Paranormal Investigator Claims To Have Found Time Warp!

When we think about paranormal research, we often limit our thoughts to ghosts and apparitions. However, paranormal is a wide term, which covers most unexplained phenomena. A paranormal investigator claims to have found such an unexplained phenomenon in Las Vegas.

Time Warp Found North of Las Vegas

A paranormal investigator called Joshua Warden claims he is the first person ever to have found a time warp. He believes the time warp is situated between Las Vegas and Air Force Site Area 51.

According to Joshua Warden, time has slowed down at his discovered location. He also believes the discovery opens up a world of possibilities, listing possible explanations as a byproduct of weird technology, extraterrestrial influences, or even a portal to another level of reality. If the time wrap proves true, further research will certainly be executed.

What Is a Time Warp?

The dictionary describes a time warp as an imaginary distortion of space in relation to time, wherein people or objects of one period can be moved to one another. Of course, the scientific definition of time warp is much broader than that.

Many famous scientists believe(d) in the concept of time warps. One of these scientists was one of the most brilliant people to ever live, Dr. Stephen Hawking. He even famously hosted a dinner party for time travelers. Some media sources even claimed that his funeral was open to time travelers, supporting Hawking’s strong belief in time warps and time travel overall.

Another scientist who believed in time warps, or some degree of time warp, was none other than Albert Einstein. In a paper he wrote in 1915, Einstein claimed the effects of gravity could be explained by a warped or distorted space-time continuum. Jumping on this theory, Hawking claimed one could observe this time warp by looking at the mass of the sun and the slight bend of radio-waves passing close to the sun.

Over the course of his career, Steven Hawking was a strong believer in the possibility of time travel. However, he also stated that such a discovery would pose some great logical problems; for example, someone travelling back in time and influencing the future.

Hawking did believe there was hope in revolving this ancient enigma by looking at string theory. To put it in simple words, string theory attempts to model four fundamental interactions; those of gravity, electromagnetism, strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear force. Hawking believed that working out string theory and all the fundamental interactions could provide an answer to the question of time warps and even time travel.

In conclusion, the definition of the time warp all comes down to scientific conjecture at this point. Even though great minds believe there is proof of the so-called time warp, the problem is too problematic to work out and prove in one lifetime. Unfortunately, the great Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein are no longer with us, so the existence of time warps might have to be solved by another great mind in the future.


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