Ghost hunter captures eerie images of ‘female spirit terrorising pub for years by throwing glasses around’ – Mirror Online

Image for Ghost hunter captures eerie images of 'female spirit terrorising pub for years by throwing glasses around' - Mirror Online

Ghost hunter captures eerie images of ‘female spirit terrorising pub for years by throwing glasses around’ – Mirror Online

A ghost hunter has captured eerie images of what he claims to be a female ‘entity’ in a pub – said to have been ‘terrorising his local boozer for years by throwing glasses around’.

Andrew Williamson snapped what appears to show the ghostly shape of a woman facing the wall, even though he was alone at the time.

The Griffin Inn’s landlord Michael Briggs was unsurprised by Andrew’s incredible photos because stories about a woman haunting the bar in Wakefield have been going on for years.

Michael also says he’s seen glasses flying off the shelves but thinks the spooky stories add to the charm of the place.

Andrew claims he can feel ghostly presences and uses his paranormal ability to capture ‘extreme photographs’.

It was while he was investigating a reported haunting at the Griffin Inn in Yorkshire that the 54-year-old sensed a presence of a lady in the darkness with him.

Andrew, from Wakefield, said: “When I was setting up I knew there was an entity in this environment. But I didn’t expect what I got.

“It is a woman. She never gave her name, she was saying nothing to nobody. I just knew there was an entity there.

“The pub has a history of things happening when the place is closed up at night, which show up on CCTV but not what is causing them.

“There are regular things that happen in the night, like glasses falling off a shelf for no particular reason and bottles falling on the floor when no one is in.”

Landlord Michael, 29, said: “I have heard lots of stories and rumours about this pub – it is quite old.

“I have seen glasses flying off shelves on their own and so on. We have a few people who say they have seen [paranormal] stuff and heard odd things too.

“There have been plenty of spooky goings-on. We have a lot of regulars who have been coming here for years and years so they have seen some stuff.

“I have never seen anything [as clear as this picture] myself apart from things falling off shelves on their own and I have heard some odd noises in the night as I live above the pub.

“The stories worried me at first when I first took over as landlord, but I think they have been exaggerated a lot.

“But it all adds to the charm and character of the place.”

Griffin Inn in Wakefield

Andrew says the wife of the pub’s former owner before Michael took over, who wished to remain anonymous, had admitted a ‘strong feeling’ of the entity’s presence, however had never seen anything.

Andrew said: “She had this feeling, especially during the day time, that there was a woman and a child following her all time.

“As soon as I laid the photos down for her to see, that was the final realisation for them.”

Andrew says that his ability as a clairvoyant and an empath allow him to ‘feel’ and locate entities so that he can try to capture pictures of them.

With a background in photography, Andrew experiments by taking photos in the pitch black but with longer shutter speeds so that some light is picked up.

He positioned himself in an area of the pub where he had sensed the entity and took a photo of the wall with no one there, but with a longer shutter speed to see what the Canon SL1 camera detected.

Andrew said: “Because it was a pretty big place I would go to different parts of the room and I would get it into my head what particular settings I would need on my camera – setting up to take photos in that part of the environment.

“Because this place had black curtains and dark windows it is the same darkness during the day as it is at night, so it made things easy for me.

“With the lens that I use and the shutter speed that I use there is more than enough light to allow me to make it look like it is the middle of the day.

“You can see a light and it looks as though there is a light on but there wasn’t.”

The Griffin Inn has had many names over the years however it is believed a coaching inn of the same name was once on the same spot back in the 1740s.

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