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The Crystal Skulls and the Paranormal

Here we see a photo of Joshua Shapiro, a columnist for the Other Side Press and known as a Crystal Skull Explorers holding his personal skull called "Portal de Luz"

Here we see the author of this column Joshua, holding his personal smoky quartz skull “Portal de Luz”

Welcome to Tales of a Crystal Skull Explorer, Joshua Shapiro here, your host to take you on another exciting adventure into the world of the Crystal Skulls, the Paranormal and various World Mysteries.  So for this next part of my column, lets really take a closer peek into the Paranormal!

So if you are ready then, time to proceed on to our next exploration ….. into the land of the Paranormal and how this is a vital part in fully understanding what the crystal skulls are all about – sounds good?

First, since the “Paranormal” means different things to different people including the interpretation of what all the columnists and writers here at TOSP (“The Otherside Press”) are talking about, I might as well throw my two sense in (even three sense if that will work also) as well and come up with what it means for myself, so you can follow all the various ideas and thoughts I will present within this article. Hopefully this short essay I will introduce next, will make some sense for you to follow what I will be writing about. A Good Idea aye?

Because you know, this “Paranormal” Stuff can make or break ya – by this I mean the more involved you become, the crazier you appear to be to the so-called normal world and you might not even recognize your own self after a time even!!  That is, if you don’t become totally confuse as your studies go along.  But then, for the students of the “Paranormal”, this is is our ticket to really understand who we truly are within, and how the world, the universe or the multi-universes function and what are the governing principles that explain “The Why” life works.  However, “Paranormal” is a modern name that has been given to a field of study that has been called by many other names, such as?

If I was a good song writer (but I am one BTW) I might sing that the Paranormal is known as:  The New Age or the Spiritual, the Metaphysical or the Occult, Psychics have a gift and so do Spiritual Mediums too and if you get it throughly, you’ll remember your true origins? How is that?

But basically, in its simple most form, “Para-Normal” means beyond the normal – beyond the normal physical world that we know which comes through our five senses and tell us supposedly what is true reality – but NOT!  The catch is what is real? Let’s take the common radios and tv sets we use every day as an example. These devices pick up other frequencies and wave bands being broadcast that are constantly around us but in which our five physical senses can’t detect at all.  Plus, we are told that the physical senses of animals are even sharper than our own.  So what this means is that sadly, but this is true, we can’t totally perceive the full reality that surrounds us with just our five physical senses then right?  Which means there could be whole other realities around us that we don’t even have a clue that they exist.


Joshua is meditating with his personal crystal skull in a Crop Circle near Avebury, listening to music, he sensed other intelligence nearby interfacing with him during the meditation.

Like what if you were a Flat Person who is only a two dimension being with length and width but no height and you exist in a 3-dimensional world – he wouldn’t be aware of one dimension that surrounds him that is just as real as he is. We could see this guy but he couldn’t really perceive us or the world as we know it.  So then naturally, this new term of the “Paranormal” which is quite popular now, has been used to describe any type of spiritual or strange phenomena which happens in our world (seemingly from out of nowhere, but if it comes from nowhere as we perceive it then, it must come from somewhere to some other intelligent beings right?) that our five physical senses either can’t perceive or manifestations of objects from other realities entering into our own physical universe which can’t be explained by our good friend from science (because the universal laws which could explain these phenomena are outside our realm of physical laws as we know).  Dear Readers, I hope this all makes sense and you are following my logic – if not go back, re-read, don’t stop at GO and come back to this point because the article is going to get even more interesting and try to make you think hard or to intuit and remember what you already know as an immortal soul.

Also be aware, that right now in this moment, right now in this instance, beyond the five physical senses you have, there are other senses we possess – like your intuition, sensitivity to other people or the energies around you, the ability to have visions or see things which do not appear to be in the physical reality and so on and so on.  These are our paranormal or natural spiritual gifts, which everyone has inside of them, that we were born with. However, as we grew up and became adults, our modern society with extensive help by our parents (who were taught by their parents) told us that we don’t have these other inner gifts, it is just pure fantasy or a product of our wild imagination.

But once, “Spirit” or “My Guides” once whispered to me (I heard it as a stray idea which came into my thinking mind) this amazing, quite profound idea, which when I heard it, I knew it was is absolutely true!  And it was this:  “If you can imagine something in your mind’s eye (whatever it is – perhaps a place you have never been to or a new invention to create), you can only imagine it because it already exists somewhere within the infinite universe we live in!!”  Returning now to this idea that we have these natural spiritual (some call them psychic) gifts let turn to what happened to us when we learned to ride a bicycle. At first when you tried to ride, no doubt you fell off, but eventually if you kept practicing, it then became a part of you right? Thus, if you don’t use these special spiritual gifts over time, then you will lose them unless you were born extremely spiritually aware (as many of the new children are who are being born these days which we call them Crystal or Indigo Children) and thus, this is who you are.  For example, as you continue to ride that bicycle, your subconscious will remember how to ride for you (another aspect of this inner part of our self not readily available to the five physical senses) and even (like what happened to me when I moved to the Netherlands) if you haven’t ridden the bicycle for maybe 30 years, you will get on and just do it without any hesitation or fear.  So too, if we use our spiritual gifts when we are young, they will stay with us subconsciously for the rest of our lives, and if people didn’t tell you, this was strange or you were weird, you would just accept it as a natural ability which everyone has (and they do).

So my suggestions then, as your spiritual brother, is to figure out, if you haven’t already, what are your strongest inner or spiritual gifts and start using them NOW, this moment and trust in them completely.  Whether its your intuition, a feeling, a knowing, or something you see or hear – we are moving into a time now on our world, with “The Mother Earth”, when we must and will have to use our inner gifts to live a balanced and happy life. This also means we must learn to accept more the feminine aspect of our being.


During the Syfy Channel’s (US Scifi cable channel) Crystal Skull Documentary in 2008, Joshua had a chance to do some research with Bill Homann, the Guardian of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, how the skulls energy touches people .. the results yet to be released.

Furthermore, I would conclude from my 35+ years of intense spiritual studies and life journeys that the so called “Other Side”, where our spiritual family is, is finding more and ingenious ways to contact us in our reality while sitting existing in their own. And that again, as I was told by this loving inner family that since they don’t exist in “Time and Space” (see one of my earlier articles here) as we know it, they are – GET READY – always right next to us!! Thus, if you use your own inner gifts (as I am using my gift of inner feeling right now as I originally typed these words) you will sense them there (and I have tingles all on my rights side and especially by my right ear and the back of my right head during the writing of this sentence).  They are coming closer and closer to assist us (not do it for us) so we have clarity in our lives and can co-create together a peaceful and joyful world.

Ok I have thrashed out aspects of the paranormal quite a bit here in this article so far but, what has this to do with Crystal Skulls?  Now I am going to suppose that you, the reader of this specific article that you already have some idea of what the “Crystal Skulls” are.  And that maybe, just maybe you have been following some of the earlier articles I have contributed for TOSP (yes, you have, well great!).  But if you haven’t been following my progress as a contributing author, you may want to go back and review those articles.  Moving on then, I want to mention again an idea I have presented before here on TOSP, which is the only conclusion I can make from dealing with our own personal crystal skulls and the hundreds or thousands of other ones I have met or held during my world traves. As it is as if there is some type of “Living Consciousness” that is working through them to make these skull shaped gemstones seem to be alive and have a personality which does interface and interact with their guardians and the people they meet along the way in various ways.

Now, if you were a non-spiritual person and heard such a statement that I have just made you would probably say: “This Joshua fellow is a looney tunes, he is insane – do you hear what you are saying man, a rock has a living consciousness – no way in (blank) I could ever accept such a statement!!”

However, as students of the paranormal, we know:

  1. Within every particle on every level and plane of existence of the universe – at the core is the consciousness of creator …
  2.  That our spiritual family who exist on other levels of reality are using thought to create all the infinite realities and universe that exist in the cosmos — therefore there is the handiwork of an intelligence everywhere we can perceive on some level.

So when we study the fantastic healings that happen around the crystal skulls which are publicly known — when we study the electro-magnetic energies these so-called stones are eminating — when we interview numerous crystal skull guardians who tell us that their personal crystal skulls are talking with them (telepathically in some form) and give them their name — when people’s spiritual gifts are activated or enhanced in their presence, even their own creative gifts are expanded — and on and on and on — Something very interesting is going on linked to these skulls. Why I even believe that we haven’t come remotely close to fully understanding what these rocks can do yet!!

This leads me to write about next, some of the special experiences I have had over the years which I always find I can best illustrate some of my points and ideas by telling stories linked with one of our crystal children (skulls) …. and so let us go back in time to do so ….


Here we see a member of the “Lecher Antenna” group measuring the energy of “Portal de Luz” using this device and the totally unexpected energetic readings our crystal skull shared with the researchers.

The Place is in/near Antwerp, Belgium, it is at the home of a good friend Marc, who I met during the summer of 2001 before I officially moved to Holland at the end of 2001. I met Marc at a public talk I did in Antwerp about the crystal skulls and learned that he was a student of a special device known as a “Lecher Antenna”. This device was named after an Austrian Physicist, Ernst Lecher (1856-1926) because this antenna (device) is based on his research and discovery about the Principle of Resonant Energy.  Essentially what this device is, it is a glorified dowsing rod in that it is sensitive to various frequencies of energies and flips when it encounters such. The difference however is that it has numbers on the side which is used to measure for specific frequencies of energies and when discovered, this is when it does its flipping motion. Thus a very well trained practitioner can use the antenna to test their patients (people) for unhealthy conditions and know what the root cause is for their problem or problems.

However on this fine summer day in Belgium, Marc had invited his teacher who was giving lessons how to use the “Lecher Antenna” as well as members of this class to come and witness some tests to be done upon our crystal skull known as “Portal de Luz” (the one I am holding in my top photo).  Since my Dutch/Flemish wasn’t so good, I couldn’t understand what everyone was saying on this day but I was told by Marc, that his teacher said something to the affect (before we started), “We would be wasting our time, as the skull was just a piece of rock and had no special energies to speak of”.  Well, I don’t think this is how things turned out and let me explain further.

The first time they did their battery of energy measurements upon this skull, are you ready for this(?), they told us that “Portal” was eminating the frequencies of energy of the “Five Human Senses”.  Did you hear me right, yes I said he was showing the frequencies of energy of the five human senses you and I have”.  Their teacher didn’t believe these results at all, so he had them do the tests again – SAME RESULTS – and again and the same results showed up that third time.  Not only this, as I am re-reading the report I received from Marc, just now, but they also measured the energy of a crown and third eye chakra and the pressence of an aura around the crystal skull too.  This doesn’t seem to be the energetic behavior one would expect around a rock yes?

So the reason I am sharing this story is that I don’t see any way how to fully understand the phenomena that takes place around the crystal skulls unless we are open to the existence of the paranormal, and get a little help from various scientifically created devices which are sensitive to measure all these type of unusual energies which point to the existence of other realms and realities around us which we can’t perceive through our human senses.  Now I can go on to tell you two more stories from Poland, and visits there from (2002-2005) that also will support these special energies coming out from these so-called stones … listen to this …

PolandResearchIn the photo to your left, we see a man with a pedelum swining the pedelum again over our skull “Portal”.  What you can’t see, is under Portal is kind of like a circular chart, which based on the zenith of the pendelum’s swing shows the strength of the energy being broadcast from the object being measured by the pedelum.  As we were told by this Polish researcher shown, who invented this system, “Portal” was showing 115% (his system measured from 100 to 200, with 100% representing a person using 100% of their human energy to its full potential) energetic emanations.  Then when held with a second skull and I was re-tested, the reading shut up to 150% or what the researcher said was the range of what a living human avatar might show.  So the questions then begs to be asked, where are these powerful energies coming from the skulls and again we are led back to the possibility of a living consciousness working through the skulls.

Another story from Poland involves a young boy who came for a session with us and the crystal skulls.  His physical challenge is he had some problem with his eyes, he couldn’t see properly so he would go to the doctor and receive some type of chemical treatment which eventually would help his eyes but he would be in bed for three or four days to recover before he could resume a so-called normal life of a child.  Well his mother scheduled his session (which was 15-20 minutes long) with us before he went to the doctor for his next treament. After meditating and holding one of our skulls (forget which one), he shortly thereafter did his visit with the doctor to have his next chemical therapy. When we had a second session with this child a few weeks later, his mother told us that he was outside playing with his friends the same day after that last therapy session.  We can interpret this report that he must have received some type of energy through the skull which strengthened him probably physically and energetically to deal with his therapy and that possibly using more natural methods of healing would help her child more.

There are thousands of stories and reports we receive from people all over the world how either their personal crystal skulls are helping and empowering them in their lives or that they have met, what our crystal children call their “Older Brother and Sister Skulls” (some would call ancient or very old skulls created long ago by some means) and had a powerful life changing experience with these skulls.  Clearly, it appears the strong interest people now have in the crystal skulls as well as to have at least one of their own, is linked to an activation (by whom?) on some level with the crystal skulls.  Each year we are hearing about more and more of the very old crystal skulls are publicly resurfacing in addition to the thousands upon thousands of new made crystal skulls being carved.  This demand to have a crystal skull basically began in the mid 1990’s and has not stopped since.  It is common now as we do our world travels (as happened when I went to Gent, Belgium working with my sponsor Tian Tu in early October, 2015) that there will be a table filled with 50-100 or more skulls at these public events. I saw the same conditions in May (2015) when I traveled to the Eastern part of Australia (the down-under).


In 2004, Joshua had an opportunity to visit the British Museum Crystal Skull (then stored at the now defunct Museum of Man in London) and was given a chance to hold this skull – later he would have his right hand on the British Skull and his left on his personal skull “Portal” to help share energies between the two skulls.

So to conclude then, what the heck is happening here?  I can only offer a gut feeling I have based upon 32+ years of wanderings with the skulls but these observations seem to fit the facts.  Our so-called invisible (but very present) spiritual family is looking for unique and special ways how to help us and indirectly to have contact with us without causing great fear or panic.  Our inner spiritual family is able to easily view the history of the world (the true history, of which more and more is coming out every day and not what we were taught in school) and sees that the “crystal skulls” have been powerful tools in the past to assist humanity with our spiritual evolution.  That not only are these very old skulls from times past jammed packed with powerful healing and life giving energies that they have recorded and obsorbed, but they also can act as a dimensional door from their reality into our own.  They can, if they wish, work through the skulls, give them a personality if it were, so its easier for us to accept and work with them and then share with us key knowledge and insights in a way we can understand and comprehend.  Thus the skulls become a type of living being (like a person) who is sharing with another living being (us, humans) except the skulls are the medium to make this exchange possible..

With the advent of so many crystal skulls being created today,  then this spiritual information and uplifting energies they carry is not just coming through a few skulls (as perhaps was the case in the 1960’s and 1970’s) but coming through thousands upon thousands of skulls which then, their guardians are carrying with them to the four corners of our world.  And if each skull is like a little energy vortex, then imagine the pinpicks of light that can be seen from space by our cosmic brothers and sisters as we, the crystal skull guardians energetically work with all these skulls in so many locations?  Also prior to the writing of this article, I just did an interview with my good friend Bill Homann, who is the guardian of the famous “Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of Love”.  This interview was done to support our new upcoming membership service (we hope to offer this before the end of 2015, that it will be ready soon, see a further discussion of it below).  Mr. Homann said, to paraphrase him that – the crystal skulls many times are working behind the scenes in other dimensions (especially the skull he guards) even while they seem to be quiet and resting in their physical location.  So I believe the crystal skulls are being utilized in various powerful and subtle ways bhy our spiritual family existing in the other realms to help us down here at times and gives these loving helpers a way to be present here to a degree.

As no doubt, if our cosmic brothers and sisters just showed up where we could see them clearly in the normal physical form, and those who live underground and in the Inner Earth also just showed up, or other beings existing in other dimensions lowered their frequencies to appear to us – it might be a bit much for us to handle viewing these alien or strange looking lifeforms and it could throw our world into a bit of chaos.  So our inner spiritual families are always looking for new methods to speak to us more directly.  They also knew, that the shape of the human bone skull was specifically designed, like a pyramid does due to its shape, to receive cosmic knowledge and information which goes from higher levels of our inner consciousness till it eventually moves into the waking consciousness and is stored in our brain.  So when we work with a crystal skull it not only has the same capabilities to record this higher knowledge within its etheric energy structure and lattice but then to share it with us when we are nearby or holding the skulls – a type of energy transfer.

In conclusion, I hope you found this article helpeful, to see another side of the crystal skulls and the paranormal and why the skulls could be one of the most visible objects we know of today that is showing us the existence of the so-called paranormal or spiritual realities which are within us at the core of our being and flow around us all the time.  The crystal skulls are a catalyst to awaken the inner part of our being, our divine nature as well as a type of mirror that show us who we truly are within.  The crystal skulls also are creating bridges with our spiritual family in the other levels and dimensions for communication.  I just don’t see the interest in the crystal skulls going away any time soon.  If you don’t have your own skull, maybe its time to get one or to explore such a possibility.

Crystal Skull World DayFinally I don’t want to forget, as there is less than a month to go for what is being called, “Crystal Skull World Day”, November 22nd, being coordinated by the Crystal Skull Hearts Council.  As was done last year (2014), on the same day, a call went out to all the crystal skull guardians (caretakers) all over the world to come together for a short time to do a meditation with their personal crystal skulls.  The energy last year was amazing and powerful as many guardians took part.  Now, even if you do not have your own crystal skull, then feel free to select and use a special piece of quartz or gemstone you have, to hold this during the meditation. All are invited to join.  This year a guided meditation is being done that goes for about 1/2 hour.  On the website shown below (on the Menu item – “What to do on CSWD2015?”) – is a page that discusses how to perform the meditation, how to listen or download the audio file to listen to the meditation while you areparticipating, and the words that will be spoken in the meditation.  The meditation will also be offered in 7 languages (you may need to wait just before November 22nd for a few of these languages) as well.  So check out this special day at:


(Also we would like to thank Jock, the owner of TOSP, for his help with his knowledge of SEO and marketing, to help get the word out about Crystal Skull World Day).

I have listened to the meditation, and it does take one to a higher level.  Plus as all the people link in to the energy being created on this day, it will be very powerful and transformative.  I believe that one day, we will find a special song many people will sing at the same time, and when this happens, it will setup a powerful resonance that could shift our world into a time of peace – when a great number of people do the same activity at the same time, such miracles are possible.  This is why events such as Crystal Skull World Day are very important.

If you wish to know more about the crystal skulls, find at the bottom of this article some special on-line resources that we offer. To a great 2015, what remains and to the amazing years that are coming ahead of us.

Peace and Light always,

Joshua Shapiro
a crystal skull explorer
email: crystalskullexplorers@gmail.com
website: www.crystalskullexplorers.com

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