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Ascension From The Zeta’s Perspective

The Zeta view of ascension

Certain religious or spiritual beliefs hold that human spirituality is evolving and this process will eventually culminate in a transformation of some kind. The final stage is expected to be a relatively sudden change, and is known as ascension. The details of the expected changes vary considerably. Christian eschatology refers to this process as the “rapture”, when people who meet certain requirements will be physically transported to heaven.

Spiritual Views

More recent, perhaps new-age, spiritual views have offered variations on this theme. For some, the human body will be transformed physically when drastic DNA changes occur. This will allow the body to move to a new, higher-vibration planet. Others believe that ascension will be a  personal transformation to a higher state of consciousness rather than a physical transformation. This will be facilitated by exposure to new energies from various sources. There are those who believe that the ascension process has already begun and that people are experiencing physical symptoms associated with their changing vibrational state.

Because it is an individual’s choice to participate in the ascension process, there is the sense that it is for the benefit of the individual, that good things will come to each person who succeeds in raising their state of consciousness and becomes more loving.

The Zetas have also used the word “ascension” in their discussions, but it clearly has a different meaning. Ascension is something that must be achieved by humanity as a whole. When a critical mass of humans arrives at a high enough state of consciousness or love, the human collective consciousness will become self-aware. Ascension refers to this maturation of the collective consciousness.

Zeta’s View On Ascension

According to the Zetas, the human collective consciousness is a construct in what is known as the astral realm. All of human thought and experience is represented there, and humans may visit while having out-of-body experiences. The realm is said to be quite chaotic at this time, but the overall vibrational state is rising. The Zetas say that “the human population one day may decide that it was to change, then the combined collective thought of the human race would automatically create the capacity for the collective mind to be charged into action, to make a newly given mind.” The collective consciousness would then become self-aware.

State of consciousness is an important parameter of existence, since it constrains what a being can experience. In the creation process described in an earlier article, “The creation process and states of love”, a being creates with intent using its highest possible state of consciousness. Its creations can normally be experienced only by beings who have the same or higher states of consciousness. Experiences cannot be shared with less loving beings unless there is the intention by the more loving being to do so. Sharing a state of consciousness is the prerequisite for sharing a consensus reality. This is a fundamental organizing principle in what we have called consciousness space.

It is because of the difference in vibrational states that the Zeta race cannot interact easily with the human race. They are working to facilitate the shift in the state of the human collective consciousness so that telepathic communication between the races will be possible. This is a primary goal of the ascension process from their point of view.

The Zetas can use only indirect or subtle methods to encourage the ascension process. For example, many of them have arranged to be born as humans on earth. A Zeta consciousness and a spirit realm consciousness may occupy the same physical body with the permission of the spirit entities involved. In this hybrid form, a Zeta consciousness can work to raise the state of love of the human race.

In this time of transition to a higher state, the human collective consciousness does not have adequate self-control and is interfering with the consciousness of other extraterrestrial races. So the Zetas have implemented a physical environment within the solar system from which they have worked telepathically for many years to stabilize the human collective consciousness. They gather in hundreds of small groups to focus love on the planet in the hope that the process will be accelerated. They are holding “the consciousness of the human race in its current state to aid in the process for the transitional environment that the human mind is moving through.”

The process is enabled by many humans who “are seeking to support the collective consciousness of the human race to a greater potential … and are the entry points for this collective effort in aiding the planet.” The consciousness of these humans are beacons for the Zetas who need their help to influence the human collective consciousness.  The Zeta said, “If you make a choice to walk in a higher level of consciousness, that is a choice made by you in freewill. That will be a beacon to the race.”

Although the Zetas may accelerate the ascension process, the ultimate success will depend on humanity’s ability to love.






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