet every show and choose them based on real criteria.

paraversal universe radio

Paraverse Universal Radio

Kevin and Jenifer Malek take you through the weird, wonderful and downright paranormal. Join them on their journey through all things paranormal.

paranormal shows

XZone Radio With Rob McConnel

Xzone is one of the oldest and most succesfull paranormal radio and tv shows online today. The quality and standards of the guests are very high.


Real Paranormal Activity Aaron Hunter

Now if you love paranormal stories, you are going to love Aaron's paranormal show. He has a way of telling real paranormal stories that just draw's you in.

paranormal shows

Coast To Coast With George Noory

When you think paranormal shows, then coast to coast comes to mind as one of the top radio networks online that delves into all paranormal aspects.

paranormal show

Lightning The Void With Joe Rupe

Lightning The Void With Joe Rupe is a great paranormal show that is growing fast and is another show that is particular about it's guests.