My name is Dusty G, I am 48 Years Old and raised in Clarksville ,Tn since 1977. I am the Founder/CEO/Lead Researcher of Paranormal Containment Research Division (a.k.a. PCRD), founded in 2011 and formerly known as Paranormal Investigations Research and Development Group (a.k.a.P.In.G) LLC which was founded in 1990.

I have some stories to tell and warnings of what it may be like to dabble in something you don’t understand. I made the foray into the realm of the paranormal that culminated in many years of mental torture and anguish. I have been followed by the shadows ever since, but what was negative has been flipped around to a positive and now I hope to share my knowledge in my new column with others that may have a passing interest or even a professional interest in the paranormal. Don’t make the mistakes I made, don’t play folly with what you don’t understand and learn from the experience of others. Here’s a little more about DustyG and why you may want to follow me through the shadows safely and securely.

I have been a student of Parapsychology and Demonology for more years than I can remember, and since my family have been endowed with spiritual sight due to the deep Cherokee heritage that exists within it, I have experience in matters that turned my life upside down, events I would not wish to go through again, yet have dropped me off at the point in the junction I find myself in now.

Paranormal Foundations

I had my first experience at age 7 which I believe was demonic in nature, and without going into too much detail – it would require a book, I can still remember and see exactly, the details of that fateful night that put me on a course that I am still on today.

My second major experience was at age 12 which was also negative in nature and possibly even demonic, I experienced several shadows, voices that were direct and tormenting, full bodied apparitions and very bad spirits that tortured my mind night after night and day after day. I had to find out more and began to dabble and study without proper guidance and I soon learned that I didn’t need the ‘extra help’ from all the dabbling, I could sense, hear and see the other side without the tools, but the shadows were there. From age 19 until age 22, I experimented with different methods of paranormal investigating, and on of those methods turned into 9 years of absolute hell and torture. A hell and torture I pray I never experience again and neither does anyone else. This experiment was a ‘fatal mistake’ that most ‘Ghost Hunters’ attempt to this day and never realize the consequences of their actions.

Through the many undocumented experiences, I was having, I established Paranormal Investigations Research and Development Group LLC, a Non-Profit Research and Development Group that I funded myself. The purposes of my team was to focus on researching the Paranormal, equipment use and reviews and developing a better means of capturing evidence of the paranormal. Our team was very successful in all these aspects and learned about all the different avenues of Investigations, but that was it?

After 21 years of investigating, gaining insight and knowledge, we abruptly learned that there was a totally different aspect of Paranormal Investigating that is completely over looked, the ‘after effects’ or cause and effects’ of Paranormal Investigations, whether it was our team or another team. During Paranormal Investigations (requested by clients), I started noticing that some ‘Ghost Hunters’ would investigate a location and start to ‘agitate’ or ‘directly engage in hostile actions’ to enrage spirits enough for a Ghost Hunter to be able to capture activity to post a video on a website, for personal notoriety or for monetary gain and ‘Prove to the World’ that they were able to capture activity of the Paranormal World.

Well, for every action, there are reactions. The reactions that I am referring too is that after a Ghost Hunter agitated the spirit or entity to capture the activity, the client was left to deal with the consequences of the actions of the Ghost Hunter. In some cases, clients were ADVERSELY affected by the reactions to the point that the minor experiences (such as hearing voices or seeing orbs or apparitions) the clients were having increased phenomena significantly to the point of scratching/scratches, knocking, foul odors, audible heavy breathing, growling, physical contact, indirect contact such as clients feeling something sitting on a bed, rocking chairs, moving objects, taking on forms/voices of family members or the opening of portals for other spirits to come through.

Because of the reactions to the Ghost Hunters actions that clients were left to deal with, I decided to add a Special Division to our team, Containment Research. This gives the clients additional options after Investigations, whether the Investigation is from our team (of which we never use agitation or hostility traits) or another team, the client has the option for removal and abatement. This Division is comprised of team members hand-picked by me that possess High Leadership Abilities, a thorough Knowledge of the Paranormal,
Parapsychology, Demonology, Research Abilities and can react instantaneously in and too any situation that may arise. This additional Division is also Non-Profit and we travel a 300-mile radius from our home base in Clarksville, TN. Our team also has an Emergency Response Unit available 365 days a year.
Through my articles, I would like to assist current Paranormal Investigators, future Paranormal Investigators, and the General Public in learning from the trials, tribulations, failures, our achievements/accomplishments and to help better understand our lines of studies, research and the causes and effects of our actions during
and after Investigations.  Stay tuned, follow my articles and heighten your awareness and knowledge through the eyes of us that live this unique experience every day.

Dusty G

Parapsychology, Demonology, Investigator, Founder/CEO Paranormal Investigations Research and Development Group, Founder/CEO of Paranormal Containment Research Division.

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