How to see and recognize ghosts


The statistics show that people living alone often face unexplained, odd and scaring phenomena during their lifetime. It seems as if ghosts “like” to visit lonely people and fill their homes with their unpleasant existence. However, it’s a fact that ghosts can be seen everywhere and by anyone. Very often physiologically weak people become the main victims of ghosts who play with their feelings and try to become a part of their life with this or that special approach. There are several ideas to use in order to see and recognize ghosts. If you are after it, then keep on reading. We’ll discuss those methods below.

Check the temperature at your home

So, the first step to take to make sure whether a ghost lives at your home or not is checking out the temperature of different rooms at your home. In fact, ghosts prefer staying at the coldest parts of the home. Try to pay closer attention to the possible temperature differences moving through rooms. The area where the ghost may be seen will be noticeably colder than the rest of the room. You may use a digital thermometer to record specific temperature variations.

Check item movements

According to the researches items can change their place only because of external influences. If you notice that some items repeatedly tend to change their place at your home then you may suspect in a ghost. Draw a chalk outline around the item so that you will have clear, visual evidence in the event moved by a ghost.

Use a tape recorder

There are cases when ghosts try to scare their victims by strange and unusual voices. It is called “white noise”. Use a tape recorder to find out background voices. This method is known as Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP). Its main principle is that you can record the sounds and voices of ghosts, which can be heard when the tape plays back. If you have that much bravery try to record yourself talk to the ghost and asking questions. Then play the tape back to listen for answers. If there are any, you’ll surely realize it’s a ghost living at your home.

Check Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (EMF)

This is the case when you frequently turn on and off the lights to catch any images or odd activity at your home. Ghosts usually stay in the dark and when you use this trick you confuse them. There are special EMF detectors that can help you to recognize possible ghosts at your home. Another useful thing can be a simple compass showing

Call in a professional

In case you are not able to see and recognize a ghost but you still pretend that there is one at your home, you may refer to a professional. Call a psychic or paranormal investigator and he/she will surely help you discover the ghost that doesn’t want to leave you alone. The signs that show your home is haunted are usually the same everywhere.