An Ouija Board Fatal Mistake – Heed My Warnings!

I want to reflect back to my first article about the ‘fatal mistake’ I mentioned that I and my friends made one fateful night back in November of 1985 when I was 17 Years Old. This is not fiction, these are all facts, vividly remembered and well documented in my journals. I am not trying to re-live this experience, as it was the worst I have ever had and get goosebumps every time I think about it. There are lessons to be learned here, from my unfortunate experience, to enlighten you all as to the dangers you may face while dabbling into the Paranormal Realm and an Ouija Board. You are about to read within, true accounts – accounts NEVER before told to anyone, of the reactions of my actions and attempt to dabble in something I knew nothing about!

IN 1985 I Thought I Knew It All – What’s An Ouija Board Anyway

Thursday Evening; Several friends and I (I will not mention the names of my friends, however, as I do not have permission to use their names) met up to hang out at a friends house for the night, two friends said that they wanted to do something ‘Wild and Crazy’ for Saturday Night. One female friend (that was my girlfriend at the time) claimed to be a Vampire Witch (vowing to prove it to me one day, thank goodness it hasn’t happened!) and another male friend claiming to a worshiper of ‘something other than Christ’.

IT’s a Damn Scary World

Now for me, being 17, I didn’t have the slightest thought of the existence of anything other than BigFoot, let alone Vamps and Witches. We all decided to go to a cemetery on Saturday Night, especially since the moon would be full. Two of us, myself and the Vampire Witch, decided that we would dabble a little early on Thursday Night and break out red candles, turn out the lights, kneel down in a drawn circle, say a chant, put the candles under or chins and see each other’s past lives. Staring into each other’s eyes, I ‘thought’ I saw her past life and she claimed to have seen mine. Needless to say, I didn’t see her past life as a Witch or a Vamp. but as an old man. She claimed to have seen my past life as a female warrior. Odd I thought, but what the hell, it’s a bit of a ride!

Dangle The Witch

Friday came and we decided to add a “special addition” to the graveyard visit – an Ouija Board. Our goal; “Conjure” up spirits from the dead, mainly 2 particular spirits from two very specific graves. The graves of two people supposedly ‘tortured’ by a well-known Witch from the 1800s close to our hometown location. I am not going to use the names of the deceased we were to visit but will use their initials, which are J.B, E.B. K.B.

Our goal and mission were to find, locate the grave of the Witch (that is unknown to this day) from one of the two graves of the two people who claimed were tortured the most by her. We wanted to be at the site from Midnight to 3:00 a.m. so at 11:00 pm, with Ouija Board in hand, we began our journey. Along the way to the Original Graves of J.B., E.B. and K.B. (not the graves in the cemetery for public view but the actual grave sites with the original tombstones on private property WITH permission) the Vampire Witch, which is friends of the decedents of J.B. and E.B. and the graves we are to visit – gave warnings that were passed on to her.

  • One; If while traveling down the gravel road to the gravesites, a rabbit runs up the middle and turns left…all is safe to continue.
  • Two; If the rabbit turns right… Death will follow someone in your group
  • Three; Straight up the middle of the road….hell will follow one of you for 9 years.

As we turned onto the gravel road and traveled about 100 yards, a rabbit appeared out of nowhere right in front of us – up the middle, it went, paused, up the middle…(now conversation broke out with a frantic), which way will it go? Straight up the middle, it went – still within the view of the headlights and then gone….vanished. We stopped and discussed if we should continue – warnings unheeded, off we went despite the dangers.

Mistake #1

Since the entire family was buried there from the 1800s, we searched until we found the graves of J.B and E.B. but didn’t locate K.B.’s. Now we had to decide whom would be the two people to use the Ouija Board. It was decided that since my then girlfriend and I did the red candles past life visionary two nights before, it would be the same two people, me and the Vampire Witch. We sat down at the grave of J.B. at Midnight, placed the board on his grave and began trying to summon the spirits. After an hour, nothing. We went to the second grave of E.B. and began to summon – activity to the board began. We asked “Are you a good spirit?” there was no response from the board. We asked, “Are you a bad spirit? Answer; “YES”, We asked the spirit to leave the board. Response; the Oracle moved to “NO”. Despite knowing that we shouldn’t continue and should destroy the board, we continued anyways. 

Mistake #2

We explicitly asked about the location of witches grave from the spirit in the board. From this point on everything started to change, an emptiness feeling, sadness, despair, fear and then turn into panic. With every question we asked, which were several, no wind would blow, but with every response from the spirit in the board, the wind intensified greatly from different directions. This was without fail, every time, every question-no wind, every answer-strong winds. We decided to ask the fateful question that we were there for in the first place….”where is the witch buried?” One of our friends yelled, “Look at the tree line in the middle of the field!!” As I looked up, to my astonishment, you could literally see a woman in a white flowing dress move from East to West, covering about 50 yards a second and lighting up the only the areas of the tree line that she passed. 

We picked up the Ouija Board and ran to the cars out of fear, but all the doors were now locked! We left the keys in the ignitions of both cars and all doors unlocked on purpose in case someone came and we could leave in a hurry, even though we had permission to be there. After the apparition disappeared, all the doors unlocked. We laughed it off as fear making us believe the doors were all locked and we just couldn’t open them out of that fear we felt. We went back to the grave of E.B. to get the answer of WHERE the witch was buried

Mistake #3

As we sat down and put the board back on the grave, we asked again…”Where is the fuckin witch buried?”

Within a split second, my best friend said, shit, someone’s coming!!” We all looked down the gravel road where he pointed too and we ALL saw lights coming, horse hooves and wagon wheels hitting the gravel. We grabbed the board, ran to the car and tried to start both cars…..nothing….tried again….nothing….tried again….finally!! 3 times it took to get the cars to start.

The Witching Hour

The lights coming up the gravel road stopped and just sat there. We stopped, opened our doors, got out and watched the lights to see where they would go. There was only one way in and one way out, no side roads, no pull outs, no dirt roads – nothing. I saw a silhouette of a team of horses and a carriage driver. All of the sudden your could hear the carriage driver shout out something I didn’t understand. The lights began moving towards us again, flickering while the horse hooves were hitting on the gravel road and could literally hear the cracking of the horse carriage drivers leather tack on the backs of the horses. What we ALL saw next scared the breath plum out of me, out of us ALL! The horses, the driver (of which you could now see the silhouette of him and his bent forward tophat) and now present dogs that were not there before, all had red eyes glowing like fire from the depths of hell! We got back in the car and the first thing I noticed was the time on my watch…..3 a.m. EXACTLY !!

I stomped on the gas and headed straight for the carriage with no idea what to do once we got to it! Everyone screaming out what they are seeing, and we ALL were seeing the same thing. Closer and closer we became, then, as we approached a small tree line to our left that ran North to South, this horse drawn carriage made a 90° turn in front of that tree line and vanished. A 90 DEGREE turn, physically impossible to do!! As I looked down the tree line as we passed where it turned, a deep ditch about 2 feet deep, tall grass, no kind of road what-so-ever and no carriage!

When we got home and started discussing the night’s events, one question was asked, “Did you get the spirit to leave the board?” Answer “Nope!! No time to ask it too leave”.

From that day forward, for 9 years, nothing but hell followed one person of our group that DIDN’T heed the warnings of the rabbit – me. Every time she would appear the breath would leave me, my body froze in fear, unable to even move. From her look alone, I felt the worst fear I have ever experienced, I felt death, I literally felt her choke the life out of me until I could see death coming, know it was coming and then, she would let go, smile and vanish. This happened once every 3rd week for 9 years.

I Provoked it, it was my bed of nails – my burden

Ashamed and afraid of what I had provoked and too embarrassed to tell ANYONE what I was experiencing, I was left to deal with the re-actions of my actions, ALONE. We tried the next day, Sunday, to expel the spirit from the board but our attempts were futile. Every time we requested the spirit, the response was always the same answer, “NO”. Afraid to go back to the cemetery, I decided to keep the board myself. No matter how many times I tried to rid myself of the board, it always returned itself to me. Throw it away….it came back. Gave it away….it came back. Tried to burn it – wouldn’t burn.

Now, at the 9 year anniversary of the night that we visited the graveyard, I was visited a final time by the witch. It was midnight, I heard my front door unlock and saw it open wide on its own, the screen door stayed closed. There she was, staring me straight in the eyes! Again, I was frozen in fear, couldn’t move, couldn’t look away. For the first time ever, as I looked into her eyes, I KNEW death was coming, she revealed it to me, her final intention to be carried out. I don’t know about your (the readers) belief in God but I do believe in God and Jesus Christ, always have my whole life. As I felt death drawing near and felt that my time was done here on earth, I exclaimed “DEAR GOD!!!PLEASE HELP ME!!!” Believe it or not, the vision of her full bodied apparition was blurred completely and a peaceful feeling came over me, PEACEFUL feeling, calm, She was no longer there, gone. I have never returned to that cemetery, let alone the town the graves are located in.

And The Ouija Board!

What of The Ouija Board, you may ask? After that fateful nights 9th year anniversary, I threw it away and it has never returned. One thing you may or may not have noticed throughout my experience written here, are the sequences of Three, 3 mistakes across 3 days and 3 graves. So thinking about the sequences of 3’s, 3+3+3= 9, nine years of hell. To add to this, I have been investigating 27 years….3 + 3 + 3= 9; 9 x 3= 27…hmmm….As I have told this experience to you all, of which it has NEVER been told to anyone, I still get goose bumps all over and can still remember exactly what happened and still envision all those events of those 9 years.

So I hope that all of you may learn something from one of my many experiences. Heed my mistakes, learn from my mistakes and please don’t dabble into something you know nothing about. To some people an Ouija Board may be fun and games, the box of the Ouija Board even states “For Entertainment Purposes Only” but Heed My Warning, to some it may open a door to a world you wished you would have never opened.

Questions can be asked through the “comments” and I will respond to every question asked via email.

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