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The creation process and states of love

We learned in “Introduction to Zeta communications” that the purpose of existence is to evolve so as to experience new things and make comparisons. The Zetas say that every conscious entity has the ability to make changes to their environment. All that is needed to be a creator is the intention to create. So all beings have the innate ability to reconfigure consciousness into whatever form they desire. Although the process of creation is rather technical, it should be understood since it underlies much of experience in the energetic realms. The following discussion explains how it works and what the ramifications are for existence.

Two attributes of consciousness space are important for the process of creation described by the Zetas. The dimension of love is an inherent property of this space, and each facet of every soul entity has the ability to love to a greater or lesser extent. Another essential property is a multidimensional grid analogous to a space-filling grid in our three dimensions. It is a basic construct in consciousness space that holds all creations. The grid itself is said to have no form unless it is distorted by a creation. That is, in its pure undistorted form, the grid is a potential that is not perceived.

The Zetas gave us a way to think about the energy of consciousness space by using the analogy of a waveform. A single waveform is said to represent all that is. Individual objects or beings are components of this waveform. Conversely, individual things integrated with the one waveform are recovered by a being’s perceptual process. Perception transforms the waveform into separate things for the being’s consciousness to experience.

A new creation alters the content of the one waveform. The process of creation is analogous to how laser light is used to make a simple hologram in our physical reality. The ordered states of consciousness or love are analogous to the spectrum of light. The particular vibrational energy of a being’s highest possible state of love corresponds to the particular colour of light used to make the hologram. This vibrational energy is modified by the being’s intention to produce a particular creation. The modified energy is combined with the being’s unmodified energy to produce a result analogous to the interference pattern of the hologram. This outcome represents the desired creation and is preserved in the all-pervasive grid.

Other beings operating at the same state of love or higher can, as an act of perception, reconstruct the thought created in this way in the grid. These beings may therefore share the same reality. A being whose highest state of love is lower than the state that created the pattern would not be able to do so.

In general, a being in a particular state of love cannot experience the creations of another being in a higher state of love. This constraint undoubtedly has a profound impact on the kind of relations that can exist among beings. For example, higher-level beings need not be exposed to other beings with little ability to love and who might be self-centred and abusive. Also, a Zeta pointed out that the human race is in a relatively low state of love, and so there is much information at higher levels that is beyond our reach. However, this may be a good thing since humans would likely use advances in knowledge to make more destructive weapons.

There is an exception to the general principle that lower-level beings cannot interact with higher-level beings. That is, the higher-level being may invite another being in a lower state of love to conjoin with it. Such a loving invitation would enable the lower-level being to resonate with the vibrational state of the higher-level being and feel its higher state of love. This accounts for the inexpressible love some people have felt from other beings during epiphanies in near-death and other transcendent experiences.

So why is it difficult for us to change our physical world with our thoughts when all that is required to create is the intention? According to the Zetas, physical objects are supported by templates in a higher dimension we call the etheric realm. The etheric templates specify the detailed properties of objects such as chemical composition, shape, position, and other physical attributes. When a being’s intention modifies an etheric template, there is a corresponding change in the state of the associated physical object. For example, altering the spatial position of the etheric form in relation to its environment causes the physical object to move. We call this motion ‘teleportation’ since it has no apparent physical cause. Various experiments have found that human intention can indeed influence matter, but only to a small degree.

Perhaps we are unable to form a proper intention to change our physical environment because our state of consciousness is not quite up to it. Our intentions are relatively ineffective because the etheric templates supporting the forms of matter were created by an entity operating at a higher state of consciousness. Its etheric creations would not be perceived by humans and would therefore be hard to manipulate. This suggests, as many people already believe, that the creator being has a higher state of consciousness, and is therefore more loving than humans are. The Zetas and other races hope and expect that humans will eventually reach that higher state of consciousness, and by so doing, overcome the barrier to communication with them.

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