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8 Paranormal Games You Should Never Play

Are you tired of playing those usual boring board games you’ve been playing for years? Are you looking for something more thrilling? More adrenaline? More hair-raising, bone-chilling, and blood-curdling games? If you answered yes, then read on for the most scary paranormal games ever played.

You don’t need to be a staunch believer in the supernatural to be able to play these. Just being a thrill-seeker is enough. What this list will do to you as a person, we don’t know.

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But what we know is that those who have ever played these have vowed to never ever try them again. It’s all fun and games until you figure out that you’re playing with a demon.

Elevator to another dimension

This game comes from Korea, and playing it is said to take you to an entirely different universe, via the elevator you’re in. All you need is a building with elevators and 10 floors. Just make sure when you board the elevator, you’re alone.

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Once you’re in the elevator, you visit the floors in this sequence, 4,2,6,2,10,5. It is said that when you reach the 5th floor, a woman will enter, provided you did the ritual right. The woman will ask you where you’re going but you should remain silent. Don’t reply her. Then the elevator will automatically ascend to the 10th floor, instead of going down to the ground floor. When you get to the 10th floor this time, you can leave and you’ll be in an entirely new world. Once you’re tired of the new dimension, you can enter the elevator again and come back to your own world using the same combination.

The real scares happen if you answer the woman, nobody who’s ever talked to the woman has lived to tell the tale.

Three kings ritual

Another famous game, it’s said to enable you to tap into another dimension. You need to play this is a particularly large room, like a court room. And there must not be any natural light in the room, so you’ll do well to try this in a basement. All you need for the game is a candle, two mirrors, three chairs and some object from your childhood.

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Once you’ve kept all these things in the basement, you leave the door open and go sleep in your bed. Make sure you go sleep in your own room. You will need to wake up at 3.30AM and go to the room where you set up the things, if they’re all still in their place, you can carry on with the ritual. You should sit on the chair you kept and wait for 3.33AM, with the candle lit in your hand. Don’t let the candle die out and don’t look in the mirror, instead look at the darkest corner in the room.

If you’ve done everything right, you’ll feel a presence in the room at exactly 3.33AM. It should talk to you about your past. Some people have even said this game puts you in a lucid dream.
We can’t know until you try and share the experience. If you dare.

Ouija Board

The Ouija board is probably the most famous amongst these. The Ouija board has numbers and alphabets written on it. It’s said the board was made to summon spirits from the supernatural dimension, and it’s said that some have actually been able to summon Lucifer himself!

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Most of the researchers working on the paranormal have advised against casually using the Ouija. They say it’s a doorway to unknown dimensions and you never know what will happen if you casually use it. It’s said once you have summoned a demon or spirit, you should never ask it for proof, such as blowing candles out, or moving an object. If you do, you’ll be giving the demon permission to enter your world, and that, my friend, is something you don’t want.

One man hide and seek

The one man hide and seek originated in Japan and is originally called the Hitori Kakurenbo. It’s a game where you’re playing hide and seek with a spirit-possessed doll. You need to take a stuffed doll, remove the stuffing inside and fill it with rice. Add a part of yourself in the doll, such as a hair or a fingernail. You need to sew back the doll with a red thread. And wrap the doll with the red thread.

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You need to give the doll a name, and keep it in a tub or basket filled with water. Then you should go on and turn off the lights in your house, fill your mouth with salt water and go back to look for the doll, which you may not find in the tub now. You’ll need to look for it and when you find it pour the salt water over it and burn it. And then hide. And wait. But those who’ve tried it say you won’t have to wait for long before you know someone’s looking for you in the house.

Midnight game

The most popular and commonly played game on this list, the Midnight Game takes you to extremes if you want to play. It’s believed to be an old pagan ritual that was originally used to punish those who disobeyed religion. Playing this game, you summon the Midnight Man and you need to keep running from him until 3:33AM. Make sure you don’t get caught for unspeakable horrors await if you lose.

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It’s not very complicated to play this game, and it can also be played with more than one person. Just remember that those who’ve played this have strictly advised against the idea of playing it again. Some have reported hallucinating for days after playing and living in fear and misery for the rest of their lives.

Daruma – san

Daruma-san literally translates as ‘Bath Game’. It’s another game that comes from Japan. You summon a ghost or a spirit in this one too and try and evade it. The ritual for this however differs greatly. You go to the bathtub, entirely naked, with all the lights in the house turned off. You sit in the bathtub facing the tap and start washing your hair. While you’re washing your hair, you keep repeating these exact words ‘Daruma-san fell down’, over and over again.

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Soon you will see an image of woman standing in front of the bathtub, facing you. She falls down on the tap and injures her eye. You keep on repeating the words and finish washing your hair. Once you finish washing your hair, you need to say these words just once, “Why did you fall in the bathtub?” Then leave and go sleep because the actual game will start the next day. You will constantly feel a presence near you but you need to keep some distance between yourself and the presence. You will always be on the run. In case you feel the presence is too near, you need to turn around, imitating a slapping movement with your hands and say “kitta!”

The hooded man

The Hooded Man is almost like the Elevator game. It takes you to another dimension. This time, you’re accompanied by the Hooded Man. You need to cleanse yourself before you can start playing this one. Burn a sage and spread salt on your front door to begin the ritual.

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At night the same day, you need to go and call for a cab. Once the cab comes, you sit in it, close the doors and go to sleep. You will wake up at 3:30AM, look at the time and fall asleep again. But this time when you wake up, you’ll see a Hooded Man behind the wheels and the road you’re driving on will be unfamiliar. If some other passengers climb in the cab you should never pay attention to them.

You can keep on travelling in this new world, or you can simply whisper in the Hooded Man’s ear that you’ve reached you destination. Once you whisper these words, you’ll fall asleep again and wake up in your house.

Closet game

This game is more scary than the rest because here you’ll not be summoning a ghost or a spirit, but a full-fledged demon. For this ritual, you need to stand inside a dark closet and hold up an unlighted match. Then say out loud, “show me the light or leave in darkness.” If you hear someone whispering near you ear, light the match instantly. If you fail to light up the matchstick soon enough, it’s said that the demon will drag you into a deep dark abyss, from where there is no return.

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The same can happen if you start looking around when you hear the whispering. You just need to light up the matchstick. When you light up the match, you need to step out of the closet making sure the match doesn’t burn out or blows off. But from that day on, you need to be very careful while looking for things inside you closet since now it’s haunted by a demon!



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