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What is Spirituality – The Transpersonal Self

The Transpersonal Spiritual Self


Spirituality is a way of gaining perspective on life, recognizing that our role of existence has a greater value than just what we do every day, by broadening our perspective and activating a potential prospect to look beyond what life presents. Some people see spirituality as a way of coping with change or uncertainty. By being consciously aware through life challenges, there are many opportunities to create a difference around an unwanted or difficult situation.

Developing spiritually, allows life to be viewed through different eyes; it opens up a whole new perspective by trusting the inner significant part of oneself to bring forward guidance, urges and insights.  This shift,  gravitating to new expression and ideas will take you to places you never imagined, resulting in a refined absolution of faith, abundance and freedom. Therefore, bringing these desired attributes into a more conscious way of living, feeling and acting, with an aspiration of a positive and prosperous life.

People are often discouraged about their ability to change and grow,  choosing to cling to fear and familiar ways of life that are no longer fulfilling. When something is distressing, it can take control of every part of your being. The influence can be so strong that,  being unable to progress, it becomes a physical, mental and emotional experience. It can be  difficult to move forward in addressing a specific problem without first building a realistic sense of hope. Being  hopeful creates improvement by opening a new way of understanding. Letting go of the limitations and resistances and replacing them with faith will enable you to remove the old ways of thinking, feeling and acting.

Going through personal challenges that overtake the experience of life, can at times,leave  only one option  – and that is to turn your life around making a transformation though hope and aspiration  to a greater aspect.

Transpersonal exploration of the spiritual depth of self is a diverse education about the transpersonal and self, those transcendent and spiritual aspects of the human experience. This theory subscribes to the belief of subconscious and superconscious minds. Transpersonal experiences may be defined as “Experiences in which the sense of identity or self extends beyond oneself, the individual or personal to encompass wider aspects of humankind, life, psyche, cosmos or the divine power of source energy”.

It identifies the various states of consciousness, trance states and declare that each has multiple layers within that hold their own realities and systems. This theory emphasizes that people can move back and forth through the different stages of consciousness and difference levels of reality perceived.

The transpersonal self encompasses and envelops an exploration of the spiritual aspect of transformation, as an education about how to develop a personal shift.  If the situation has a big enough impact on our lives, we open a door way to create change.

The doorway representing personal transformation and cleansing in a spiritual sense unlocks our true potential by bringing in decisions to change destiny and ways of living.

We experience an alchemical process which is an innovative alteration of the energy essence within consciousness. This alchemical process traditionally refers to the chemical and philosophical concept of turning prima materia the ubiquitous starting material of lead, a metal of seemingly little value and turning it into something of great worth, such as turning lead to gold.

Energetically, the enigmatic prima materia represents the essence within us of the raw, untapped, allusive part of us. When the alchemical process is in motion, we cause  a change in our consciousness and transmute it within ourselves, through a sequential process of change in which we turn to the spiritual essence of self.

Spiritual alchemy through the transpersonal self builds upon several fields of psychology and offers an alternative view of several psychology disciplines, including Eastern and Western philosophy, mindfulness and encompassing views of mystical theories, which can be examined scientifically for the purpose of healing.

Carl Jung described the “collective unconscious” as being the transpersonal unconscious component of  thought form and mental imaging that represents basic human behaviour, knowledge and experiences as a species. The function of consciousness is not only to recognize and assimilate the external world through the gateway of the senses, but to translate the world within us into visible reality.

These modern, innovative psychological concepts,  blended with  spiritual knowledge brings a mindset development showing us that there expansions past the physical reality are within our grasp, that there are gateways through the mind that can develop the opportunity for deep contentment, shifting our emotions through a thought process to access inner wisdom  to Explore the desired values of faith, abundance and freedom to have a better life..

Employing spiritual alchemy philosophy with spiritual growth will start to change your thinking and thought vibration to become a powerful, passionate influence inspiring to others around you. This transformation will develop inner intuition, allow for self-healing and allow you to  explore your  true inner essence. In other words, you will bring forward the flow of energy to alter your chi or vital life force of your soul.

Dare to open up and be truthful, compassionate and to look to yourself to find a way out of life challenges through the support of the spiritual part of you.

Open the door of spiritual alchemy,  and allow it to transmute your life and create self-exploration and growth and ignite the power within. Take that quantum leap… take a risk on yourself and transform your life and live with magic.


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